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Welcome to the main listing of our AquaTips feature. Members of the club are encouraged to submit tips and techniques they discovered or use to create and enjoy watercolors. If you have a question about watercolor, submit the question to tips and we'll have the community answer. Just send a note to the club with "Tip" in the subject line and we will put it into our AquaTips collection. Come together watercolorists, and share the treasure that is our knowledge! :love:

Featured AquaTip

AquaTips - dA Watercolor Tutorials
AquaTips - Internet Watercolor Resources

AquaTips - Masking Fluid by p-e-a-k
AquaTips - Watercolor & Pen Sample by analog77
AquaTips - Transfer drawings to watercolour paper by p-e-a-k
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Community AquaTips - Preserving your work
Community AquaTips - Travel Case - Sell art
Community AquaTips - Gum Arabic
Community AquaTips - Painting in different surfaces
Community AquaTips - Taking care of your kit
Community AquaTips - Converting your paint into a digital format
Community AquaTips - Fixing mistakes


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Welcome to the watercolorists monthly feature called AquaTalk! Each month, we will choose a member of watercolorists to interview. You will gain insight to their general artistic goals, their watercolor technique, and little of their personality as well.

AquaTalk Archive

February 2010 - Nachan
January 2010 - CamillaMalcus
June 2010 - Jopeli
July 2010 - petiteartiste666
October 2010 - Leftyfro
April 2011 - rinaswan
September 2011 - Gold Seven
November 2011 - ChencoIlufi


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Welcome to the watercolorists monthly feature called AquaProject! We feature tasks and lessons that all deviants can share. Even non-members can participate and be featured in our favorites. The types of projects can vary (and we can always use project ideas!) You can view past projects below.

AquaProject Archive

December 2010 - Art Resolutions
November 2010 - Masking
August 2010 - Textures
July 2010 - 2010 World Cup Football
June 2010 - Warm/Cool Paintings
March 2010 - 3 Primary Colors
February 2010 - Watercolor Meme
January 2010 - Tools of the Trade

FAQ and Submission rules

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The goal of our group watercolorists is to provide resources pertaining to the creation of art with water-soluble media, using translucent, painterly, watercolor-like techniques and to display those works for the benefit and enjoyment of our members.

You may submit one image once a day to our Members Submissions folder.  Upon acceptance your submission will be assigned to the appropriate gallery folder by a moderator.

 Submission Rules - why are submissions accepted or rejected

:bulletgreen: Paintings created with water-soluble media such as watercolor, concentrated watercolor ink, acuarela, liquid watercolor, transparent ink, India ink, Ecoline, coffee, tea, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, acrylic washes and gouache are welcome.  If your image has none of these materials, your submission cannot be accepted.

:bulletgreen:  All deviations must include the media (paint, ink, pencils, etc) used to create the image in the description of the work.  Submissions without this information cannot be accepted.

:bulletgreen: Works must be made in a painterly manner. If you use any acceptable media and apply them in a dry, drawing, or opaque  manner, your submission cannot be accepted.

:bulletgreen: Finished paintings only. No in-progress works or unfinished sketches can be accepted.  

:bulletgreen: We accept tasteful nudity and other tasteful forms of mature content as long as the submission acknowledges DeviantArt nudity policy.
FAQ #23: What are DeviantArt policies on nudity?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

:bulletgreen: Images with offensive subject matter may be declined at the discretion of administrators.

:bulletgreen:  Paintings must be presented properly. If the submission is photographed or scanned crooked, notebook wires visible, paint sets and or brushes visible, too dark, blurry, and so on, the submission cannot be accepted.
Here are some references should you use a camera to scan your work Scanning With A Camera 2 by Cmac13 and Scanning With A Camera 1 by Cmac13

:bulletgreen:  No digital interference to the artwork is allowed, apart from adjusting brightness/ contrast, watermark, cropping the scan or photograph etc. Works with digitally added content cannot be accepted.
(Exceptions could be made if the digital part is not a part of overall composition and does not obscure the watercolor part of the artwork.)


