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All We Need Is U

Hi there 

As you all know the group watercolorists publishes each month a MONTHLY FEATURE.

So we decided to feature again all the watercolor paintings which received the most votes in our Best of month poll in the year 2017.

And yes...this is now the final journal dedicated to the year 2017. :cutenod: After this one it's gonna be all about 2018. :grin: 

F2U: Leaf Arrow 2 More information about the Monthly feature is written at the end of this journal.

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Don't forget about our current AquaChallenge: WHITE PERFECTION. You can win points and more. The deadline to enter is 16th February 2018.

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Bullet; Black JANUARY 2017 Bullet; Black 
2016 12 28 Mala Fatra by keryneja

Bullet; Black FEBRUARY 2017 Bullet; Black 
Heartwarming by EarlyOctober

Bullet; Black MARCH 2017 Bullet; Black 
We Dream of Cities by scarlet-dragonchild

Bullet; Black APRIL 2017 Bullet; Black 
Ostrov in Spring by CharlotteHintzmann

Bullet; Black MAY 2017 Bullet; Black 
Tid by Sunima

Bullet; Black JUNE 2017 Bullet; Black 
Philosopher's path by echowater

Bullet; Black JULY 2017 Bullet; Black 
Rose Dusk Unicorn by golden-quince

Bullet; Black AUGUST 2017 Bullet; Black 
River Watercolor by Entar0178

Bullet; Black SEPTEMBER 2017 Bullet; Black 
Summer Sunset Colors by Cyan707

Bullet; Black OCTOBER 2017 Bullet; Black 
Chapter End by Tales-of-Torment

Bullet; Black NOVEMBER 2017 Bullet; Black 
He Is Life Itself by Calmality

Bullet; Black DECEMBER 2017 Bullet; Black 
Clutch by LiquidFaeStudios

db3 by RBSRdesigns

Each MONTHLY FEATURE is divided into 3 parts:

1.) WATERCOLOR DOWNPOUR - The Best watercolor paintings of a certain month
Each month the best 10 watercolor paintings are chosen and are added into a voting poll, where all the members can choose the best painting from that month. The "winning" painting is then showcased on our group's front page (on the left side of the page) and in the gallery section (in the same spot).

2.) WATERCOLOR DROPS - Category Highlights
This section is meant to show best watercolor paintings each from a different category. That way it's not all about landscapes, or portraits, illustrations, the more popular folders. But that also other categories get recognition.

All the artists which are feature in both mentioned sections can't be featured again for the next 6 month. Why? That way it's prevented, that the same artists are featured again and again. We wish that as many as possible get a place and opportunity to get their watercolor paintings shown.

3.) AQUAShare - A showcase of suggested watercolor paintings 
This section is meant for our members, so that they also get the opportunity to decide what will be featured. Each month we give you a keyword/theme and you can suggest your own watercolor painting and/or from someone else. All the suggested artworks are then featured in the next Monthly journal.

Like in the other two section, here the 6 month rule doesn't apply. Each member can suggest paintings each month. The are no restrictions.

db3 by RBSRdesigns

Was that enough information? Do you have your watercolors ready?
Then let's start the new 2018 season!

See you soon! 
Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

your watercolorists team

Hello dear members!  Llama Emoji-22 (Waving) [V1] 

It's middle of the January and I'm sure everything is running smoothly for you. Epic 

2017 was an interesting art year, our group gained lots and lots of new members. Some even said goodbye. :wave: 

Let us take a look at 2017 for the (almost) last time and then jump into new watercolor adventures. Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 

In one of our journals we asked you to suggest 1 artwork from your own gallery and / or 1 artwork from another fellow artist created in 2017 to be featured.

