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AquaFEATURE - MAY 2020

Monthly Feature: MAY 2020Hello,oh...where should we start? We finished our first collab version of our AquaChallenge!Aqua-COLLAB-Challenge Opposites Attract - WINNERSMay 24, 2020Hello dear watercolorists!

Are you excited toHere you will find our winners:1st place: (32 votes) @irbi-art and @Miletysant 2nd place: (24 votes) @Shesvii and @liberataryan 3rd place: (13 votes) @K-naille and @dessinateur777 The creativity prize winners chosen by @GeorgeXVII : @irbi-art and @MiletysantAqua-COLLAB-Challenge: Opposites Attract FEATUREJune 6, 2020Hello our dear @watercolorists members

For theWe had 10 collab pairs who were eligible for the voting poll. And for the first time the voting was completed in one go, with no semi-final voting polls. Thank you again to all who donated and to all the participants. We can't wait for the next one to come AquaTutorials: Sign-up time NEW DATE July 10 - 12May 9, 2020Hello

The voting was more than successful, soSince we are a very active group, it's only fair that we come up with new, fresh ideas. That's why we decided to start a new activity AquaTutorials. In case you missed our announcement, please take a look at the journal.You can still sign-up!The new dates for the tutorials to be published are from July 10th till July 12th, 2020*.*The original journal was posted in the old writer editor and therefore the text can't be changed. Instead of the previously written June dates, the right dates when the first AquaTutorials will run are from July 10th till 12th, 2020.And the last announcement...soon July starts...you know the drill, right?!Yes!World Watercolor Month 202031 days = 31 watercolor artworksAs all years before, this won't be different...the group @watercolorists will again take part. Soon we will post our journal about it. Now let's see some artworks!!!The Best of MAY 2020Category HighlightsAQUASharePlease share ONE (1) of your or any other's watercolor artwork in the comment bellow.The rules are:Only watercolor paintings (or similar water-soluble and transparent art media)Per member: ONE (1) of your own artwork or ONE (1) artwork from another artistNo theme restrictions...anything goes that follows our FAQ and Submission rulesFEATUREyour @watercolorists team ...

INFO on Eclipse - How to

Eclipse - How toHello
No, I'm not a master of how to's, but I do find stuff :dignity-laugh: 
Ok, always very late, but that's right now not important. IMing: Blush - Laugh 
So where were we...oh, Eclipse!
Lots of new things to learn and to figure out. :plotting:
This includes me too! Fox emoji - yes 
Don't be like me
"where is this, this function doesn't exist anymore, I don't know how it's done, I'm doomed forever…"
 Inside Out - Saddness crying 
After I stop being a drama queen and I start to search for answers, I see it's ALL there. :phew:
Just in different places or I need to adjust certain things.
I'm sharing with you some useful info and journals I have collected so far.
Tutorials for New DACommunity members have created helpful journals highlighting some of the newly released features. Learn tips and insights from fellow deviants! General InfoHow to Use DeviantArt EclipseEclipse Tutorial #1 - The BasicsHow to Eclipse - NotificationsHow to Eclipse - SearchingI Created Art Now What #9 - EclipseHow to Eclipse - Watch Best Practices for TaggingCustomizingHow to Eclipse - Cover ImagesEclipsing with Shadow: Custom BoxesEclipsing with Shadow: Profile HeadersEclipsing with Shadow: SpotlightsEclipsing with Shadow: Profile Decor Creating a User Style for the New DeviantArtSubmittingHow to Make a Feature on EclipseHow to Eclipse: PollsHow to Eclipse: SubmitHow to Eclipse: JournalsHow to Eclipse: Status Updates GroupsHow to Find Group NotificationsEclipse Tutorial - Group Submission DeviantArtís vast Knowledge Base contains helpful FAQs and tutorials to help you learn more about features and make the most of your site experience.Also, be sure to watch @team for all the latest DeviantArt news, updates, and announcements. Do you have a tutorial you would like added to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Can't find our deviations, journals posted in the group in your watch feed? Go to your top bar in your profile, click "more" then "watch" -> "group deviations"

About Art features:

Where to find thumbcodes:


