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Evo OC Tournament Profile

So Reggie convinced me to participate in an OC competition going on over at :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub:. This is my X-Men: Evolution OC, Mirage.

She is not wearing a school uniform in her full-body pic. That's just her fashion sense. :XD:

I think I actually spent about as much time typing her profile as I did on the pictures.... ^^; I just couldn't get totally satisfied with it. But here it is. She's mostly useless in combat, but would probably be good with planning and strategy.

One of these days I'll figure out how to make it look like she's turning invisible properly...

Now to work on the intro comic....What did I get myself into? :XD:

Edit: Intro comic! [link]

And more info: She has a phobia of thunderstorms, is really good with kids, and only wears her hair up when doing physical activities like exercising or sports, or when painting.

Before coming to the mansion, she lived with both parents and a younger sister.

She's very shy and awkward when she first meets people, but once she warms up to someone, she's very genial.

She likes eating healthy, but has a weakness for ice cream.


X-Men: Evolution (c)Uh....I don't remember, actually ^^;
Mirage (c)Me
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Lol, her name is my sisters and brothers put together. :P
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Okay, so I officially adore her! :love:

May I draw her in a giftart for you?
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Aw, thank you. ^^

Um, sure. :XD:
Yoru-the-Rogue's avatar
X3 You're welcome!

I'll link you to it when I get it posted!
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I love your character! She is soooo cute, and her personality goes great with your drawing style :nod:.


the next step should be fun :D
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
Aww, thank you very much! :D


I'm really looking forward to it!
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Wouldn'tit? IthinkIwouldjustdieoflove:XD:

But I'm not sure they would talk much ^^;, they are both shy :giggle:
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Itreallywouldjustbeawesome. :XD: But yeah, I really want to know how they're picking roommates. Even if they don't get to be roommates, they should still at least become friends. :D

Even shy people warm up to others after a while. :) Evelyn would just have to deal with not being able to see her half the time. :XD:;;
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I believe that :D. Can people run into her when she is invisible too?

haha that is awesome :XD:. They would be good friends though :). And they would have awesome games of hide and seek :eager: because Evelyn can use camouflage (not perfectly but still) and she can go invisible :XD:
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
Yep. :) I have already imagined a couple of scenarios of people running into her. :XD:

Pfft, that would be awesome. :XD:
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There you go then. Cuttlefish could find her through trial and error :XD:

I know right? Not fair for other people though haha
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:XD: *bump* "Ow!" "Ah, there you are!"

Who said it had to be fair for other people? :ninja:
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Great chara! ;)
With you, there are two invisible mutants in the X-men side!

Btw, thanks for faving mine! :love:
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
Thanks! :D

And no problem. Both your character and your art are really cute. :)
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i think she and arina would be good friends, they both are kinda shy and quiet and they love art ^^ good luck in the contest
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Now there's three of us! ^^
I love how you've done her turning invisible, it's like she's fading away. I like your art in general actually, I shall have to nose through your gallery.
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