Here it is!

db3 by RBSRdesigns

Stars Orange  AQUA2017  Stars Orange


Lorien by EKukanova

Long Journey by LucieOn

Wind by Serenyan

Frosty by gifdot

A hopeful voyage by perodog

Bobtails by ElizavetaS

The Doctor and the Kitten by Scarlett-Winter

Lost by PaulaMela

Tell me that you love me too by Kirschpraline

Ursa Major by Aya-Lunar

Umai by LualaDy

Bellflower Sprite by farbwirbel

2017-03-24 Rose by jackfox2008

Aesthetic (Maria Khoreva) by Audrey829SJ

Evening in the woods by doma22

Emerald door by GreeGW

San Gusme by verda83

Squirrel by danuta50

Bitter Cold Days Unending by richardcgreen

Autumn by cassandra4

Familliar by LiquidFaeStudios

Enchanted Forest by Vasylissa

There Beneath by CAMartin

Forest Watcher by TrollGirl

Tigerrarium by Calmality

Jellyfish Daydreams by RhyssaFireheart

blue sweet potatoes by ayjaja

Breeze of the Great Sea by SuzueRink

Come, kind squirrel by kathe-cat

Boardwalk crossing by lu--24

Big Sky Over Lonesome Lake by SALTWatercolors

Boats Boats Boats by blix-it

La Lionne by Sieskja

Golden chestnut by EKukanova

Son of the Desert by LualaDy

Roses II by your-confusion

Out of the Forest by teatimetomorrow

Sunrise dreams by Angelina-LG

Cherry Blossom by Reraartist
Under the Cherry Blossoms by IvieMoon

Plumeria tutorial by Shelter85

Crimson Sunbird and roses by Anarhia-2013

Messanger of Prayers by fenifire

R2D2 by avawatar

Inktober '17 #18 by rod-roesler

The Edge of Thorns by The-Emmeranne

Regarder by Gkantinas

Windy mane by majspanda

Fluttering thoughts by FLO311

Aja by Binnus

Watercolor parrots by Cat-Anna

db3 by RBSRdesigns
THANK YOU all who were so kind to participate!
Bunny Emoji-36 (Flower) [V2] 

:iconaya-lunar: :iconlualady: :iconiviemoon: :iconkirschpraline: :iconbinnus: :iconkathe-cat:
:iconfarbwirbel: :iconlu--24: :iconreraartist: :icongkantinas: :iconscarlett-winter: :iconrhyssafireheart:
:iconflo311: :iconcalmality: :iconayjaja: :iconfenifire: :iconelizavetas: :iconavawatar:
:iconthe-emmeranne: :iconverda83: :icontrollgirl: :iconrod-roesler: :iconserenyan: :iconjackfox2008:
:iconcassandra4: :iconaudrey829sj: :icondoma22:
and Heartcrocher

db3 by RBSRdesigns

your watercolorists team


Hello  Hi 


Exo : Jongin Jump

We would also like to THANK ALL OUR MEMBERS for being part of this group and for submitting so many great artworks through the whole year.
Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3]

We hope you had a great time in the holiday season. Now it's a new year with new beginnings which =D :painter: 

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Just to remind you about our GROUP ACTIVITIES:

Bullet; Yellow AQUA2017 ART FEATURE
(click for more info Arrow Up )
The group will feature all suggested watercolor paintings (1 from you, 1 from another artist) in a big AQUA2017 art feature!
Deadline: 12th of January 2018

Bullet; Yellow AquaChallenge: WHITE PERFECTION
(click for more info Arrow Up )
All artworks must show the beauty of white: white snow, white animals, white flowers, white clouds, white dress, white birds etc.
Prizes: 1st - 425 Points // 2nd - 275 Points // 3rd - 175 Points // creativity prize - 195 Points and more (features, llamas...)
And yes...we still accept any kind of donations Dancing :la: 
Deadline: 16th February 2018

Now let's start with the most important thing...the art feature Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3] 

db3 by RBSRdesigns

- The Best of DECEMBER 2017 -

Clutch by LiquidFaeStudios
by :iconliquidfaestudios:

Pulga by tania-castillo
by :icontania-castillo:

Daydreaming by Chesswalkers
by :iconchesswalkers:

2017 12 02 Sunrise by keryneja
by :iconkeryneja:

A regular day unit in space by STelari
by :iconstelari:

Umai by LualaDy
by :iconlualady:

Portrait of Svetlana Loboda #2 by lazy-brush
by :iconlazy-brush:

-Garrulus glandarius- by RiEile
by :iconrieile:

Matterhorn by GreeGW
by :icongreegw:

Didn't you know, my love? by Celesol
by :iconcelesol:

db3 by RBSRdesigns

- Category Highlights -

Sea is Universe by yumamu
by :iconyumamu:

Frosty by gifdot
by :icongifdot:

Turquoise by ericadalmaso
by :iconericadalmaso:

Cloud by sheephon
by :iconsheephon:

apple seeds by CpointSpoint
by :iconcpointspoint:

Hua Mulan by Bryne-chan
by :iconbryne-chan:

Jellyfish Daydreams by RhyssaFireheart
by :iconrhyssafireheart:

Three squirrels - winter card 2017 by Gnulia
by :icongnulia:

Climbing Towards the Sun 2 (Low Contrast) by AjaxTelamoneis
by :iconajaxtelamoneis:

Beskid road by Teironius
by :iconteironius:

db3 by RBSRdesigns

- Keyword: "NIGHT" -

A night scene, stars in the night sky, aurora borealis / northern lights, moon, etc.

Please share one of your and/or any other's watercolor artwork as a thumb in the comment bellow.

The rules are:
Bullet; Yellow Only watercolor paintings (or similar water-soluble and transparent art media)
Bullet; Yellow Per member: 1 of your own artwork and/or 1 artwork from another artist
Bullet; Yellow It's related to the keyword

db3 by RBSRdesigns

previous keyword: "COLORFUL"

       Upon the stars by Ashvin-3   -Black- by RiEile   Gladiolus by IvieMoon   

   Seasons Mandala [art therapy] by LualaDy   A religious witch by Renartic
   Rainbow Forest 2 by FallenFantasyArt   Nostalgia by Lanevska

db3 by RBSRdesigns

What more to say then have fun, stay healthy and be creative.

If you have any question or suggestions, there's always this little note Note button on our front page. 
Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

See you again :wave: 
your ~ watercolorists team

Happy happy holidays to you all !!!
 Merry christmas everybody 

It's again THAT time of the year...

The group will feature all suggested watercolor paintings in a big AQUA2017 art feature!

We created many watercolor artworks, have conquered new art territories, found new art to add to our collections...why not share it with everyone!



:snowflake v.2 Only watercolor paintings (or similar water-soluble and transparent art media)
:snowflake v.2Paintings must be created and uploaded in the year 2017 (from 1st of January till 31st December of 2017).
:snowflake v.2 Per member: 1 artwork from your own gallery and or 1 artwork from another fellow artist


Please share it as a thumb in the comment bellow. LOL skiing :D 

TIME: we will accept your suggestions until 12th of January 2018.


One more thing...don't forget about our 

Today Santa came again to our HQ and left us...MORE POINTS!

That means that the current point prizes are:
1st place - 400 :points:
2nd place - 250 :points:
3rd place - 150 :points:
Creativity prize - 170 :points:

We still accept any type of donations :cutenod: So if you feel generous, don't hesitate to leave us a gift. wink grin


What are you waiting for...get you watercolor painting featured!

your ~watercolorists team
:Holidays:   Christmas Sock   :Holidays: v2.0 

Hello watercolorists  members  Drow hello :snowflake v.2 

:alert:  NOTE: :alert: 
The deadline to enter the AQUAChallenge has been extended for 1 week!