July is
31 watercolors in 31 days
Wwm 2020
Maybe you took part in it the previous year, maybe it's the first time you hear about it. You don't need to worry. We have all the information you need to survive the July.
"So what do I have to do?"
Just paint each day in July a watercolor painting and tag it with #WorldWatercolorMonth
and of course don't forget to submit it to our group. =D
On July 1st we will again open our World Watercolor Month folder.
Any member of @watercolorists can submit one artwork created with watercolor daily to the "World Watercolor Month" folder, in addition to the normal limit of one artwork per day.
Normal rules apply, and your work must be tagged with #WorldWatercolorMonth to be accepted into this folder.
"But I don't know what to paint for 31 days!"
No worries, there's an official prompt list which you can use.
Or you can make your own.
WWM 2020 prompts
More info about it on the official world watercolor month website:
Art Bunny divider


1.) Can I use any other art material?
Since it's a challenge and the month July is dedicated to watercolor, it would make sense to use only watercolor. ;) Leave the ink for the Inktober in October. :giggle:
2.) Do I have to make a watercolor painting each day?
Try to do them as often as possible (that's the charm of this challenge :P ), but if you can't find the time, try every other day, or one painting a week, maybe just on weekends.
3.) I missed the first days of the challenge, can I still take part?
Of course you can, why not?! It's for fun.
4.) Do I have to follow the official prompt list?
No. They are meant for people who can't come up with their own ideas and have trouble to decide what to paint each day. You can chose your own theme and create watercolor paintings around it or make your own prompt list.
5.) Is this a contest? Can I win something?
No. It's purely for fun, just like the famous Inktober. It's a challenge to create 31 watercolor paintings in 31 days.
6.) Do I have to use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth?
Yes! :nod:
Your @watercolorists team :blowkiss:
More Journal Entries


:smallwave: V2 by Synfull Please read our complete SUBMISSION RULES.

SUBMISSION LIMIT: 1 artwork per DAY.

Here are some quick guidelines:
Pixel: Orange Star by apparate Accepted art media: water-soluble media such as watercolor, concentrated watercolor ink, acuarela, liquid watercolor, transparent ink, India ink, Ecoline, coffee, tea, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, gouache and acrylic washes in a translucent manner.

Pixel: Orange Star by apparate In the description box of your artwork has to be written which art media (ex.: watercolor, ink…) was used to create your painting. You don't need to name the brands. Writing "watercolor" in your tags is not enough.

Pixel: Orange Star by apparate The artwork has to be presented properly (no crooked photographs or scans, notebook wires visible, paint sets and or brushes visible, blurry and so on…)

Pixel: Orange Star by apparate Nothing digital can be added, painted or drawn on the artwork. Exceptions are: regular editing of the scan / photo (adjusting brightness / contrast / sharpness, cropping, adding watermarks).

Simple Smiley by ware4me We always write the artist the reason for declining the artwork. If possible we ask for corrections and for re-submisson of the artwork.

Watercolorists - INFO


AquaTutorials: Sign-up time

The group is looking for members who would like to write articles and tutorials in a form of a journal.

The articles / tutorials will be posted from July 10th till July 12th, 2020.

World Watercolor Month 2020

31 watercolors in 31 days

Paint each day in July a watercolor painting, tag it with #WorldWatercolorMonth and submit it to our group.

Check Out Watercolorists

Have a general question about joining or submitting art? Check here first!

Participate in regular event to win points, art & features and improve as a watercolorist.

[currently halted]
Read and learn from fellow members on thoughts about projects and techniques.

[currently halted]
Members work on a group assignment to work more with this great paint and learn from others.

[currently halted]
Read about featured members speak about their art and themselves.

:bulletgreen: Have fun! :D
:bulletgreen: Encourage other members with their pursuit with watercolors
:bulletgreen: Comment on a member's watercolor painting.

Best of May 2020

Voted by our members :love:

A sense of colour by BeIIa

The painting received the most votes in our Best of month poll.

AQUA Challenge WINNER feature

"Aqua-COLLAB-Challenge: Opposites Attract"

1st PLACE and CREATIVITY prize winners

Desire for metamorphose by irbi-art

Desire for metamorphose by Miletysant

db3 by RBSRdesigns


Face of Nature by Shesvii

Face of Nature by liberataryan

db3 by RBSRdesigns


Aqua collab - Frail by K-naille

Aqua Collab opposition by dessinateur777

Donations for AquaChallenge

If you'd like to donate points for our regular event AquaChallenge, please use the donation widget at TokyoMoonlight profile page.
(Please write that it's for the AquaChallenge)
Please Donate by KillboxGraphics

It all goes for prizes for AquaChallenge - the more we raise, the bigger prizes can be!

