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The goal of our group watercolorists is to provide resources pertaining to the creation of art with water-soluble media, using translucent, painterly, watercolor-like techniques and to display those works for the benefit and enjoyment of our members.

You may submit one image once a day to our Members Submissions folder.  Upon acceptance your submission will be assigned to the appropriate gallery folder by a moderator.

 Submission Rules - why are submissions accepted or rejected

:bulletgreen: Paintings created with water-soluble media such as watercolor, concentrated watercolor ink, acuarela, liquid watercolor, transparent ink, India ink, Ecoline, coffee, tea, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, acrylic washes and gouache are welcome.  If your image has none of these materials, your submission cannot be accepted.

:bulletgreen:  All deviations must include the media (paint, ink, pencils, etc) used to create the image in the description of the work.  Submissions without this information cannot be accepted.

:bulletgreen: Works must be made in a painterly manner. If you use any acceptable media and apply them in a dry, drawing, or opaque  manner, your submission cannot be accepted.

:bulletgreen: Finished paintings only. No in-progress works or unfinished sketches can be accepted.  

:bulletgreen: We accept tasteful nudity and other tasteful forms of mature content as long as the submission acknowledges DeviantArt nudity policy.
FAQ #23: What are DeviantArt policies on nudity?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

:bulletgreen: Images with offensive subject matter may be declined at the discretion of administrators.

:bulletgreen:  Paintings must be presented properly. If the submission is photographed or scanned crooked, notebook wires visible, paint sets and or brushes visible, too dark, blurry, and so on, the submission cannot be accepted.
Here are some references should you use a camera to scan your work Scanning With A Camera 2 by Cmac13 and Scanning With A Camera 1 by Cmac13

:bulletgreen:  No digital interference to the artwork is allowed, apart from adjusting brightness/ contrast, watermark, cropping the scan or photograph etc. Works with digitally added content cannot be accepted.
(Exceptions could be made if the digital part is not a part of overall composition and does not obscure the watercolor part of the artwork.)


I have an idea for the group!
Tell us! Send us a note!

Can I affiliate with your club?

Of course! We only affiliate with groups/clubs with focus on traditional media or painting. We also affiliate with groups/clubs that promote learning. Follow the process in this tutorial to ask for an affiliation!

Why my artwork is still waiting for approval?

Even though we have over 9,000 members, we work very hard to have all submissions reviewed within twenty four hours of your submitting them.  


Ask on this blog or send us a note!

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lynxfang-art's avatar

Is it ok to include media in hashtags, not in the description?

Are works made with watercolor and waterproof ink as a linework acceptable?

What about dark scenes, e.g. if I paint the night, so there are bold spots, is this considered as opaque manner?

For example:

Dreamkeeper ACEO

Scrolled through the comments but haven't notices these questions. Sorry if they double

TokyoMoonlight's avatar

Oh my...sorry for missing your comment Panda Emoji-10 (Blush) [V1]

Well, the rule is in the description of the artwork (not in the title of the artwork of course =D I hope there's no missunderstanding ^^; )

Linework...yes, you can use any drawing media (pencil, marker, ink...), but the coloring has to be made with watercolor or any similair watercolor looking like art media.

For opaque it's meant that the transperency of the watercolor isn't visible so much...like acrylics, oil, gouache are more or less opaque looking art media in general.

Just submit the desired artworks and we will check individually, like we do it with every of them. Don't worry, we will do the work for you. :meow:

I did take a quick look at your gallery and can't see a problem. =D

Thank you for asking the questions. :heart:

rileyjooart's avatar

darn. I use gouache in a more flat graphic style so I guess that's a no-go. oh well you win some you lose some

TokyoMoonlight's avatar

Hello =D

We accept acrylics and gouache too, but they have to bo wattered down, so they look transparent and have the same characteristics of regular watercolor. For gouache the only problem is it's opaqueness...if not much water is added. ^^;

Casvalvania's avatar

I take it my submission was too opaque?

TokyoMoonlight's avatar


I'm not sure I understand it right, but this artwork wasn't submitted to our group.

I checked our message center for the last week and didn't see it. :plotting:

I think this group didn't decline it.


Casvalvania's avatar

Sorry! My mistake- I'm new here and still getting the hang of navigating the site ^^;

Definitely got it mixed up with a dif group.

