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This is a group based on Avatar: The Last Airbender, focusing on any characters from the Water Tribe. Our goal is to unite all waterbenders and their artwork, including traditional, digital, photographs, literature, or any other kinds of art. Join us if you love the Water Tribe!

Submissions: Please submit to the appropriate folder.

No flaming, etc.
Inappropriate material as judged by admins, are subject to removal from the gallery.
No slash, femslash

Gallery Folders

Katara - costume concepts 2 by silverwing66
Katara - costume concepts 1 by silverwing66
Oliver Book cover 3 by Joseph-C-Knight
Ming-Hua by BeautCannon
The Southern Water Tribe
Katara by jt-designs-123
Korra by WaterbenderGirl96
Chief Hakoda Doll by Sner2000
Katara Doll by Sner2000
The Northern Water Tribe
Find Your Mom by KaiyaAquamarine
Princess Yue Doll by Sner2000
Bloodbender by Acaciathorn
Northern Water Tribe Capital (Agna Qel'a) by TeagBrohman15
Foggy Swamp Tribe
Xin Yi by Acaciathorn
The Last Time We Saw Him.. by KellyCanibal
Tahno: The Last Hairbender by luvLegendofKorra
The New Member by mizuiruka
Other Water Tribes
Children of a Demigod by ArthurDrakoni
Shiloh by Acaciathorn
Contest Entry: Zutara Fluffine by faerimagic
Hanz by mizuiruka
Last Resort by DrHQuinzel


Katara's Necklace by obsidiandevil Katara's Necklace :iconobsidiandevil:obsidiandevil 359 36 The Legend of Korra by Oskar-Draws The Legend of Korra :iconoskar-draws:Oskar-Draws 76 12 Zhao`s Death by HankSpancer Zhao`s Death :iconhankspancer:HankSpancer 5 2 Katara, of the Southern Water Tribe by TeaInK Katara, of the Southern Water Tribe :iconteaink:TeaInK 7,967 469 Sokka at the Convenience Store by hummerh14 Sokka at the Convenience Store :iconhummerh14:hummerh14 55 13 Bad influence... by moni158 Bad influence... :iconmoni158:moni158 8,705 405 Water Tribe Beauties by archibaldart Water Tribe Beauties :iconarchibaldart:archibaldart 364 43 Victoria's Secret: Korra and Asami by archibaldart Victoria's Secret: Korra and Asami :iconarchibaldart:archibaldart 673 46 Out in The Cold by archibaldart Out in The Cold :iconarchibaldart:archibaldart 228 16 I'm Tarrlok by zutaraxmylove I'm Tarrlok :iconzutaraxmylove:zutaraxmylove 171 38 Makorra child- Nanook by YueBay Makorra child- Nanook :iconyuebay:YueBay 39 12 Old friends * Avatar * by Prydley-Studios Old friends * Avatar * :iconprydley-studios:Prydley-Studios 2,942 192 Tokka by OddSeaOwl Tokka :iconoddseaowl:OddSeaOwl 341 44 Tahnorra by OddSeaOwl Tahnorra :iconoddseaowl:OddSeaOwl 325 51
I'm afraid I've been very absent from dA, thus the many expired requests for artwork and the like. If you resubmit, they should go through.

That said, this journal won't be a comeback, I'm afraid. I just have too many other things on my plate with college.

The group will remain open, and to those who love the Water Tribe, carry on, my friends.
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Hey I think you should reconsider the no slash/femslash rule. It's intolerant and kind of a slap in the face to us queer fans, like the only reason I can think of someone wouldn't want to look at two ladies holding hands or something is "I don't like gay people" and ow, that kinda stings.

(I was going to submit some stuff here that wasn't even slash/femslash, but I saw that and it just made me feel really unwelcome you know?)
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I have a waterbender named Rikka, she is from the southern water tribe :) :heart:
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