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Bring all you power, I'll navigate it like a needle through cloth.
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I'm not to sure what i'm looking at...

I blame my lack of knowledge on the Mega-man universe....
So, beam saber slice energy shot-

and with capacity to imitate or create things like ice or fire, this stands to reason that a beam saber can be tuned for virtually any possible energy / particle weapon
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Ah that makes since. not exactly something Raptor'd wanna mess with. 
Yes, never shy away from questions if you have any about characterization- I relish it
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so i noticed lol
oh yeah, neither did c4.

until saber wielding enemies completely thwarted all his ranged abilities and backed him in to a corner...

neither his best performance or moments of composer...

thus war once again forced an evolution...

though c4 handles it well as just another option on his pallet of possibilities.

just so happens he was matched against elite ops troops whos skill and prowess in them are... at the top noche of the specturum of repolid tech just short of the legendary realm like megaman x protagonists

often stronger and more efficient than blaster enemies plus much harder to trace by human 21st tracking forensics short of savy and lucky detectives with enough money to go wherever needed and drive to do it.... well and years and years of these clues found over generations of operation...

dont forget- elite opp troops like this are conceivably enough to literally infiltrate and take control of the entire human 19-20-21st century world with minimal starting resources though subterfuge and tactic weaving that is more like a web plus substantial understanding of human drive with no age limit to expolit and see century long plans through

add in that even today's military could not likely take just one of these reploids down in direct combat, plus such event would be covered up as if they never happened due to politics and societal fallacy to the very technical and undeniable peril to every one and you can begin to see how seriously effective such a troop is

perhaps about the only resoan C4 didn't die in the face of such superior skill is that he was not targetsed soon enough until he had adapted enough to regrettably blunder through with over bearing power and ruggedness over skill..... something he knew very early on will not always work, and is often less than satisfactory in getting the job done cleanly.

c4 is a skilled marksman within the reliable range of his weaponry... but even skilled beam saber opponents can track eye movements to assess where he'll fire before he does, thus his accuracy is useless... at a longer distance there is enough time to avoid and intercept shots without tracking eye movement...

again, you can see that he is very fortunate to have made it, though often his partner was the one to be decisive- a wielder of two shorter blades in eiter hand zipping around very quickly to out maneuver enemies, strike openings, faint,  deflect shots twist and doge on the ground or in mid air and turn his speed into power strikes

only enemies with HUGE amounts of armor optimized for speed and accuracy while still being rugged enough to take substantial saber blows and maybe self repair with or without additional support devices such as shields,
blade skill and scale of reach to neutralize his speed,
tactical real time super computer like calculating minds to size up opposition to that dgree and effective brutal skill to use it flexibly though geared twoads maximum damage in the shortest time with minimal effort,
all while still being strong enough to directly stone wall his power attacks

is actually an opponent that C4's partner could not solo fight... not without resporting to a stronger armor mode... and C4's partner prefers the flexibility of speed over all else...

and c4's partner's basic speed is 60 kmh - fighting speed= bodily maneuvers and doges with comparable attack speed executed at the movement rate of 60km/h at max either when standing still or moving any distance around where he goes from 0 to 60 in maybe 1 second at minimum and 2.4 seconds at longest.

plus he is rugged enough to be IMPALED multiple times - up to three holes 3 inches wide each .... and still keep coming at full speed...!

machines doing this.

you can see why C4 has trouble believing in Gods or their supposed validity or the validity of any ambition related to power... far too often beautiful things died for no reason... and they turned into something less...
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Geez... makes me wonder how Raptor would stand up to those elite soldiers. all of his special moves require spirit energy to use and he doesn't come with a large "mana" pool. This is why he usually tries to use guns and swords, though he still winds up using spirit energy with swords. He could probably live just long enough to kill one, then another would come up and he'd do the near death spirit nova he did in the Rainbow Factory. At which point he'd prolly not kill any more >.<. He's good, but without even one more member of D.C.R. or Valtor, he's pretty quick to defeat. That's why in TWSM he gets his ass trampled when he fights )*$(©^).