Thank you for the points by Affectionatelyx

Best of May 2020 - Choose your favorite 

7 deviants said The Pale Tree by STelari
7 deviants said A sense of colour by BeIIa
6 deviants said Shiba Yuetan Waterfall by bkiani
4 deviants said Old mill by GogiVer
3 deviants said Abyssinian kitten by lazy-brush
3 deviants said Rie.. by Henelb
1 deviant said African Daisies by ShanghaiSarah
1 deviant said The Harvest Mice by SueMArt
No deviants said -Brand of Amber- by RiEile
No deviants said Sina and the Eel by SaxtorphArt


Recent Journal Entries

Random from AQUAChallenge Art Features

AquaChallenge Feature no.2: Halloween
Panda Emoji-31 (Hello) [V2]  my dear watchers!
Yes, I know...I was bad...no journal updates, no ArtBunnies Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
And my artwork submissions could be more frequently too cry orange 
I try my best 5 Minute Emote - Cry 
I also apologize for making the mistake for uploading my watercolorists  group's art feature as my personal journal (you probably received it in your inbox). I never used Stash to submit before :D (Big Grin)  Lesson learned. :imsmart: 
Now to more fun stuff.
It's time for an art feature of watercolorists  AquaChallenge winners.
The theme was...Halloween...I know so original for Oct/Nov I am a dummy!  There were 21 entries but there could only be 3 winners.
As a prize there was also a
:icontokyomoonlight:TokyoMoonlight 2 7
AquaChallenge Feature no.1: Summertime
Some may already know that I'm (since May 2016) a moderator at the group :iconwatercolorists:  
In August we held our first AquaChallenge :happybounce: 
The theme was »Summertime«.
We had 27 artworks which took part in the challenge. The admins of the group choose 10 best artworks and put them in a poll. After 1 week of voting the winners had been chosen.
Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] 
THE WINNERS of the AquaChallenge "SUMMERTIME" are:
(97 votes)
Summer Tomatoes

Other artworks by the artist  
(39 votes)
:icontokyomoonlight:TokyoMoonlight 4 15
Feature: AquaChallenge Winners!
watercolorists recently held their Halloween-themed AquaChallenge AquaChallenge - Halloween - WINNERS - here are the very talented winners! Congrats to everyone, and go show their galleries some love :dalove:
1st Place: :iconaya-lunar: Aya-Lunar for Scarecrow

2nd Place: :iconirbi-art: Irbi-Art for My Halloween Garden

3rd Place: :iconlazy-brush: Lazy-Brush for Full Moon
Full moon (final) by lazy-brush
Inktober #14/31 (Tree) by lazy-brush Abstract in blue and pink colors by lazy-brush Bouquet of roses by lazy-brush Autumn landscape by lazy-brush
Congratulations winners, and to all entrants! Hurray for watercolors :)
:iconiviemoon:IvieMoon 1 6
Feature: Spirit of Spring AquaChallenge Winners!
Congratulations everyone! Let's show these talented artists some love! :dalove:
First Place  Gavenia :icongavenia: for Nothing Gold Can Stay

Second Place:  Reraartist :iconreraartist: for Cherry Blossom

Third Place:  Riana-art :iconriana-art: for Coniglietto al Arcimboldo
Coniglietto al Arcimboldo by Riana-art
A light in the dark by Riana-art  The sleepers who rest forever by Riana-art  
:iconiviemoon:IvieMoon 0 2
Feature: Transitions AquaChallenge Winners!
Congrats winners! :squee:
~First Place~
QuixoticChipmunk with "View From the Clock Tower"

~Second Place~ and ~Creativity Prize~
irbi-art with "The Last Dance of the Butterfly"

~Third Place~
IvieMoon with "Black-eyed Susans"
(hey, this one looks really familiar... :hmm: )

Rather than feature my own works I
:iconiviemoon:IvieMoon 2 12
Feature: AquaChallenge Winners!
Presenting the winners of watercolorists wintertime AquaChallenge "White Perfection"
1st Place Michelle-T-Williams

2nd Place jackfox2008

3rd Place Harmony1965

Creativity Prize fenifire

 Polish Legends - Fern Flower by fenifire Universe Realms - Styx by fenifire
Congrats to our winners, and a round of :clap: to all of our wonderful artists! There were a lot of beautiful entries this time, it made it very tough to vote!
:iconiviemoon:IvieMoon 2 9

Collection of all FEATURES our members received as a prize for winning our AquaChallenge.

