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Forsaken by Water-Spryte Forsaken :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 1 0
Mature content
Forsaken Until the AM :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Mature content
Forsaken Until the AM :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 1 0
Foresaken Until the AM
Chapter 8
Tristan took great care as he dressed, hissing as each movement was agonizing. He looked into the mirror before him, finding his chest and shoulder tightly wrapped in gauze bandages.
Florin helped adjust the loose fitting shirt over his friend’s shoulders, as Gavin gave his Master a clear glass of deep red liquid, which Tristan consumed eagerly, the taste of iron growing bitter as it slid down his throat, making him cringe.
"What's the matter," Gavin asked, taking the glass.
"The iron seems a bit high in that batch," Tristan whispered harshly.
He smiled, "Demetri said it will taste strange for a little while. It's due to the poison still in your system."
Tristan frowned, "Alona said it was dead blood and vervain."
"Yes, we thought so when Demetri dug the bullet from your back," Florin said as he helped his Master button the shirt.
"He also said you were lucky to have made the call when you did because otherwise you wouldn't have made it through the first night." Gavin s
:iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Mature content
Foresaken Until the AM :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Mature content
Forsaken Until the AM :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Mature content
Forsaken Until the AM :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Foresaken Until the AM
Chapter 4
Alona sat in the darkened theater, the stage before her the only place giving off illumination.
Five white robed men and women stood lining the stage as Blake left their ranks to stand at a dark podium.
She smiled as she remembered the day her brother had been brought into the rank of elder, making him the youngest in the history of the coven.
She snickered when he had tried to reason that he wasn't elder material but the council wouldn't hear it, saying that his skills in tactics and knowledge had rivaled some of the best and oldest hunters and he deserved the position.
She had sat through so many of his speeches and presentations to help him with his nervousness but after a while the only way to reduce his anxiety was for her to be present at all of his conversations.
She waved at him as he took a deep breath and looked up at her.
"We gather this day to bring a new generation into our ranks. You have all worked hard and proven yourselves in your training. As you go forth kn
:iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 1 0
Forsaken Until the AM
Chapter 3
The young man walked into the manor, trying quietly to reach his room before the house drew a fuss.
"Master Tristan your father wishes to see you," a male voice called behind him.
The youth sighed, turning around to find an older, white haired man standing at the bottom of the stairs.
"Can't it wait Anton, I'm beat."
He shook his head, "He would greatly wish to inquire about your answer."
Tristan leaned against the banister, running his right hand through his dark hair, "Fine."
He followed him down the stairs to his father's study, stepping out of the way of a maid who had just left the room.
Anton stepped inside, "Master Vali, Prince Tristan has returned."
The blonde haired man behind the desk looked up from the papers in front of him, "Thank you Anton, show him in."
The man bowed and stepped aside allowing the youth to enter.
Tristan smiled, "Hey dad, you're looking well."
The man looked up from a book, expressing annoyance, "Hello Tristan."
The youth grabbed a book from th
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Forsaken Until the Am
Alona met up with everyone a short time later at an abandoned night club outside of town.
It had taken her the entire ride to get her heart and stomach to calm, though even after helping to unload the instruments she still felt her cheeks were flushed.
"Hey Alona can you give me a hand," Max yelled.
She looked up to find him struggling with a speaker.
"I'll get that if you go update."
She tossed him her phone as she grabbed the heavy speaker from the back of the van and went inside.
After a quick set-up and sound check, they began to play.
Alona felt free as she ran her fingers over the strings of her guitar. Every emotion that she had ever kept bottled up came out in the melodies that left her lips.
It had been six years since she found out her song.
She remembered running away from home after being scolded by her brother for breaking a fellow students arm.
"Big brother it wasn't my fault," she had cried.
"It doesn't matter Alona; that was out of line. You could have serious
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Forsaken Until the Am
The softly lit room echoed with the sound of gun fire, the bright flashes from the muzzles of hand guns sporadically lighting the space.
A partition separated each person, giving them enough space to shift and reload.
The paper targets bulked under the red hot rounds as each clip was emptied.
After going through all three of her clips, a white haired teen tore her gun down and placed it before her then flipped a white switch next to her making the target whiz toward her.
As the paper came to stop in front of her she already had her gun cleaned, put back together and holstered.
She looked over her target and smiled.
The paper had a single hole in the chest where every shot she fired had gone through that single point.
A bell chimed in the distance releasing the students from their classes and sending them on to the next.
She made her way down the halls, ignoring the forceful shoves and punches, finding herself surrounded by a group of other students wearing a tight black tank
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Forsaken Until the Am
The young man stood at a dark wooden podium, before him sat five men and women clad in white and grey; their faces a mixture of fear and disgust.
"The child is a threat and must be destroyed," one of the men yelled.
"How can you say that," the youth replied, clutching the bundle he was holding to his chest. "She's just a baby."
"She is an abomination and an unclean mark on our clan," a woman cried.
"Your mother was a traitor for being with one of those demons and now look at where she is," another man called.
The youth flinched, "My mother was one of our clan’s finest hunters and you all know it. Let me take my sister, teach her, and perhaps she can be of use to us."
"She is a monster who will destroy us all."
The teen felt his anger begin to grow, "You don't know that."
"We know well what she can do."
He glared up at them, "If she turns on us then I will be the one to destroy her."
A voice called out from a woman who had been listening intently, "Blake what is her name?
:iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Kuroshitsuji-Yes My Lady by Water-Spryte Kuroshitsuji-Yes My Lady :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 3 0
Of Love and Taboo 15
When the family arrived home in the early evening they were surprised to find the shrine brightly lit.
As they entered, they found a banner welcoming them home, the soft sound of music drawing them to the main hall.
When Tomoe opened the door their closest friends were there to greet them.
"Congratulations," they cried.
The family smiled in utter surprise.
"How," Nanami cried, hugging Ami with her left arm while holding her daughter tightly in her right.
"Twas Master Mizuki who called upon us," Himemiko smiled.
"What, really?"
"Yeah," Kei smiled, "he was a man on a mission."
Nanami turned to her familiar, tears rolling down her cheeks and a smile on her lips.
She hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek, "Mizuki you are amazing."
Tomoe laughed as he tossled the familiars hair.
As everyone looked over the new arrivals Nanami noticed Ami and Kurama rush from the hall.
She handed the little girl to Mizuki, who smiled at the chance to hold the little fox, then went after them.
When she got ou
:iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Mature content
Of Love and Taboo 14 :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0
Mature content
Of Love and Taboo 13 :iconwater-spryte:Water-Spryte 0 0


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Finally got my fire back. Been writing away and I love it. I've missed it so much. I missed my Piccolo even more. Of coarse there is the hurdle of life holding me back between working stupid hours at work and those who encourage me to write also not letting me sit down to do so so between writing at my lunch breaks and staying up until 2-3 in the morning but down side to that I have to be up at 6 to get my son up at 7. Trying to juggle my love of writing and making everyone else happy...I think I might just give up my passion and give up my anime and manga.


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