Anyway, i've had a few ideas about revising that little short i had written with Raptor and C4 in it a year or so ago. I don't mind the revision, i just don't think i'll ever figure out C4 lol. he's been through a lot. prolly more than Raptor, and Raptor survived the twin tower collapse ;D. 
also, c4 is not arrogant and aims for accuracy and practicality without sacrificing kindness and being humane

c4 aims to value all life so that he is worthy of his own

Raptor may not be as powerful, but C4 will have great respect for him for the fact that Raptor is brave enough to do what he does, take worse beatings, come back for more, and not fer death- something c4 struggles with especially because he doesn't believe in giving up of dieing - because that means he or anyone else can no longer try o have an effect on things.

plus he knows very clearly you can die inside while the body still lives
I fully understated

however- make note of this: C4 in all likely hood has no way to defeat someone like super man in his arsenal, Raptor however does- many times more than c4 could even with kryptonite.


because superman is very very very vulnerable to anything powered by magic or magic like, despite his capacity to be God in the universe, magic is still a glaring weakness to which he has no answer

you are right that if Raptor can push himself hard enough he honestly can and likely will take down one elite reploid like this though he'll be super exhausted - granted he could increae his capaicty with augmentation artifacts crafted with his spirit energy to increase his capacity but i can understand if that is not an option or even something raptor believes in

if i was to guess: let me make a comparison

there has been comparison between halo spartan 2 soldiers and war hammer 40k ultramarines (space marines)

the advantage went to the space marines due to its armors ruggedness, self repairing/ regeneration systems of it self and the one wearing it plus the thing is easily 8 times the volume and uses weapons that are bigger, heavier hitting and it all has more equipment wrapped in to the package

the only real advantage a Sparta 2 has is mobility and possibly being a smaller target

that is prowess of the equipment alone

however, Master chief and many other Spartans do what the space marines do not: more effective tactic

space marines power dervish through enemies and obstacles never subtle and often direct assault in sheer might ultimately blitzing enemies to bash them down faster and better than the opposition while shrugging off damage 

Spartans use stealth and subtly as often as sheer might- silent, focused, critical

a single space marine may spray enough fire power to mow down any covenant horde that would route a spartan team... but a spartan will stay out of range and squeeze a stream of sniper shots right into the space marine's helmet, effectively bypassing and nullifying the opposition's over bearing might
C4 also survived grately because the eliet reploids underestimated him- too accustomed to sucess and their own sence of superiority- by the time he encounterd one that had not fallen prey to this, he has acquired much more skill, expeiance, wepaons ,and more powerful armor to compensate for his potentially lacking basic skills and stats

c4 and his partner (perhaps i should have said his speed is measured in miles per hour... 60mph or 80 kmh) are survivors, and solve issues with technical soultions- even if it delves into ethereal forces...

there was an assessment that niether c4 nor his partner would ever have the means to access that inter dimension realm that Twilight was whisked away to in season 3 finale: c4 does not accept such a denial in spirit even if he cant physically change it... at least not yet

c4 hates being helpless, he hates traitors, and he hates meany excuses to create technical problems in the per suite of superstitious notions of grandeur or honor or greatness. he does not believe in destiny- if he did he would have died long ago

he despises doing on to others what he hates being done upon- so he holds no excuse for many others actions that are unkind careless naive selfish destructive short sighted etc

some have said that Celestia is great for her use of mercy over justice.

c4 however knows that while justice may not be merciful, mercy is sometimes the best justice: it is something he believes in

he believe in doing the right thing- the kind and uplifting and enriching thing for all so that there is little strive and thus reason to hate and fight - despite someone's talent being more than another's

and when he often cant make things perfect, he settles for the next best thing. never deviating form his aspirations.

