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Deidara's grave
Tobi Visits Deidara's grave.
"Hello Senpai, It's me, Tobi...It's been almost a year, since you left us...You and Sasori. I still have pictures of all of us on my bedroom wall. I know you never thaught they were art...but now that you're gone, I appreciate the parts of you that are here forever. Everyone misses you, they won't say it, but they do...I know they do.
I wish you could talk back.
I wonder if you hear me.
I hope you do.
Is Sasori there with you? Heh, I'm stupid, asking questions that you can't answer. Well...uh...If he is...Let him know that he is missed too. I know that everyone has visited here at different times, except for Itachi, no matter what I tell him, he won't pay his respects...But don't worry Deidara! I know he misses you!...and...Senpai...Why did you have to do it?
why did you have to leave us?...Here I go again asking questions that you can't answer...But, Deidara, you...I finally have to switch rolls, and get up my courage, i have to say what I've always wanted
:iconwatashiwaitachi:watashiwaITACHI 157 149
Deidara's girly-ness
Deidara: A table for 2, please, un.
Waitress person: Ah, a romantic evening perhaps?
Deidara: Sasori-danna...It would appear that she thinks that we're a couple,un.
Sasori: well with the aura of girly-ness radiating off of you, I don't blame her.
Deidara: Next time you get a thaught that you wanna voice...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF,UN!
Sasori: Someone is PMS-ing...
Deidara: I...You really suck do you realize that,un?
Sasori: Hmm, I thought that was the women's job?
Deidara: I'm a guy,un!! What do I need to do? Cut my hair,un?!?!?!
Sasori: ...Sure!!
Deidara: I really hate you sometimes,un.
Sasori: I love you too.
Deidara: Oh I'm sorry Sori-chan! I don't hate you,un! I LOOVVEEE YYOOUUU!!
Sasori: You're too easy
:iconwatashiwaitachi:watashiwaITACHI 7 10
Sasuke's poem
Held up in my pathetic inhibitions
Caught up in all my paranoid conditions
Making up evidence you wouldn’t matter
Watching as my little securities shatter
It’s only your voice that can reach my ears
And your sweet embrace that can obstruct my fears
Creating happily ever after with the things I wish you would say.
Just Barely holding on,
Praying you’ll reach me one day...
:iconwatashiwaitachi:watashiwaITACHI 2 0
Itachi's Memories
"Sa-Su-Ke" I remember playing with his name on my tongue. The day Kaa-san brought him home.
He was an ugly little thing too. How could  Kaa-san think that thing was cute?
I remember his first word.
"Nii-san” I can still hear him say it in that weak little voice.
He was always such a little loner; he always wanted to grow up to be just like his 'Nii-san'
I remember the day...he was eight years old...
I remember...when he looked up at me defiantly.
"Dou-san, Kaa-san, when i grow up I'm gonna be stronger than Nii-san!"
That was his dream...
and God, i loved my foolish little Otouto, I had to let his dream come true.
So I killed them, and I gave him the opportunity, no not 'The' opportunity. EVERY opportunity.
The chance to become strong mentally through loss. and the opportunity to become stronger than I am.
Why does my dear little Otouto hate me?
As I lie here in front of him, Dying, all I can say is.
"Your dream, my dear Otouto, I've made your dream come true."
He grew wi
:iconwatashiwaitachi:watashiwaITACHI 225 63
Sasuke as a kid by watashiwaITACHI Sasuke as a kid :iconwatashiwaitachi:watashiwaITACHI 1 1 Gaara With Eyebrows O-o by watashiwaITACHI Gaara With Eyebrows O-o :iconwatashiwaitachi:watashiwaITACHI 1 3


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The Truth about Heaven-sasodei

Walked past my grave in the dark tonight
Saw the stone and the note you left for me
To answer your question,
I just had to leave, I just had to leave

a year... It had been a year since
his master and lover had died.  he now worked with an absolute idiot.  ~dammit....Danna..... why did you leave? you could've won and lived. whay happened to art being eternal? when did you stop believing that?~ the voice of his danna still rang through Deidara's ears.  he could still feel Sasori's presence, his breath on Deidara's ear, telling him he loved him.  yes, he still loved his danna. his Danna.

But thats not why I'm here
I came down here to tell you
It rains in heaven all day long
I wanna find you so bad and let you know
Im miserable up here without you

the phantom stared at him, he was beautiful.   he sat, under the night sky, in heavy rain, the water from the sky colliding with his face and mixing with his own tears.  to him, it seemed as if the whole world felt what De
:iconsesshomarus4never:Sesshomarus4never 59 41
Saucy by crow213 Saucy :iconcrow213:crow213 2,876 408 I Can't Stand It Anymore by kris-wilson I Can't Stand It Anymore :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 899 240



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