The new (and final) deadline is:
23rd February 2018, 23:59 Central European Time (CET)


What?! You thought we forgot about the next AquaChallenge? Don't worry Epic , the Santa was early in our group and left us an awesome gift. 
Santa Cat 2  Exo : Chanyeol Gift 

Which one, you may wonder :dummy:

The next AquaChallenge theme of course! Giggle 

And because we have been so good, he even decided to give us an additional gift...

MORE POINTSLa jumping in Points 

The THEME for winter is:
  Snowflake WHITE PERFECTION Snowflake    

 Portrait of Micah Gianneli by lazy-brush  Winter Bird by ormehcym  
winter by sylwiaemilia  Winter-02 by MorMoraIG 
All artworks must show the beauty of white: white snow, white animals, white flowers, white clouds, white dress, white birds etc.

To paint white things with watercolor is not an easy task. But after all...AquaChallenge is all about CHALLENGE, right?! ;) So try your best with painting "white" with "non-white" colors. =D

Be creative with the theme as much as possible...surprise us with your clever artworks. Don't forget that there's a creativity prize also!
And one more thing...the real name of the Santa is :iconirbi-art: who was so nice to leave a suggestion for this AquaChallenge theme. Thank you for your help! :blowkiss:

WHO can participate:
Bullet; Blue Any member of watercolorists can join the fun.
Bullet; Blue Donators  are welcome to participate too!
Bullet; Blue Previous AquaChallenge winners will not be able to enter the voting polls (i.e. previous 3 winners and the creativity winner will sit out from being included in the voting for one AquaChallenge). Winners are still most welcome to submit their artwork as ALL participants are featured in our group feature. We would like to give a chance to those who didn't win previously.

RULES about submissions (NOTE: Please read them carefully!):
Bullet; Blue Your work must be new - submitted on DeviantArt between 16th December 2017 and 16th February 2018 in order to participate.
Bullet; Blue Only one entry per member.
Bullet; Blue Your artwork has to apply to our group's Submission rules - obviously it needs to be a watercolor or one of acceptable media! In case you're not sure if your work applies, please ask us directly.
Bullet; Blue Please mention the AquaChallenge in the description of your artwork so that we know it's supposed to take part in the challenge.

WHERE to submit:
Please submit to the AquaChallenge FOLDER. We will open it on 16th December 2017.

TIME to submit your artwork:
This AquaChallenge starts with 16th December 2017 and ends on 16th February 2018, 23:59 Central European Time (CET).
To check what hour will it be in your time zone, you can use this page: Event Time    from


Pixel: Gift 1st PLACE:
Bullet; Blue 300 :points:
Bullet; Blue 125 :points: from Santa Santa Clause 
Bullet; Blue A feature place in our AQUA Challenge WINNER feature box at our watercolorists front page and in our Gallery
Bullet; Blue A journal feature from Aya-Lunar, IvieMoon, LualaDyRiEile
Bullet; Blue A Llama from Aya-Lunar, LualaDy, cassandra4, ArcticSpell

 2nd PLACE:
Bullet; Blue 200 :points:
Bullet; Blue 75 :points: from Santa Santa Clause 
Bullet; Blue A feature place in our AQUA Challenge WINNER feature box at our watercolorists front page and in our Gallery
Bullet; Blue A journal feature from Aya-Lunar, IvieMoon, LualaDyRiEile
Bullet; Blue A Llama from Aya-Lunar, LualaDy, cassandra4ArcticSpell

Pixel: Gift 3rd PLACE:
Bullet; Blue 100 :points:
Bullet; Blue 75 :points: from Santa Santa Clause 
Bullet; Blue A feature place in our AQUA Challenge WINNER feature box at our watercolorists front page and in our Gallery
Bullet; Blue A journal feature from Aya-Lunar, IvieMoon, LualaDyRiEile
Bullet; Blue A Llama from Aya-Lunar, LualaDy, cassandra4ArcticSpell

Pixel: Gift CREATIVITY prize:
Bullet; Blue 120 :points: from our guest judge :iconlualady:
Bullet; Blue 50 :points: from Heartcrocher 
Bullet; Blue 25 :points: from Santa Santa Clause 
Bullet; Blue A feature place in our AQUA Challenge WINNER feature box at our watercolorists front page and in our Gallery
Bullet; Blue A journal feature from Aya-Lunar, IvieMoon, LualaDy, RiEile
Bullet; Blue A Llama from Aya-Lunar, LualaDy, cassandra4ArcticSpell

The guest judge will pick one lucky winner from all of the participants in this AquaChallenge. The winning artwork will be chosen based on creativity. 

