Submissions are open again - there is an option to sort out items after all, it seems. Thanks to H-SWilliams who enlightened me on new additional option under Edit Folder, we can still move everything around. :dance:

Please do write your suggestions for Best of Aqua2016 feature! :nod:

Hello everyone! This is a quick "emergency" journal. Yesterday we discovered something was changed with DeviantArt interface, which has direct impact on how our group works.

It seems we are not able to move submissions from "Members submissions" folder to categories folders anymore.  The icon responsible for moving/copying/editing submissions in folders is gone. We hope this is just minor issue and not the way it was planned, because if it is, we need to completely change our submission guidelines.
If anybody knows of a way to move around items in gallery, we would appreciate help. :saddummy:

For now we will close the Members Submissions folder (hopefully for just a brief time - a day or two) until we find a way out of this mess. Probably we will open all the folders and ask you to submit your artworks to the proper one.
Sadly, we will need your cooperation here. To keep our gallery clean, it will be you who will need to pay attention to the right folder as we can't move the items by ourselves.

We'll keep you updated.

More positive news, we're working on a BIG feature with works from last year! If you haven't already posted your suggestions, please do it in comments under following journal:
2017 Wishes + Best of AQUA2016 Art FeatureHello our wonderful winter watercolorists! :wave:
We would like to remind you about our current AquaChallenge: SNOWFLAKES. You can submit your entry till 20th of January 2017! So there's still almost a month to come up with your entry.
Since we are heading towards the end of the year 2016, we would like to express our big gratitude to you, our members. In the year 2016, over 800 new members joined watercolorists and over 3500 artworks have been submitted to our gallery.
Today is truly a Christmas spirit in Watercolorists... as our crew started talking human language. :eyes: Hear us out, it's the only time in the year! Your dedicated team wishes to share with you some thoughts:
Dear watercolorists members, thank you so much for a brilliant year filled with the most beautiful and creative watercolor artworks any Group Admin could ever wish for! I

ALSO the AquaChallenge folder stays open, so please go ahead with your entries! There is still over a week to paint your submission for the challenge! :love:

Stay watery & colorful! :heart:

- watercolorists crew
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Ithilloth Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017   General Artist
Thank you very much for letting us know! :hug:
roundtower Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017   Traditional Artist
LualaDy Featured By Owner Edited Jan 11, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
oh wait how? how is it done???
I also need it for my groups
I'm panicking now, all my gallery I can't seem to be able to move anything

nvm, figured it out
but it's so annoying
Ithilloth Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017   General Artist
Glad you found it, in case anybody else reads, it's under Edit Folder -> Edit Deviations :)
I had a moment of panic too, which probably shows in this journal :XD:
Thankfully it's over :phew:
LualaDy Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
yeah, but it's till not practical at all
plus I can't imagine myself scrolling all the way down to check if someone had a DD in the past 6 months or not...
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