Hi everyone - Happy November :iconturkeyplz:

We wanted all our members to know that artists chosen for the best of feature are NOT eligible to be chosen again for SIX MONTHS :boogie:  

The reason we have that rule is to help us insure that lots of members get a chance to be featured - rather than just the professional artists we are pleased to have as part of our group.

Here is a (alpha) listing of artists already chosen for a monthly feature who are NOT eligible to be considered for selection to the best of feature until the date associated with their names :nod:

0618623 :icon0618623: eligible March 2015
AnnaArmona :iconannaarmona: eligible Jan 2015
aohnna :iconaohnna: eligible Feb 2015
Ardillas :iconardillas: eligible Feb 2015
Ashvin-3 :iconashvin-3: eligible Dec 2014
aurumaima :iconaurumaima: eligible Jan 2015
KatyAmlie:iconkatyamlie:eligible March 2015
cat-o-morphism :iconcat-o-morphism: eligible Jan 2015
ChristinaMandy :iconchristinamandy: eligible Feb 2015
ColbyBluth :iconcolbybluth: eligible Feb 2015
cornproduct :iconcornproduct: eligible Dec 2014
Debrarium :icondebrarium: eligible March 2015
erinclaireb :iconerinclaireb: eligible Feb 2015
EsthervanHulsen :iconesthervanhulsen: eligible Dec 2014
Euminee:iconeuminee: eligible March 2015
glowinthedarkpain :iconglowinthedarkpain: eligible Jan 2015
GreeGW :icongreegw: eligible March 2015
GrimDreamArt :icongrimdreamart: eligible Dec 2014
Hanafae :iconhanafae: eligible Dec 2014
IllusoryLove :iconillusorylove: eligible Feb 2015
isletree :iconisletree: eligible Feb 2015
IvieMoon :iconiviemoon: eligible March 2015
jempavia :iconjempavia: eligible Jan 2015
kaczuch-A :iconkaczuch-a: eligible Feb 2015
kykie02 :iconkykie02: eligible Feb 2015
Little-Pavillion :iconlittle-pavillion: eligible Feb 2015
LOULAKiM :iconloulakim: eligible Feb 2015
Menstos :iconmenstos: eligible Jan 2015
micorl :iconmicorl: eligible Dec 2014
MissCake :iconmisscake: eligible Feb 2015
NeoXVl :iconneoxvl: eligible March 2015
nicolasgabriel :iconnicolasgabriel: eligible Feb 2015
OlgaSternik :iconolgasternik: eligible March 2015
Paskhalidi :iconpaskhalidi: eligible Dec 2014
patriszkarch :iconpatriszkarch: eligible Jan 2015
rainbowtse :iconrainbowtse: eligible Dec 2014
ramdens :iconramdens: eligible Feb 2015
ricechicken :iconricechicken: eligible Feb 2015
RodGallery :iconrodgallery: eligible Feb 2015
RubisFirenos :iconrubisfirenos: eligible Feb 2015
salinasj :iconsalinasj: eligible Feb 2015
Scarlett-Winter:iconscarlett-winter:eligible March 2015
Shigure92 :iconshigure92: eligible Feb 2015
Si3art :iconsi3art: eligible Jan 2015
Sieskja :iconsieskja: eligible Jan 2015
Sparkleno :iconsparkleno: eligible Feb 2015
stokrotas :iconstokrotas: eligible Dec 2014
taintedsilence :icontaintedsilence: eligible Feb 2015
Trunnec :icontrunnec: eligible Feb 2015
tuliipiie :icontuliipiie: eligible Feb 2015
vandatais :iconvandatais: eligible Dec 2014
Vasylissa :iconvasylissa: eligible Feb 2015
vladimirsangel :iconvladimirsangel: eligible Feb 2015
Wolf-Smith :iconwolf-smith: eligible Feb 2015
Xandyclause:iconxandyclause:eligible March 2015
Yami-Hydran :iconyami-hydran: eligible Feb 2015
Yenni-Vu :iconyenni-vu: eligible Feb 2015
YFYeung :iconyfyeung: eligible Feb 2015
YuToyuba :iconyutoyuba: eligible Jan 2015

Thanks to everyone - beginner to hobbyist to armature to professional who makes
watercolorists one of the very best groups in :dalove:

We hope you have a wonderful November -
and if you celebrate :chew:  a Fantastic :hungry: Thanksgiving :nod:

:heart: watercolorists administration
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Debrarium Featured By Owner Edited Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Menstos Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014
thank you ~ : ) 
tuliipiie Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you very much! :)
Vasylissa Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Many thanks for feature! I'm honoured!
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