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      Steel didn’t really often go by Hadlor’s pass. He found it a drag and in all honesty none of his business. Where as he could be doing better things with his time, travelling, mountaineering, tracking. Whatever it was he was wasting his time looking for this damn feral. A sneer travelled up his maw as he stepped into the pass. The thick cover of the trees telling him it was going to be a great day spent here and possibly longer. He knew though that this elusive feral was a dwarf. Steel knew he didn’t have much of an interest in males, but to have something like that within his “crew” then that would be perfect. Making him smile, the black and white felvarg began to become more confident. Pressing himself forward as he looked around him. Now where was this little thing?

All the black and white felvarg could remember was how badly he had wanted this. If once upon a time perhaps he was a bit kinder about it, he could have gone here with a couple of friends. However he wanted power and he wanted everyone to know that he meant business. In order to do so, recruiting a feral that had been rumored to be around here would bump his reputation no doubt. Though Steel had to play it nice, this wasn’t something he couldn’t do but it made him honestly sneer. He didn’t want to play nice - it ruined his day and irritated him to all hell. That’s what he thought as he took a paw and smacked another branch away from him. His blue eyes searching over for any signs of a felvarg. So far he couldn’t notice anything, not even a scent had hit his nose. Where the heck had this feral gone?

The pass was surrounded by towering mountains, Steel was a bit in awe of it all in all honesty. As he nearly tripped over himself, he took a few steps back and sighed. Making sure that he didn’t have any twigs possibly behind him. As far as he could tell those sheer cliffs were something not every felvarg wanted to climb up. The pass itself was dangerous as it was - then again what wasn’t dangerous in the world of ulfrheim. All he ever heard was you get lost this, you get hurt that. The only real safe place in ulfrheim might as well have been the villages. Places that he didn’t really like stepping into.

Steel put the thought out of his mind, shaking his head he turned back. He thought for a moment that he saw a brown coat through the bushes. Dusted with some roan and a accessory on the felvargs back. His fur bristled, but as soon as he thought it was within his vision it had vanished. Steel didn’t get a good look at his face nor his size, so he cursed under his breath. Shooting forward to where he had seen the elusive felvarg. As soon as the scent hit his nose - he knew he had hit home. Steel quickly followed the scent, this dwarf was not getting away from him that much was certain. Just as he thought the short coated dwarf was in view, he was gone and Steel was forcing himself to stop suddenly. Only for a shape from the corner of his eye to come tumbling out towards him.

Steel was pummeled from his left rolling into the dirt as he felt his senses go awry. Suddenly up and alert he growled, only to notice a smiling felvarg in front of him. The grinning dwarf had blue paint across his face and eyes, that was when he knew this was the felvarg he’d been looking for. Steel grinned rather mischievously, now that he’d found him it was just a matter of trying to convince him to come home with him. Which he didn’t think would be too hard - though the dwarf seemed rather smart for smacking Steel off of his feet like that. The white and black felvarg was still forcing himself to recover as he shook his fur free of twigs and dirt that had gotten stuck within it.

From the looks of it the dwarf had a black cape like object attached to himself. On his back that draped over the side. As Steel raised an eyebrow the other finally spoke. “Say what’s a fellie like you doing out here? Don’t you know that it’s easy to get lost in the pass. The name’s Axel it’s a pleasure to meet you.” The chipper end of his tone made Steel want to vomit. He hated enthusiastic felvargs. They seemed way too good for anything. Then again Axel had his eyes on Steel. Annoying or not this was to get the bragging rights that he deserved. Along with a possible body at his side to use for protection. Even if Axel was short that didn’t mean that Steel could push him over easily. Of course he was strong, but Steel wasn’t stupid enough to underestimate Axel.

“I was looking for you actually! The name’s Steel.” Steel puffed out his chest. Trying to make himself look a lot fluffier than he was. As his tail curled upwards Axel looked over him for a second. Well this was an interesting stranger that he’d run into that was for sure.

