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Skaal Village - Skyrim

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Skaal Village -Captured and edited from the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Arts-of-YrrwenNew Deviant

A really beautiful piece of art.

It reflects the life in this village and the atmosphere absolutely. One of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen in this way. The colours seem to be appropriate and harmonious.

Thanks for that.

Best regards

Yrsa - Arts-of-Yrrwen

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Thank you for your kind words. :hug:
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AguraNataHobbyist General Artist
Great look!
I was there just a few minutes ago to buy stalhrim :)
WatchTheSkiies's avatar
Making a yourself a new stalhrim set, eh? Thank you so much. :D
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AguraNataHobbyist General Artist
At the moment I'm buying everything to store it in the eagle view. I then forge a few levels and enchanted everything.
With the silver bow you can earn a lot of gold for training.
It will also be good if you can convert iron ore into gold ore, then you have taken care of it and are practically rich.

Have a nice weekend my friend!
WatchTheSkiies's avatar
Sounds like a good plan. Have yourself a nice weekend too, friend. :hug:
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AguraNataHobbyist General Artist
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Magnus-StrindboemHobbyist Digital Artist
I think I managed only to get there only once... but the landscape is even more detailed than the mainlands imo.
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You're right, it's waaay better than the rest of the game. I intend going back there soon, when my will to games come back. xD
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EdhoART2Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice work ♥
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Thank you and thank you again for having been watching me for so long. :hug:
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I love it so much !
WatchTheSkiies's avatar
Thank you, i'm glad you liked it. :)
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Levendivin Digital Artist
I like this painting, the colors, the feeling....
WatchTheSkiies's avatar
It's a screenshot, thank you very much. :)
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Whisper292Hobbyist General Artist
One of my favorite places in Skyrim. Beautiful shot.
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I love the snow's details there, thank you so much! :)
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Looks like a real Saxon village skaal one of my favourites
WatchTheSkiies's avatar
It's a pretty cool place. :D
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darkgroundProfessional Traditional Artist
great shot indeed
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So magical. :heart: There is perhaps nothing more captivating than snow under moonlight, we recently have had a lot of snow, I took a stroll one night (bare foot 😅) in the powdery softness and it had me giggling and smiling like an idiot. 
WatchTheSkiies's avatar
A stroll in the snow... barefoot? Oh my! Didn't you get a cold ? o.o
I totally agree, moonlight it self is something so... magical, i don't think any other adjective can fit better than magical. Over a snow covered landscape, it must be unbelievably magical. :D
I'm really sorry for the late reply, i didn't get any notification, really sorry. :(
PandaNotes's avatar
Hehe my feet kinda lost any feeling, but it was too fun to resist doing.
Oh it is, certainly the most beautiful light, it transforms the world in it’s silvery glow, and when there is snow the night becomes so bright it’s amazing.
Oh no problem honey!
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It would be nice if we had real elves that could capture the moonlight into jewelry, just like a Silmaril.  
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