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Hello, dear fellow WatercolorLovers! :rose:

First of all: I'm terribly sorry for skipping on the Autumn Feature.
There have been a few changes to the staff in the group, and with life and other responsibilities to take care of, it's been a little hard to run this group all by myself.

However! Now, it's mostly all back to normal, and you should see more and more regular updates and journals from now on.

Also, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation and submitting your wonderful stuff! It's a delight to see your passion and love for watercolours, and how it finds expression in your works. ♥

So, without further ado, here's some of the best and most inspiring that our group has to offer!

Again, please comment on which works you like the best, and chances are they'll appear in the Featured folder.
Is there a piece that you guys totally adore, but which hasn't been displayed here? Please let me know about that, too!

1. Mark Knopfler by Soposoposopo
by Soposoposopo

2. Cold by ChristinaMandy
by ChristinaMandy

3. The Lord of Darkness (Ministry era 1998) by AshCorvida
by AshCorvida

4. Canale Grande Venezia by takmaj
by takmaj

5. Barmouth, Wales by dominikgschwind
by dominikgschwind

6. :thumb783380472:
by EjinYoo

7. House-O-Mountain 2 by GreeGW
by GreeGW

8. Inspiration of Finland by Avokad
by Avokad

9. Weihnachten Im Dorf Adventskalender by RaphaelaArt
by RaphaelaArt

10. The Noble Stag. by SueMArt
by SueMArt

11. Find me by Esperoart
by Esperoart

12. Prismatic Rhapsody (Orange and Pink Orchid) by ebjeebies
by ebjeebies

13. Darling Dunnock by gifdot
by gifdot

14. Les habitants de la foret by Yildun27
by Yildun27

15. The Factory by lukaszi-art
by lukaszi-art

16. Cold wind on an autumn day by Last-Valentine
by Last-Valentine

17. :thumb781831985:
by TheLongDefeat

18. Lord of Autumn Twilight by Rilans-Fluff
by Rilans-Fluff

19. Keep dreaming by yamashyn
by yamashyn

20. Best Friends by gifdot
by gifdot

21. Mask by Chartreuse96
by Chartreuse96

22. Echidna by Yami-Hydran
by Yami-Hydran

23. River of the Giants by frankekka
by frankekka

24. :thumb759224552:
by Shirobakasama

25. Mads Mikkelsen by MeduZZa13
by MeduZZa13

EDIT: Dammit, you've all made it so tough to decide - again. :heart:
Hi, dear fellow WatercolorLovers! :rose:

Christmas has snuck up on us like it does every year, so we wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all, your families, friends and loved ones happy holidays and a great new year full of love, warmth and art!

Thank you for being such an active and lovely bunch, and for the wonderful art you've been sharing with us. May there be much more to come. ♥

Take care, and have a good one, everyone. :heart:

PS. Santa came and said he fixed the Membership/Join Requests for the group. We hope he didn't lie, otherwise we'll have to give him a serious talking-to.
Hi, dear fellow WatercolorLovers! :rose:

There have been a few changes to the staff in this group, and while we're trying to keep it active (Autumn feature is on its way!), we've found that managing daily submissions is a task that could and should be done in a more efficient way, given how many submissions we can get a day, and how many of them are submitted in a subpar state (too dim, not properly cropped, etc.) or to the wrong folder.
Thus, the process of submitting and approving of deviatios so far has resulted in a lot of messages we've had to put out to the respective members, which in turn has led to misunderstandings and frustrations on both sides at times. So we decided to change things a bit.

As of now, you can only submit to the 'Members' Submissions' folder. The staff will then sort the submissions to the respective folders.
If your submission happens to not meet the group's standards as far as presentation goes, you'll be notified and asked to make improvements.
Also, if you're unhappy with the folder your submission has been sorted to, don't hesitate to let us know, so we can work things out! ♥

This, we figured, saves you guys the trouble of picking the correct folder in the almost dizzying array of available folders, and the staff of having to send a message to every single member who submitted to the wrong folder. (Believe us, it happens a lot.)

Please refer to the group's general submission rules and folder descriptions for further info. They can be found here.