on a mission, c4 and his partner had found a computer with much needed lintel they could have used- but the facility was set to self destruct, sooner they they could download it... his partner was content to die in the exposition if the lintel was gained. C4 valued his partner too much to sacrifice him, and he pulled him out of the doomed building at the expense of the data- c4's partner was mad and actually shot him several times in his frustration on how they'd lost their chance to potentially decisively end the conflict... but c4 maintained that he cared too much and valued his partner to much to let that happen- he didn't want to succeed if his partner couldn't too... even though c4's partner was incredibly detached in how his own life was less valuable that stopping the mavericks- even so, they still persevered. and while c4's partner can be a multi-meaning riddle speaker, and have a sarcastic and stark objectiveness, they still worked together all the better as they carried on.

while c4 may despise what others do, he is not willing to ruin everything it the pursuit of revenge - he does not believe that when every one loses, if he makes others lose more that means he "wins"

he maintains a big picture awareness while not neglecting the small every day details - which is why he accepts no excuse of politics while he will make concessions for mechanical limitations and instead try to value what is precious and truly something to be thankful for.... you can guess why mlp season 3 finale onward is an example of excuse over mechanical limitation compared to previous seasons

c4 does not belive in following the crowd to doom under any circumsatnces nor does he believe in blind loyalty or faith- "if something is not worth your loyalty, it is not worth your dreams"  

he does not believe in anyone dieing for a cause or walking into no way out situations

he aims for the lest harm done to everyone, though those that turn their lives into manifestations of malice and monstrous destruction and suffering will find no mercy from him- even if they were his friend.

he knows that right and wrong are not always clear and there are consequences on both sides of the spectrum, however he knows how to act and listen more than he talks, and when he talks, it is calculated when the stakes are high and he delivers words in as genuine a way to reflect his mood, seriousness, and intention all without being like a lecture speaker and rather an orator to get his point across in as genuine a way as possible- including how vehemently he opposes something or how much he wants to create peace or ovoid pointless waste

he does not believe that ignoring problems or making excuses for them makes them go away, and just because everyone else may ignore it, he will never relent that a problem still lingers and because it is not solved he will maintain that it is foolish and inappropriate to pretend it is not there- if there is no effort to fix it, he tends to get louder and more annoyed the longer he is ignored.

he opposes solving one problem just to create more or bigger problems.
Basically: a beam saber can slice through virtually any anti personal energy shots or projectiles - when used correctly

Beam sabers are a flexible weapon as the technology is wraped in the form of a blade- focused resonating particles (not pure energy like a lightsaber) that grant some counter weight, which grant nearly unparalleled prowess compared to other weapons at the cost of short range- but it has many defensive options and even some ranged capacity with dispersing energy waves via swinging at a target

The resonance and reach can be adjusted to beyond normal human scale (12 feet long and 2 feet wide, at the edge of successful scale up) though this often requires a specialized weapon

Thus never a perfect weapon, but one that can shut down who can keep up with you, swift enough for smaller faster but still lethal targets, and allows you to burrow through the armor of adversaries' firepower you have to bypass

Shields can get in the way- but they can be over loaded if bludgeoned too much

It all comes down to skill- and while C4 is no zero (or his own un mentioned partner) -whom both have honed their abilities to have many blade manuvers to fit many specific needs and ultimately dish out ungodly punishment to targets while overcoming the inherent short range- and he likely can't go up against such a blade master in offensive ability, he does use the saber extensively to keep options open and his skills intact and improving - using it in tandem with ranged weapons and for niches as well as emphasis or execution blows- for him, a saber is more like a lethal tool over an all out Armageddon weapon like the "masters" of its use something to get a job done over out right reliance - namely the job of defense, heavier offense in a pinch, and getting around obstacles - including opposing fire - where a gun isn't going to be the best option

When pressed, his blade skills do tighten up and show great efficiency with his familiarity with blade on blade mechanics along with increased aggression to the degree of attacking targets to eliminate them and while he has some offensive parity with someone like Zero, he makes up lacking areas with maneuvers, using other just as powerful weapons, deflecting incoming attacks and sheer strength and determination- including the resolve to run away to survive
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