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I Support Omnom

By waterdancer
My cat is sick. ;_; Please see how you can help him here: [link]

Edit: So, I've noticed alot of the people who comment seem to be surprised a cat can eat corn. Truth be told, there is very little a cat can't eat. The only thing keeping them is the digestive system. If it changes abruptly, they can get sick for a little while. But once they adjust, they're just fine. Cats are more of omnivores then carnivores. The only vegetable i know off the top of my head to be bad for cats are avocados, and my cat once ate a whole bowl full of that and was alright. Ultimately, your cat will more often then not know what is good for him/her. Please don't try to force your cat to eat corn or anything else. If they like it then they will. I hope a few of you found this insightful!

XD ok, i whipped this up in like 10 minutes. i found the old gif file in my documents and thought i would share in the form of a stamp. =D

thank you 4chan for providing me endless looping kitty omnom.

feel free to use! =D

... i SO should be working on other things. >.>

OH YEAH! im doing avvie commissions. you could probably get me to do stamp commissions too. (do people ask for those?) but yeah. sprite work. by me. cheap. check out my journal for more info: clicky for linky!
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this is how I got my username
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YAY... Cat eating corn!
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Ahhhhhhhh ekkkkkkk soooooo cuutte!!!!!!!!!:D
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Very cute. :D But cats are mostly carnivores... Blueberries and onions will hurt them badly, and too much plant makes them deficient in taurine...

They can has corn as treat. :meow:
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its so cute >u<
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pffffff XD ur cat i so cute with a corn/
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my cat does eat corn too!
what is weird about that?
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my cat eating corn too c:
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can I use it as my webcam?
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My cat likes to eat rice and cherios
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:thumb99205850: :3

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It's not very unlikely that your cat would get sick if you let them eat corn and other foods a carnivore shouldn't have. ^^;
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*spam fave button*
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