watercolorists was founded on April 27, 2006 by moire :iconmoire:.  We deeply appreciate her effort and passion for gathering together watercolorists to learn, grow, and promote our work.

KelliRoos :iconkelliroos:  rescued the club when it was in danger of disappearing and through her hard work and dedication it remained the awesome club watercolor artists had come to rely upon.

abasss :iconabasss: was next to head the group after KelliRoos retired. Agus grew the group to over 6,500 members. But, like many of us, full-time employment and personal responsibilities made it impossible for her to apply the time she knew the group deserves.

The main mission of your group is to share the knowledge and skills of watercolor users for the enjoyment and inspiration of others.   Secondarily, we look forward to displaying your watercolor art for the enjoyment of our members.

Your group currently has 7,821 members 8,059 watchers and counting :woohoo:

I'm  Cmac13 :iconcmac13: the current founder and I wanted to take a moment and re-introduce you to the watercolorists's  moderators.   These are the artist's whose dedication make your group one of the BEST in :dalove:

When you have time - go show them some :iconlovejump1: :iconlovejump2:

Ithilloth :iconithilloth:

watercolorists was one of the first groups I joined on dA, many years ago.
I'm a cultural anthropology student and painting eats most of my free time. I paint since 2007 and I'm addicted to improving. Ask me any questions you want! I'm available online almost everyday - if there's no information about my absence on my profile.

the green leaf by Ithilloth the distance by Ithilloth inspector javert by Ithilloth
valkyrie's anger by Ithilloth little ball of fur by Ithilloth dragon tamer by Ithilloth

BASbird :iconbasbird:

Student watercolorist pursuing animation and fine illustration.  I'm 17, perky, and here to help.   Got any questions about anything at all feel free to note me.

it's GRELL by BASbird Grounded by BASbird OH MY GOD ITS A RAINBOW OWL by BASbird
The Rexwyns (part 1) by BASbird Juniper by BASbird Shy by BASbird

chade153  :iconchade153:

When I started college (4 years ago), I made this medium my own and it was like falling in love. I'm a psychology student getting a minor in fine arts. I split my free time between painting and studying. I'm on everyday, feel free to ask me questions!

a rose for my love by chade153 the everglades by chade153 miami by chade153
the stop light of despair... by chade153 what a beautiful day! by chade153 sweet home chicago by chade153

And our newest moderator - phantsythat :iconphantsythat:

Even after decades of painting in watercolors each new project teaches me something new. It's a delightful, magical, difficult to tame medium for creative exploration.

Rescued by phantsythat Look What I Found by phantsythat Crow in Space by phantsythat
:thumb455180020: natural magic by phantsythat The Offering by phantsythat
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Thank you for this, it feels very homey.
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:glomp: thanks for featuring us all!
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