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I remembered something my advisor, let alone my best friend, had told me before I left. “You are here to help the princess regain the throne, don’t go meddling into other affairs.” Yes, that was just it, wasn’t it? I sighed as I ran my fingers through my hair, my right hand on my side as I looked out into the forest. How exactly had my journey begun here? Simple really - my blood called for it. As it stood to reason, the four dragons were not the only ones with the blood of their ancestors in their veins. Other countries had many legends, advertising the gods that had created them. King Hiryuu was not the only dragon god to have granted the life of a human. However, that was a legend best saved for another day, wasn’t it?

I was so close I could taste it, to the princess that is. With our sources, word travelled fast. While the Kouka kingdom may not have known it, I knew a lot about what had happened to Yona. The majority of it at least. As I walked down a muddied path, a scent touched my nose and got stronger as I went towards the bustling river. The roar of the heavy rapids filled my ears, yet a muffled voice broke out into the air, “Help me.” a meek voice of a woman said from the river. I rushed over to the bank to find a red headed form struggling to keep herself afloat in the water. Was that Princess Yona? I placed the sword on my side quickly on to the dry patch of bank before jumping into the body of water. I measured my jump to be a few feet in front of her, that way she landed directly into my arms. Luckily enough I was a good swimmer, one would have to be to fight off these powerful waters. My clothes dragged me down none the less, getting some water in my mouth as I finally carried her to shore, pulling the princess onto the bank.

She was still conscious, breathing heavy as her chest heaved. It didn’t look like she had ingested any water, I, on the other hand, spat out the foul water from my palate at the remembrance. Thank god she was simply disturbed and startled by the incident, still regaining herself, but she suddenly sat up.

“Princess!” I perked my head, grabbing my sword and placing it back into my side as Yona tried to stand. I placed my hands on her shoulders.

“You shouldn’t move.” I warned as she sat back down again. I took note of a silver form joined by a few others approaching me. Already taking the offensive as he bared his fangs, my heart took a single beat. White Dragon, Blue dragon, Yellow Dragon and Green. There was also a young boy, and a strong looking man with them. If I could only learn their names, Princess Yona was the only one I knew of by name.

“Who are you? Get away from the princess right now.” The white dragon hissed and the dark haired human was about to lunge with his large weapon when Yona stood up in front of me.

“Don’t hurt her, she saved me from the river.” Yona argued as I took a step back, blinking. I probably would have spoken more but I was just amazed I had found them all in a short amount of time. Yona went and turned towards me, we were just around the same height, if not I was only about an inch taller than her. “What’s your name?” I froze up for a moment.

“Shoe….” I breathed as she smiled, “Are you...Princess Yona?” I heard audible gasps from the others as the dark haired man clenched his teeth and glared at me with his sharp blue eyes.

“So you know who I am?” she continued on as if it were nothing as the others stood by. I watched them, a little worried before I looked at her.

“A little… I’m not an enemy if that’s what you are assuming. I’m simply - well…. it’s a bit complicated really.” I became a little frustrated with myself until she grabbed my hands gingerly, looking at me with a smile.

“You don’t have to tell me, why don’t we sit down and talk?” she grinned as the others started to relax. The white dragon, however, spoke up.

“Princess, are you sure we can trust this person? She’s wielding a sword.” he gestured towards Matthias at my side.

“I’m not gonna kill someone I just saved - honestly why would I want to kill her? All you guys have done is bare your fangs when she’s showed me kindness.” I had to say out loud. Honestly, my advisor would scoff at their behavior. In all the kingdoms it was never nice to be holding your own. Yet, in their circumstances I did suppose I could understand why they were always at arm's length with each other. This seemed to tame them down, as the young, fairly beautiful boy came to Yona’s side. “You’re soaking wet! How did you even fall in the river in the first place? You scared me half to death!”, he sighed as he pulled a hand down his face, “Never mind, let's find somewhere dry to camp and get you out of those clothes before you catch a cold.” Yona gave the boy a warm smile before turning in my direction, “You're wet as well, so come stay by our fire tonight. It's the least we can do.” With her words there was no possible room to complain, not from me nor her companions.

Everyone settled around a group of trees, one of them started a fire that lit up the area nicely. Yona’s clothes were drying over a tree, she wearing the dark haired man’s shirt and coat in order to cover herself. I refused to take off my clothes, saying the warmth of the fire would dry them plenty. I’d rather get a cold then have to take them off at the moment. Regardless I was a bit more resilient than a normal human at least. I let out a sigh, so here I am, sitting by the fire of whom I've been searching for and yet I didn't have the guts to say anything.

“Shoe, what are you doing here in this forest?” Yona asked me, making my head perk up. I tried to think of a reason, but then I realized. What sort of Queen was I if I did not tell her the truth.

“I was looking for you… Yona.” I started as my eyes moved over the rest of the group, who still remained suspicious. “With no harmful intent, I actually wanted to help you…. I know a little of the situation you're in and I do think you belong on the throne.” I brushed through my slightly damp hair. “I can’t explain why yet or who I really am, but I’d like you to use me.” I smiled.

For a moment it seemed like she was debating, but before she could reject me I lifted a finger. Making her look at me quietly. “Why haven’t any of you sensed anything yet?” I mentioned, “You are under the impression there are only four dragons, but… that’s for Kouka.” I crossed my arms again when the Yellow dragon spoke up.

“Zeno feels it, not as strong as it was with the other dragons but - you’re also one.” I blinked for a moment. Speaking in third person was he? Yet he was spot on as I nodded my head.

“So before you reject me, think about that. While I may not be your dragon. I do wish to help you in whatever it is you want to obtain.” I pressed a hand against my face. The dark haired male clicked his tongue, making my blood boil slightly. Some electricity fell from my lips but I let it pass. My temper would be the end of me here. I noticed a small squirrel jump from the blue dragon and towards me. I flinched a bit as he jumped onto my knees. The blue dragon stared at me quietly as I timidly patted the animal.
When you're under the sudden realization that one of your favorite Fanfics that you wrote isn't on your writing DA I gasp. So, you also don't need to know much about the anime/manga to read this folks. If you have any questions however, I'm all ears. This is a long standing series me and :iconkotori-miu: have been working on. It has a planned ending and such I just need to get around to it sometime. Anyway enjoy! Also it's told in the point of view of my own character Shoe, and doesn't really go off the show timeline at all.

Edited by :iconkotori-miu:
Written by Me

Akatsuki no yona is the name of the manga and Yona of the dawn is the name of the anime if any of you are interested.

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