My little pony when are you going to wake up?

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When are you going to wake up?

Do you no longer hear?

You’re acting like someone else

You’re not yourself

Its like you disappeared.

You used to be so gracious

but now you aren’t

There is no destined fate.

When are you going to wake up?
you don’t have to be a princess.

Stop it brony.
just you wait.


When are you going to wake up?

Why won’t you just see?

Friendship doesn’t justify

This stupid lie

Of talent destiny?

(It isn’t real!)

It gotten so lonely

All your arrogant acts

Embracing more hierarchy
(power creates blindness)


You’ve completely shut me out…

With this excessive vain castle

A slave to success

It’s a one way track

Where there is no way back

Why choose this route?

you could make it all okay

you just have to choose

Just do the right thing….

When are you going to wake up…? I wish you’d just wake up…. And come back…


something I had to say... probaly more to come

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mlp fim owned by hasbro
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Cryos-R's avatar
Is this supposed to be a song? I can't help but try to assign a melody to it in my head.

I agree with what you say here though.
Well that's cool.

I've avoided the Repeated to death montra of the catchy music from frozen... but the mood seemed to fit- the song "do you want to build a snowman?" 

The innocent child hope just left to die. Yeah... its basically a redub/ prose poem... 
hopefaithxoxo's avatar

I am doing MLP too,
you can check it out on my page if you want^^
Fascinating. I felt like no one would find me on this...

And I wasn't counting on it either . >_>

I appreciate your kindness though I'm not sure how much I deserve such grace- I was afraid this was just a symptom of being petty... And worse that most everyone else would think the same/ not really care that much to listen...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I'll take a look