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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 3:10 PM
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Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great summer! I would like to share with you some of the best works submitted to watercolorists in the month of July. Please vote for your favorite in our monthly poll.

Burrowing owls by ramdens by ramdens

It is one of the most realistic painting I've ever seen. This whole painting makes me feel like i'm watching owls in their habitat. It is absolutely wonderful.

Dun Laoghaire lighthouse (Ireland) by IllusoryLove by IllusoryLove

First off I love this artist's Ireland paintings. This painting perfectly captures the sunset or sunrise, and city skyline.

Waterwalk2 by Wolf-Smith by Wolf-Smith

An expertly painted street-scape with beautiful reflections.

TARDIS Blue by Sparkleno by Sparkleno

I'm a huge sucker for doctor who but normally I dislike fan art. It's hard not to love this piece, it's got great colors and style and seems to be a interpretation of a certain "Van Gogh" .

Voragine by nicolasgabriel by nicolasgabriel

I love how powerful this is. A hummingbird creating a whirlwind with it's wings.

Prosopagnosia by MissCake by MissCake

"Prosopagnosia" is the title of this piece, it's also the name of a disorder called face blindness where one can't recognize faces. It's hard for us to imagine people like this but this piece does a perfect job.

Snowy Village by Little-Pavillion by Little-Pavillion

When I saw this I immediately though this should be a holiday card or a postcard. Winter in July!

Make Her Say by aohnna by aohnna

There has been a great trend in this style of painting but this takes the cake by far.

John Lennon by LOULAKiM by LOULAKiM

I love that they only used three colors and white. It's also a great tribute to John Lennon.

Sketch girl in jumper by Ardillas by Ardillas

Lovely use of colors, contrast, feels very vibrant and natural.

Thanks for looking! Please support the wonderful artists that give their time and love to the group. Keep submitting your works, and don't forget to vote!

Another great month from the members and admins of watercolorists  

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Thank you very much for featuring my work and for such a lovely comment! Hug
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Thanks a lot for the feature! Hug 
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Thank youuuuuu..
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