I have an idea for the group!
Tell us! Send us a note!

Can I affiliate with your club?

Of course! We only affiliate with groups/clubs with focus on traditional media or painting. We also affiliate with groups/clubs that promote learning. Follow the process in this tutorial to ask for an affiliation!

Why my artwork is still waiting for approval?

Even though we have over 9,000 members, we work very hard to have all submissions reviewed within twenty four hours of your submitting them.  


Ask on this blog or send us a note!

hammie kiss 

So what's going on...well, just the typical October chaos 
Inktober 2019

If you're still going strong...respect, you're now almost half way through =D
The other thing that started is the autumn season...I think I smell some hot chocolate on the corner. And if you don't need to drive, mulled wine or glühwein. 
Emoji: Drunk And Silly 

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- The Best of SEPTEMBER 2019 -

Dripping fragrance by Shelter85
by :iconshelter85:

Light Through the Purple Trees by Katarzyna-Kmiecik
by :iconkatarzyna-kmiecik:

Foxes playing by dragon-fire
by :icondragon-fire:

Phoenix's Joker by vidal174
by :iconvidal174:

Sailor Moon: With Luna by saniika
by :iconsaniika:

back home by merrinou
by :iconmerrinou:

Down with the Barrow-Wights by FrerinHagsolb
by :iconfrerinhagsolb:

Morocco Cyclocross by YaZakaria
by :iconyazakaria:

Lavender by ARiA-Illustration
by :iconaria-illustration:

Portrait of Lady by JankaLateckova
by :iconjankalateckova:

db3 by RBSRdesigns

- Category Highlights -

Hibiscus flower - 29x20 cm by skoerwi
by :iconskoerwi:

Commission: Akasha II by kiko-burza
by :iconkiko-burza:

Field by stolterman
by :iconstolterman:

Blue Valley - ZeichenbloQ by ZeichenbloQ
by :iconzeichenbloq:

A New Friendship Blooms by rasgardart
by :iconrasgardart:

Potion Seller by ambue
by :iconambue:

Flowers by SqurreilShooter
by :iconsqurreilshooter:

Watercolor Plant + Owl Mark by aryalynx
by :iconaryalynx:

Under the Same Sky by yanotts
by :iconyanotts:

Frog Witch Izzy 2k19 posca+gouache by Amphibizzy
by :iconamphibizzy:

db3 by RBSRdesigns

Keyword: "FISH"

(paintings of fish of any kind, also jellyfish, sea turtles etc. are welcomed)

Please share one of your and/or any other's watercolor artwork as a thumb in the comment bellow.

The rules are:
Bullet; Blue Only watercolor paintings (or similar water-soluble and transparent art media)
Bullet; Blue Per member: 1 of your own artwork and/or 1 artwork from another artist
Bullet; Blue It's related to the keyword

db3 by RBSRdesigns

previous keyword: "Architecture"
Inktober17 14 La Faim Justifie les Moyens by LualaDy   Wieskirche by micorl

House - O - Mountain 4 by GreeGW   The Castle by Apfelmaeuschen

Mahou House by yapi   20190413 The Sandbox by art-bat

academy of science in riga by ayjaja   Winter town by madartia

db3 by RBSRdesigns

See you Wave
your ~ watercolorists team

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Best of September 2019 - Choose your favorite 

68 deviants said Light Through the Purple Trees by Katarzyna-Kmiecik
37 deviants said Dripping fragrance by Shelter85
16 deviants said Foxes playing by dragon-fire
11 deviants said Down with the Barrow-Wights by FrerinHagsolb
7 deviants said Phoenix's Joker by vidal174
5 deviants said Lavender by ARiA-Illustration
4 deviants said Sailor Moon: With Luna by saniika
4 deviants said back home by merrinou
4 deviants said Portrait of Lady by JankaLateckova
3 deviants said Morocco Cyclocross by YaZakaria


watercolorists wants to affiliate with groups who have interest in painting and other traditional arts. We also want to work with groups who want their members to learn more, and experiment and enjoy all the exciting things art has to offer!