Pixel: Gift ALL participants will be featured in a group feature!

If you want to help us with prizes (points, features, artworks, stamps, …), we would be very grateful and happy. The more prizes we can collect the sweeter awards can get! If you can donate points, artworks, features, llamas for winners, please comment under this journal or send a note directly to the group. You can also use the donation widget on TokyoMoonlight's page.  (Please write that it's for the AquaChallenge)

THANK YOU for your kind donation:
:iconaya-lunar: :iconiviemoon: :iconlualady: :iconheartcrocher: :iconarcticspell: :iconrieile:
and special thanks to Santa :santa:
Puppy Emoji-06 (Emoji Snowman) [V1] 

Bullet; Blue Depending on the number of entries we will make 2 semi-final polls simultaneously, each will have max. of 10 artworks. The artworks will be placed in those polls in the order in which they were submitted.

Bullet; Blue We will ask you to choose from both semi-final polls the artwork which you like the most. The first 3 artworks which receive the most votes in each semi-final poll will go to the final poll where the winners will be chosen.

1st SEMI-FINAL poll -> 10 (or less) artworks to choose from -> top 3 go to final poll
2nd SEMI-FINAL poll -> 10 (or less) artworks to choose from -> top 3 go to final poll
FINAL poll -> 6 semi-final artworks to choose from -> 3 AquaChallenge winners

Bullet; Blue The time to vote for semi-final and final will be each 5 days.
Bullet; Blue In case there will be more than 20 entries :alert: , the admins of the group will choose the best 20 entries and place them on the semi-final polls. The artworks will be chosen based on the relation to the given theme, creativity and effort.
Bullet; Blue Everyone has one vote - also the participants!

db3 by RBSRdesigns

We hope the voting system is now more objectively  :ladyjustice: 

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!  

:merry christmas: 
your ~watercolorists team

Recent Journal Entries

Journal Writers

Best of June 2018 - Choose your favorite 

24 deviants said A whole lot of  f u n g i by STelari
24 deviants said Zephyr by Hedgesloth
21 deviants said Old Man by CamillaMalcus
20 deviants said Gouache forest by Booksdust
19 deviants said Portrait of Frida Kahlo #2 by lazy-brush
12 deviants said Poppies +video by BestArtChoice
11 deviants said Unsaid truths by ericadalmaso
7 deviants said Cosmic Scandal by Viprion
3 deviants said Slavic Heritage: Evening Bloom by kiko-burza
1 deviant said Fior di Speranza (Flower of hope) by Manuela-M


watercolorists wants to affiliate with groups who have interest in painting and other truaditional arts. We also want to work with groups who want their members to learn more, and experiment and enjoy all the exciting things art has to offer!


The following is information on the clubs that watercolorists proudly affiliates with. Please take the time to visit the other fine clubs on deviantArt and find more art to explore and learn.

:star: Specific Media Affiliates :star:

painters is the largest traditional club on dA to date. With over 1100 members, it is oozing with fabulous art. Massive contests and featured artists are some of their highlights.

:star: Tutorial/Resource Affiliates :star:
the-artists-cubby has many unique features that all artists can get value from. They produce tutorials of art techniques and fundamentals and members are encouraged to participate with homework assignments based on the tutorials. Other art resources include book and art supply product reviews.

TradingPost is an active community of artists that gives members opportunity to trade and share art with other members around the world. Contests and other community building activities abound.