“It’s not often that I’m desire or sought out. Well Steel welcome to the pass - you know how to hunt don’t ya? I thought you were a bear so I jumped on you.” Steel blinked for a moment at Axel. A BEAR? How the hell did he think that Steel was a bear when the felvarg was clearly black and white. His blue eyes stared at Axel for a moment, wondering if the felvarg had a few screws loose. However he seemed perfectly normal and happy, gesturing with his head for Steel to follow him. Quickly the black and white felvarg stepped closer to the short haired dwarf as they made their way through the trees.

Steel didn’t know where they were at this point. He was left looking around in wonder, Axel swiftly was moving in front of him. Steel actually was a bit impressed, he wasn’t sure if he could outsmart this one. Which he frowned at the though, Steel hated being shown up. It was one thing that he was egotistical but it was another that he never wanted to admit defeat to a problem that actually wasn’t there. Axel was too high and upbeat for Steel. It didn’t stop him from wanting to take the dwarf home with him.

“Well there should be a few rabbits around here somewhere.” Axel said as he stopped and looked at Steel. “So why did you want to meet me then Steel?” he asked as Steel swallowed. He was trying to find the right words to use at the moment, he honestly had never been so tongue tied in front of another.

“I was hoping to take you back with me…. I’m in the need of a few more males with me.” Steel flicked his tail off to one side. Axel hummed with interest, he looked around for a second before vanishing within the bushes once more. Steel went to open his mouth to speak but before he could Axel had returned with a rabbit within his jaws. Steel was impressed as he placed the food down and looked at him.

“So you think you could just sweet talk me into leaving my home to go with you huh?” Axel laughed as Steel raised an eyebrow. What was so funny about this, he didn’t understand. As Axel settled down and began to eat the rabbit right in front of Steel. The black and white felvarg’s stomach growled. He looked up, he hadn’t realized how hungry he had actually been until now. “Around here you hunt for yourself if you wanna live. So go on show me WHY exactly I should leave.” Axel said all this with a smile on his face and a chipper in his tone. Steel was a little disturbed, but even more so he was angry and irritated.

Fine he would show the dwarf what he was made of. He’d catch a thousand rabbits if he had to, growling he stormed off to where Axel had found that first rabbit. There was no sign of them but Steel could most definitely smell them. As he stayed closer to the ground - he found one and charged for it. His paws skidding in the dirt as he snapped at the little fuzzy tail of the creature. All of a sudden he came in contact with its body. Raising it up he returned to the spot that Axel had been enjoying his meal. Dropping the rabbit he snorted.

“There I can catch more if you need it.” Steel sneered as Axel laughed, he stood onto his paws and looked at Steel. Steel really wanted to wipe that stupid look on his face off, yet he was here to try and recruit the feral not scare him away. The felvarg reminded himself, stay calm and civil. There would be no point if he returned empty pawed. So he took a deep breath and decided to calm himself. Coming up with the possibly quickest idea he could. “How about a bet then?” Steel offered as Axel seemed to become a little bit interested.

“A bet, what kind of bet then? Certainly hope it’s not about catching rabbit.” He snickered as Steel tried his best to hold down his growing anger.

“A fight, if I win you come with me. If you win well… you can do whatever you want.” Steel made himself stand tall as Axel’s eyes lit up. A fight? Well perhaps the larger felvarg was biting a bit more off than he could chew. Axel gladly lifted up his head, there was no way Steel could beat him in a fight but he might as well humor him.

“Alright then, but don’t cry to me when you lose.” the dwarf said as he grinned. One thing he enjoyed was showing others how much he could do despite his size. Carefully spreading his legs apart. The two locked themselves in a staredown. This pass was about to witness a fight of a lifetime, that much was certain.
My taming entry for the shortie feral dwarf axel!

Official Import:  Steel 1562
Official Import of Feral: Axel 1550
Location:  Haldors pass
Use of EXP (Chosen Winner): yes
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