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Tagged by nuclear-smash 

1 - When did you get into pokemon?
It was about 2004 when I borrowed my friend's LeafGreen Version

2 - What was the region you began in?
It was Kanto, the original remade region :P

3 - What region would you occupy now?
Of course Hoenn, it's my love!

4 - What was your starter pokemon?
Bulbasaur, because I love the underdogs

5 - Favourite evil team?
Team Skull, they're the embodiment of a failed bully XD

6 - Favourite regional professor?
Rowan. He's calm, collected and intimidating. He probably is Drayden long lost brother, too.

7 - What pokemon would you identify yourself as?
I'm between Exploud (loud guy), Sableye (mediocre humour and dad jokes fanatic) and Marowak (you know wasteland, Mad Max...)

8 - What is the type you would identify as?
Dark-Psychic: Dark because of my sense of humour and Psychic because I try to understand the others a lot
(there's also a fear to locusts, but it isn't our matter of discusion)

9 - Least favourite pokemon?
Ambipom. This prick spams Fake Out in Battle Tree (Alola) and because of STAB and its attack stat, it fucking hurts!

10 - If you could design a gym/trial what would it be like?
It would be an Ice gym, but I'm not sure about the trials... Maybe scaling a mountain....

11 - Most played game?
Emerald Version. At a time I just chose new game every time, just because I was bored and this version was my 'smuggling center', because of its glitch (hue hue)

12 - Your favourite pokemon design?
Dusknoir, the messenger and transporter from the afterlife!

13 - Do you think any type is overrated?
Yeah, it's Ice. 4 weaknesses (the same with grass types but how cares?) and two alolan forms with the worst combination of types, as well as in real life ICE>FIRE. There's also a video on youtube called something like 'ice vs magma' just watch it and you'll know what I mean

14 - Feature you would like to add into a future pokemon game
The opportunity of NOT CHALLENGING GYMS IN A SPECIFIC ROW! That's pretty annoying... Also every gym leader should have his/her team fixed at 50 level and your team should also be set at that level. What? Is it a challenge if you just use water gun at rock type gyms?

15 - Best rival?
Hau. He's friendly and fat from eating malasadas. Enough said.

16 - Favourite villain?
MAH BOI (this peace is what all true warriors strive for!) GUZMA

17 - If you watch the pokemon anime, what is your favourite season?
I stop watching it many years ago, because Ash just won every single battle (almost) with a shitty pikachu...

18 - Favourite moment?
When Ash loses! >:)

19 - Favourite champion/E4?
Beartha, she could be your loving granma

20 - Tags?
karuuhnia mapsal313 AoiSora19S CogFire and IronBill18 

aaaaand thanks for wasting your time of your miserable life to see my poke-tastes