*** Also, the submission limit has been increased to one deviation per day! :eager: ***
While we still want you guys to submit your best work, we figured that we don't want to punish you for being active and dedicated members. So please go ahead and share your love for watercolors! :heart:

So, what do you think of these changes? Do you approve, or would you rather pick the folders for your submissions on your own? Let us know!

Take care, everyone. ♥

*** EDIT: Thanks for your positive feedback, understanding and support, everyone! I really, really appreciate it and am happy to hear you're in as much favour of this method as I am. ♥ ***
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Submission Rules

:bulletred: :rose: Hello, and welcome! :rose: :bulletred:

This group is dedicated to the noble art of watercolor and open to all artists working with this wonderful medium! Here you can show your work, and also welcome all those who admire and love it as much as you do.

We're a group that lives by its members, so if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions etc. on how to make this group a cooler place, don't hesitate to contact us!

Please read the submission rules and folder descriptions first.
These can be found below and here, respectively.

Thank you, and have a good time! :heart:

:star: SUBMISSION LIMIT :star:

1 piece per day, regardless of folder.

We'd love you to submit your best artwork and little by little. Show us and the members what you're proud of, but please don't submit all at once: Members may ignore your art if they see tons of pieces by the same artists.

With that said, here the are the rules!

:star: RULES :star:

:bulletblue: Submit only pieces where the watercolor is at least 85% compared to other possible media.

:bulletblue: Watercolor pencils as well as other translucent media that work similarly to watercolor (like gouache, ink, tea and even coffee) are absolutely allowed and even encouraged! Show us your creativity! :heart:

:bulletblue: Pictures of your watercolor artwork are acceptable, but please be sure to crop them (if necessary), adjust brightness and contrast, but do NOT apply any filter.

In a nutshell: Pictures of good quality! :dance:
We're aware that not everyone is at the same level of skill, and to ensure that people have a chance to really see the beauty of each piece and the person's individual style, we'd love the works to be presented in the best possible way.

If you're lost on how to make it happen, here are a couple of useful tutorials:
How To Photograph Paintings by joshthecartoonguy, PE: Presenting Your Traditional Artworks, Part 2Traditional Art Week
This is the second part of a basic guide how to make your traditional artworks look appealing when presenting them in the Internet. This is not about changing or manipulating your traditional artwork to something is not originally, but helping you to make it look as good on a screen as it is in real life.

The Part 1 introduced some scanning and shooting tips;
This Part 2 advices how to edit the scanned/photographed artworks.

This guide is meant especially for beginning artists but maybe also more advanced artists can find something new to think about – or maybe you can share your best tips in the comment area of this article!
For editing your scanned or photographed picture you need a software to do that (or you can use the adjustment tools your scanner offers, see Part 1 for those). Adobe Photoshop is a co

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

:bulletblue: NO to drastic digital retouches (like filters, see above), but YES to minor digital adjustments!

:bulletblue: Watercolor tutorials aren't subjected to the previous rule. Go ahead and share your knowledge! :dance:

:bulletblue: We accept mature art, but within tasteful limits: Please don't submit anything too explicit, and be sure to add the mature content filter!
The same goes for gore / bloody pieces.

:bulletblue: Submit art made by YOU.
Plagiarism and outright theft are NOT cricket, so if we find out any art is stolen or plagiarised, you'll get the boot.

:bulletred: NO digital watercolors.

:bulletred: NO WIPs or sketches.

:bulletred: NO offensive art (e.g. pieces containing discriminatory messages, racist slurs etc.)
This should go without saying, right?

:bulletred: Please refrain from submitting different versions of the same piece (e.g. a picture of it framed and a picture of it angled). Pick the version you like best and submit that one.

:bulletred: Don't annoy other members! Please treat others with the same courtesy and respect you'd like to be treated with. :heart:

IMPORTANT: If you're leaving the group, first: ç_ç We're sorry to see you leave, thank you for joining!
Second: Please remove your submissions. They take the room of other possible members' pieces, and folders take only a limited number of items. Please be considerate and responsible. Thank you! :dance:

You will be sent a note asking you to, in case you don't remember. But if you leave, so does your art.

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