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Fish netting
“Man I hate the heat!” Rugby yelled as he sprawled out by the lake. Smores laughed as he sat beside his husband. Looking at Rugby’s wrapped paw, the bandage was snuggling holding the sprained male’s ankle from his hunting adventures the other day. “Thanks for coming out today you two, it’s about time we pull up the nets and reset them anyway.” Smores stated as he looked at Carter. Carter was in the water, splashing about as he grinned at his father. They had decided to stop and rest for a bit from the heat, because Rugby’s paw was going to take upwards of a week in order to heal. Yet the male h
“Dad, wake up.” Carter pushed on Smores head as he looked around the den. Reeses was still sleeping soundly, as the worried brown pup looked back towards his father. Smores shifted in his sleep, eventually raising his head and knocking Carter off of him. Moonlight filtered through the mouth of their underground den, making Smores jump up in alarm as he turned to Carter. The brown pup nodded his head, all the more concerned. “Papa hasn’t returned yet Dad what do we do?” Carter whispered, not wanting to wake up his sister. Smores had a bad feeling all of yesterday after Rugby had left for his hunt, he guessed the
Summer Splash
“It’s hot today.” Carter complained as he laid outside of the den. Reeses was beside him, the curly brown felvarg looking at her brother for a moment as she rolled over and pressed her paws into his side. Carter only felt heat, with the sun high in the sky he was beginning to realize that he really hated the summer months. While the shade was proving to help a bit he couldn’t believe the amount of heat that was waving off onto them. “We do live by a lake, you know, we could always just take a dip.” Reeses suggested as she had her own warmth suffocate Carter. The smaller pup grimaced, pulling a face of disg
Out and about
“Uh Reeses I don’t think we should be doing this, you know papa and father hates it when we go out on our own. “ Carter said as he tucked his tail between his legs. His curly sister jumped up and down around him as Roe grinned. Standing in front of the two pups the silver felvarg looked over at the border. “At your age you need adventure Carter. It won’t hurt because you have me! Besides, haven't you been out three times before to catch those beasts.” Roe shivered at the idea. Though she did remember whenever Carter came back Rugby and Smores would scold him accordingly. She approached the small brown pup
Snake of the Vale
“Not this time Carter… you aren’t going.” Smores glared at his son as they stood at the treeline of the vale of whispers. Just before the starting of the mist. “Himinnsormr is not a beast to be messed with. I was accepting of the trio of the terror but Himinn. He’ll eat you alive! You are only a pup!” The male growled as Carter pinned his ears against his head. The snake was a sight to behold, many did not even know of her presence until it was too late. Yet… this was his calling, he’d been fine the two times before hadn’t he? “But father! Have I not proven myself to be an exce
Beast Hunt, The Trio
Carter almost couldn't believe that his parents had offered to go with him on such an adventure. Though it seemed Rugby had taken to the idea of his young son being a tamer or catcher of beasts. Carter knew that he couldn’t face this one alone, the rumors of the trinity had spread and not the fun kind. The mischievous trio had been the target of many packs grievances and while he fully was not a part of his own pack yet Carter had a knack for these things and he wanted the badge of honor hanging off of him for taking down the three foxes. They had been stealing from travellers more and more often on the path of valhalla now and Carter c
Rescue me
Helheim’s gate was a dangerous place right now, Mufasa was aware of that. Considering the results of the sightings there were felvargs joining together in order to save the pups from the cultists hiding in the cavern systems. The short dwarf wanted to help, they had no right to kidnap the innocent. His paws spread as he stood just outside in the dark, the moon was shining in the sky. Mufasa forced himself to take a deep breath raising his tail as he pressed his body against the rock face. He was just to the right of the cave mouth if he wasn’t careful than the cult would find him and he’d be in trouble. While he was confiden
A fight to remember
Denki felt at home in this place, every step he took against the stones felt like he was roaming deeper into the darkness. All he could hear was the footsteps of his fellow felvargs. Ulfr leading the raid as they made their way through the narrow dark hallway. They were searching for something, the black as night felvarg let his eyes wander, a battleground for them to fight on. His blood boiled nearly underneath his muscles. As the corridor opened the dim light was filtered by blue glowing moss. It illuminated the stone slabs as they made their way into the decrepit monastery. Statue’s of human gods caused Ulfr to avoid their gaze. Denk
Fish 6
The lake was a nice cooling spot considering the rising heat. Not that it was too hot at the moment. Nova was enjoying the feeling of the wind caressing the cool air over her silky fur. Yet her peace would soon be interrupted, it was another day of the fiskr fishing competition. Her and Adelaide had decided to team up for it. While Roe was their judge, which Nova could tell Adelaide was excited about. The striped felvarg jumped up and down around the judge with a smile on her face as Roe ran straight into the water laughing. The water splashed onto Nova making the silk wince slightly from reaction. “Nice day for fishing!” Roe com
Mountaineering 3
“It’s been a while since you’ve invited me mountain climbing Smores.” Asdis commented as they made their way up the slope. Rugby walked behind the two others as the rugged pushed himself to continue up the slope they were on. While he hated the climbs and the walks up these mountains there was some reasonable loot to be had. Today they had Seirsha with them so there was nothing to worry about. As Smores turned back and made sure Rugby was following them. “At least it’s not such a steep climb this time, though there is a bit at the end. I do believe there’s some loot beyond those tree’s. Accordi
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Hello, I'd just like to say that I've read a couple of your works and I have to say I'm extremely impressed in how descriptive they are. The way you get into the character's head and describe their surroundings and their companions (or foes) really immerses the reader!

Best Regards,
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Thank you so much, comments like this really make my day.
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Hello! Just letting you know your contest prize is ready! Please let me know if I missed anything! ^^
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I love your literary work! :heart:
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Thank you very much ^^
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