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The main mission of our group is to share the knowledge and skills of watercolor users for the enjoyment and inspiration of others.

Secondarily, we look forward to displaying your watercolor art for the enjoyment of our members.

View our AquaTips journals for tutorials and other watercolor resources.


I've been drawing and painting since young age. I'm a self-taught artist. I work with traditional media, mostly with watercolors.


watercolorists was one of the first groups I joined on dA, many years ago. I joined the admin team in 2012 and took over Founder's duties in 2015.
I paint with watercolor since 2007 and I'm addicted to improving. Besides painting, I dwell in stories, spoken, written and illustrated.
I drop to dA daily, at least I try to. You're always welcome to say hello and share your insights about the group!


Even after decades of painting in watercolors each new project teaches me something new. It's a delightful, magical, difficult to tame medium for creative exploration.

About Us

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watercolorists history

:iconmoire: moire
The club was founded on April 27, 2006 by its original and true founder moire. We deeply appreciate her effort and passion for gathering together watercolorists to learn, grow, and promote our work.

Thank you moire

:iconkelliroos: KelliRoos
(leftyfro for the old crowd) rescued this club when it was in danger of dissapearing and through her hard work and dedication it became the awesome group you see today.

Thanks for everything Kel!

:iconabasss: abasss

was next in line to head the watercolorists group after KelliRoos retired. Agus grew our group to over 6,500 members. But, like many of us, full-time employment and personal responsibilities have made it impossible for Agus to apply the time she believes the group deserves.

Thanks for everything Agus :iconiloveit-plz:
we are grateful for your efforts and :iconiloveit-plz: we will miss you :nod:

:iconcmac13: was the Founder after we bid farewell to Agus, and later decided to pass this role over to Ithilloth. On 3rd March 2016 we were sad to learn Carole decided to leave the Moderators. Carole was truly brightening the spirit of our team and we will miss infinitely her reason, diligence and vision. Thank you so much for everything you have done for the group, you've been so important part of it! Hope you will keep on dropping by! :heart:

:iconithilloth: continued leading the group until August 2017, when the torch was passed to TokyoMoonlight.

:icontokyomoonlight: is now the Founder! Watercolorists has been blossoming ever since Marcela joined the team, but under her guidance the group became even more active! :heart:

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watercolorists affiliates with groups who promote traditional arts, especially painting; and work with groups who assist their members in experimentation, learning, and all the excitement traditional art has to offer!