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The caves of Vaskar made her feel at home. The dark moist air made her take it in, watching as her opponent skulked in the shadows.  This time of the month was the time to put your life on the line. That was exactly what she was doing with this fight, if her opponent would stop sticking to the shadows. Pandora raised her lips letting out a growl, but then because of that the larger male erupted from the shadows. The curly male came two inches from her face. Letting his own voice known as his teeth showed. Pandora looked at his massive horns and just because he was bigger did not mean that she was afraid of him.
“Pandora.” She greeted with a sneer, as the male narrowed his gloomy glowing eyes.
“Castiel, mutt.” The insult spewed from his mouth like venom. Pandora knew one thing now, that was she was going to enjoy tearing him apart. The two stood there very close for a few more moments. Then the fight broke out, as Pandora aimed her teeth for his right leg. Latching on harshly she twisted it underneath him and flipped the bigger male. Cas felt his limbs hit air, letting out a startled growl as his rage grew with intensity.
The female silk moved out of the way of his jaws as he struggled to regain his balance. Pandora wanted to get some distance before she attacked again. The Silk hated pain and she was going to do everything within her power to keep herself clean throughout this. Yet she heard him begin to chuckle the moonlight above filtering through the cracks of the cavern. Illuminating his eyes. Pandora looked at his bleeding leg confused.
“How’s the taste of my blood hmmm, more pure than yours. I will kill you, and you will not harm me again.” A bold claim for a felvarg who had just been toppled by a rather simple move. Pandora raised her eyebrows, perhaps Cas was all talk and nothing but bluff. She lowered her body weight, waiting for him to charge her so she could get out of the way. Cas took charge at her, but as she moved out of the way he lowered his head and rammed into her side with his horns. Her muscles contracted with the collision, feeling like her skin was rippling as she coughed out of pain and shock. Pandora stumbled backing up as she groaned out in pain.
She hated this! How dare he! Cas laughed as he bit into one of her ears. Pandora growled with pain, opening her own jaws she struck at the side of his neck. Two could play the game of pain even if Pandora hated the thought of getting hurt herself. It filled her with more rage and more anger. As her paws spread onto the cave floor she kept her hold on the side of his neck until she tasted blood. It made Castiel start shaking his head violently trying to shake the smaller felvarg off of him.
Pandora was not about to let go, the more he moved too the more damage that she seemed to be doing. Blood splattered onto the stone floor, tainting the land even more than it already was. As Castiels yowled echoed throughout he finally slammed Pandora into the nearby wall. She let go, coughing out most of Castiel's blood as she watched the red liquid soak his multi colored fur. The Mosaic's eyes narrowed on her as he paced back and forth trying to be cautious about how he approached this female.
“I would be careful if I were you, if you’re so afraid. You might die.” Pandora teased with a chuckle. Stretching her limbs as the pain in her body only fueled her hatred for him. One of them might die, unless one came crawling out of the cave at least half dead. Castiel was already losing a lot of blood, while Pandora was not as worse for wear the fight could be turned around in a matter of seconds.
It came to her realization when he jumped for her again. This time when she thought she had been prepared  the male managed to flip her on her back. She tripped and ended up underneath him. Pandora tried to raise her paws against his chest to keep his teeth away from her but the male clamped down on her right shoulder just near her neck. She screeched out in pain, kicking at his soft stomach but he held strong. Shaking his head back and forth. Pandora growled as the blood welled, heat exploding from the wound. She didn’t like this at all.
“You little.” Pandora forced her body upwards. She reached her head around and grabbed onto an ear as he  raised his head letting her go. She was caught in a strange place between his horns as she ripped his ear. Castiel growled out in pain as Pandora flipped onto her paws again. Raising her body from underneath him her head collided with his chin. Making the male stumble backwards as she was able to fully stand once more.
He was going to pay for the pain that he put her through. Bleeding profusely through her shoulder as she turned looking at him with rage. Though his expression nearly matched hers. Both of them seemed to be natural born killers and a part of her really enjoyed that. Making her smile as she drooled slightly from the taste of blood. Castiel charged again, but this time Pandora was ready. She opened her jaws and slammed them right into his snout. Her lower jaw wrapping around his chin as all. Forcing his mouth shut as Castiel began to struggle against her grip. All the struggling made her teeth dig deeper into his nose and cavities. Until he shook his head  and managed to slip her grip.
Pandora was ready as his jaws bit into open air as she moved off to the side. The two of them were beginning to tire, Pandora was panting and she knew if she hesitated for even a single moment than he was going to kill her. Castiel managed to bite into her clean shoulder, as she aimed to control of his head. Getting his scuff with his lowered head, but his rolled skin made it hard to get a grip. Leaving only a superficial mark as she let go and backed away from him. Panting the two of them stared at each other. Pandora wanted it to end, he deserved to be dead. The curly was too sure of himself, smirking even through his own pain. The next deciding move Pandora didn’t know what would happen but she wanted to get him on the ground.
Castiel was the first to make his move. Muscles pushing him forward as he jutted his shoulder out to hit Pandora in her throat. As Pandora tucked her chin in, she stood her ground wanting to face Castiel head to head. Despite her pain she also wanted revenge for all the wounds muddying up her wonderful cream silk fur. “Die.” Castiel whispered as his jaws opened then when he realized the shoulder jut would not work. Pandora moved off to the side her own jaws heading straight for his eyes. She would not die and she would come out alive.
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