Random from Overall Walkthroughs

Work in Progress by sophien Work in Progress :iconsophien:sophien 22 8 Smoking Girl by andreuccettiart Smoking Girl :iconandreuccettiart:andreuccettiart 128 22 Watercolor Tutorial 2 by JannaFairyArt Watercolor Tutorial 2 :iconjannafairyart:JannaFairyArt 399 46 Step-by-Step Progression of Secrets of Spring by JannaFairyArt Step-by-Step Progression of Secrets of Spring :iconjannafairyart:JannaFairyArt 98 34 Watercolor Tutorial by Claparo-Sans Watercolor Tutorial :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 18,067 1,356 Aquarell coloured pencils by Drayza Aquarell coloured pencils :icondrayza:Drayza 21 9 Watercolour Simple Tutorial by Boullevard Watercolour Simple Tutorial :iconboullevard:Boullevard 12 1 10 Step Watercolour by koyamori 10 Step Watercolour :iconkoyamori:koyamori 1,567 201 Traditional Tutorial: Page 3 by pallanoph Traditional Tutorial: Page 3 :iconpallanoph:pallanoph 221 34 Traditional Tutorial: Page2 by pallanoph Traditional Tutorial: Page2 :iconpallanoph:pallanoph 245 11 Traditional Tutorial: Page 1 by pallanoph Traditional Tutorial: Page 1 :iconpallanoph:pallanoph 372 14 Water Colour Tutorial - Part 1 by Megan-Uosiu Water Colour Tutorial - Part 1 :iconmegan-uosiu:Megan-Uosiu 1,691 80 Watercolor Tutorial Pt.2 by PearlWhitecrow Watercolor Tutorial Pt.2 :iconpearlwhitecrow:PearlWhitecrow 40 11 Watercolor Tutorial Pt.1 by PearlWhitecrow Watercolor Tutorial Pt.1 :iconpearlwhitecrow:PearlWhitecrow 35 11


watercolorists wants to affiliate with groups who have interest in painting and other traditional arts. We also want to work with groups who want their members to learn more, experiment and enjoy all the exciting things art has to offer!


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Axic0n Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2020   General Artist
What do you think about NSFW works (gore theme)? I have never seen rules about them.
Axic0n Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2020   General Artist
I am writing about my character Arkumida. She is an ermine and as a predator she kills and eats other animals and I have drawn how she is going to eat a heart. The heart is not detailed but it changes a level of gore.
I have tagged my art but it's better to ask about.
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2020   Traditional Artist
Sounds just like my cat...so cute...but such a "killer" :blush:
AmataresuYagami Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020
Dear WaterColorists,

Hello, I was wondering if I can join your group
since I have a lot of traditional original lineart coloring gallery artworks, my own original oil paintings, and original water color artworks.

Sincerely, AmataresuYagami
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020   Traditional Artist
Hello :wave:
You have been accepted.
Don't forget to read and follow our rules. =D

Thank you for joining :la:
boblyithDaHedge Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
by the way, there are more people apart of this group (10,887) then there are watching (10,173)!!! some people are part of the group but not even watching it!
that's crazy!
Pucca crazy dance Art Trade - Crazy Happy Emote Crazy Dancing Fool Emoji-14 (Pervy Crazy Dance) [V1] Crazy Thinking  crazy thing 
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2020   Traditional Artist
Many deviants are members for many years and do un-watch certain groups, but still remain members. Others join only to be able to submit their artworks, but don't care about seeing artworks from other members or group activity in general :shrug:
To each their own. :P
boblyithDaHedge Featured By Owner Edited Mar 20, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
hi can I join the collab challenge
I don't have a partner
also, I'm interested in partnering with forsthenebriss but she's not responding to me so if you could let her know that would be excellent!
Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
TokyoMoonlight Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2020   Traditional Artist
Yes, you can and I will add you to the list.

For contacting a collab partner it's on you. :nod:
I can't do the talk for you or anyone else :blush:

Just because I would sent a note or write a comment, it's not more likely that someone will respond. Maybe she's not even on DA right now. :P 
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