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My little pony when are you going to wake up?
When are you going to wake up?
Do you no longer hear?
You’re acting like someone else
You’re not yourself
Its like you disappeared.
You used to be so gracious
but now you aren’t
There is no destined fate.
When are you going to wake up?
you don’t have to be a princess.
Stop it brony.
just you wait.
When are you going to wake up?
Why won’t you just see?
Friendship doesn’t justify
This stupid lie
Of talent destiny?
(It isn’t real!)
It gotten so lonely
All your arrogant acts
Embracing more hierarchy
(power creates blindness)
You’ve completely shut me out…
With this excessive vain castle
A slave to success
It’s a one way track
Where there is no way back
Why choose this route?
you could make it all okay
you just have to choose
Just do the right thing….
When are you going to wake up…? I wish you’d just wake up…. And come back…
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Dont Count On It Glitter face! by watcher25
Mature content
Dont Count On It Glitter face! :iconwatcher25:watcher25 1 11
Tragedy by watcher25
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Tragedy :iconwatcher25:watcher25 0 2
No Mercy for the merciless by watcher25
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No Mercy for the merciless :iconwatcher25:watcher25 0 0
For What ? by watcher25 For What ? :iconwatcher25:watcher25 1 4
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cryptic message 2- without my name
It might get hard to give these messages without saying my name… but I think we’d all be in even more jeopardy if I did… I guess you can just call me what you wish, but just know that I mean no harm, and if any, to give you a warning that you’ll hopefully never need to act on…
Conveniently, if you don’t want to listen, you don’t have to, and my voice won’t bother you, but I guess you’re here because you’re curious…
Like I said: shadows and not the kind that help you sleep: the ones that make sleep a death hazard…
I don’t need as much sleep or as frequently as people do, and I can rest while still being aware, but that doesn’t help the fact that I’m alone much…
And the memories won’t die… and yes, they help me to stay alert, but don’t help with peace much…
I used to have a partner… but we were separated, hopefully he’ll be where I left him last whe
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cryptic message 1 - Fear
Fear, something we’ve all wrestled with. Some more than others. Does your fear ever leave you? Do the memories become more bearable?
I’m getting side tracked, but I didn’t know how else to get your attention, I’m usually more clear but I’m tired now and not thinking at full capacity.
It’s not safe to tell you my name, not yet, but I must speak.
I’m currently lost, but I’m looking for a way to reach out, to make things clear, but I’m not there yet. But I must say that when I finally do reach my destination that I don’t bring any of the shadows with me… that none of the things that I fear for a reason don’t track me just because I was too unfortunate to not stray too close…
I’ve seen plenty of horrible things and I’m not even sure how old I am anymore… Somehow, I find more darkness than light as I go… and some of it really creeps me out… and I don’t want to bank s
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C4 and -Himself- by watcher25 C4 and -Himself- :iconwatcher25:watcher25 0 17



Issac Kirby
United States
To everyone, happy new year

And from Dr. Eric Brown:

"The future is not yet written, so make it a good one."

I'm in a cool place right now, hope to have good pics


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