Lillendandie's avatar
Good thing I always list my media. I do not always list the specific paint in my palette but I will do that for anyone who is curious. :D
TokyoMoonlight's avatar
We (the group & viewers) just like to know which art media was used to create the painting...was it watercolor, ink, watercolor pencils, maybe coffee :plotting:
So a simple "watercolor" or "watercolor painting" is perfect =D
Lillendandie's avatar
Okay. Thank you. :D
hititle's avatar
which folder should I submit to?
hititle's avatar
Ah nothing I just found it. sorry for stupid question haha
The-Emmeranne's avatar
I have a question about the rule "All deviations must include the media", the media used should be on description or image? 
SpaceCastaway's avatar
It is stated in the very same sentence :B
All deviations must include the media (paint, ink, pencils, etc) used to create the image in the description of the work.
Hope that explains!
The-Emmeranne's avatar
OMG I haven't paid sufficient attention and confused everything, sorry!
SpaceCastaway's avatar
No worries, glad it's clear now :aww:
Inky-Shade's avatar
Eh, will have to leave then. A pity, this group seemed like fun.
Yet I don't use that much water for my painting and prefer rather dry techniques and add shiny effects with PS.

Facing the Woods

Well, the 5 seconds here were nice.
Have a nice day, folks :heart:
SpaceCastaway's avatar
We're glad that you liked the 5 seconds here :) (And that you actually read the rules :heart:)
A lot of your works would be acceptable for our group, but it's your decision. 
Have an excellent day too and hope your works will find their place anyway :hug:
Inky-Shade's avatar
Haha thanks C:
1bookfish's avatar
Hi there!
I just wanted to ask if something like this could be accepted if I added the materials used into the description? 

... It's Irresistible

It IS under a mature filter, but the main reason that it is is because it may be triggering for people who have dealt with self harm or abuse, so out of courtesy I made sure people could view it only if they're comfortable with it
Well, that, and the subject in the picture is naked, though it is not in any sexual way whatsoever; it is simply both to show the physical wounds the subject has, and is a symbol of the vulnerability of the subject is feeling
I wasn't sure of the group's stance of artwork under a mature filter, so I figured I should explain beforehand, because I've had issues with this work with other groups who don't accept anything under a mature filter, or that wish for mature works to be submitted into a specific folder

Another thing I would be worried about would be the presentation. I don't exactly have many good places in my house to take a quality photo ^^; so I have this, and I completely understand if the presentation is unacceptable ^^

The last thing I'd be worried about is a tangent off the whole issue with it being under a mature filter, which would be if any admins might find any work with this kind of content offensive. If so, I'll certainly keep that in mind when submitting to this group! 

I'm sorry for writing such a rambly comment about something so specific |D I just really don't want to make anyone upset by submitting something without fully understanding what's acceptable and what's not, so I thought I should ask by using an example ;v;
Thank you for writing out this FAQ and submission guidelines journal! And thank you for taking the time to read this, if you get the chance :P 
I hope you have a wonderful day <3 
SpaceCastaway's avatar
Hi! :wave: 
We appreciate your consideration about eligibility to submit your work to our group, it's very thoughtful of you! :hug:

About topic of the artwork itself, we have no strict mature content censorship, and we allow tasteful nudity. Personally I don't think self-harm is offensive matter, it's an important issue many people struggle with and artists shouldn't sweep it under the carpet. Your artwork in particular pictures self-harm in pretty delicate way, so I see no problem.

About presentation, it should definitely be improved. Look for a good source of light, best would be daylight on a bright day (not direct sunlight but a day without clouds) and try to take a picture with tripod. Anything could be a tripod, even a pile of books :) Then crop the surroundings and adjust brightness and contrast. I keep my fingers crossed!

Thank you for your consideration, thanks to your question I realized we might need a point in rules clarifying our approach to mature content. :D
Have a great day too! :heart:
1bookfish's avatar
Thank you very much for responding so promptly! Your advice is very helpful ^^ 
I'll certainly see if I can improve the presentation in any way! Thank you for the tips on how to do that, I'll definitely keep them in mind! <3 
xxsensi's avatar
I wanted to ask if a mixed technique (watercolour and pastels) is allowed?
xxsensi.deviantart.com/art/A-W… that's the painting but I'm not sure if I should try to submit it >__<'
sorry for bothering!
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