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Level Platinum 3-2
Andreia and the squad enter the Old Chateau. What could possibly go wrong? 
Now adding some background color, just to fill the page with colour.
(and Solid Snake's bandana isn't visible from that angle in the bottom left panel, just saying)

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Tribute to Stanley Kubrick
Proof that I'm still active in here! :P

One of the biggest names in the 20th century cinema, Kubrick's characteristic was that every movie he made was completely different from the others. Some of his movies are missing because there wasn't enough space. I just drew the ones I've seen or I want to see (Barry Lyndon is an exception, I want to watch it, but I'm scared of spoilers while searching for photos). About Spartacus's yellowish skin... I wanted to give him a retro feeling, just like the poster, it didn't work out that well :P
Tagged by nuclear-smash 

1 - When did you get into pokemon?
It was about 2004 when I borrowed my friend's LeafGreen Version

2 - What was the region you began in?
It was Kanto, the original remade region :P

3 - What region would you occupy now?
Of course Hoenn, it's my love!

4 - What was your starter pokemon?
Bulbasaur, because I love the underdogs

5 - Favourite evil team?
Team Skull, they're the embodiment of a failed bully XD

6 - Favourite regional professor?
Rowan. He's calm, collected and intimidating. He probably is Drayden long lost brother, too.

7 - What pokemon would you identify yourself as?
I'm between Exploud (loud guy), Sableye (mediocre humour and dad jokes fanatic) and Marowak (you know wasteland, Mad Max...)

8 - What is the type you would identify as?
Dark-Psychic: Dark because of my sense of humour and Psychic because I try to understand the others a lot
(there's also a fear to locusts, but it isn't our matter of discusion)

9 - Least favourite pokemon?
Ambipom. This prick spams Fake Out in Battle Tree (Alola) and because of STAB and its attack stat, it fucking hurts!

10 - If you could design a gym/trial what would it be like?
It would be an Ice gym, but I'm not sure about the trials... Maybe scaling a mountain....

11 - Most played game?
Emerald Version. At a time I just chose new game every time, just because I was bored and this version was my 'smuggling center', because of its glitch (hue hue)

12 - Your favourite pokemon design?
Dusknoir, the messenger and transporter from the afterlife!

13 - Do you think any type is overrated?
Yeah, it's Ice. 4 weaknesses (the same with grass types but how cares?) and two alolan forms with the worst combination of types, as well as in real life ICE>FIRE. There's also a video on youtube called something like 'ice vs magma' just watch it and you'll know what I mean

14 - Feature you would like to add into a future pokemon game
The opportunity of NOT CHALLENGING GYMS IN A SPECIFIC ROW! That's pretty annoying... Also every gym leader should have his/her team fixed at 50 level and your team should also be set at that level. What? Is it a challenge if you just use water gun at rock type gyms?

15 - Best rival?
Hau. He's friendly and fat from eating malasadas. Enough said.

16 - Favourite villain?
MAH BOI (this peace is what all true warriors strive for!) GUZMA

17 - If you watch the pokemon anime, what is your favourite season?
I stop watching it many years ago, because Ash just won every single battle (almost) with a shitty pikachu...

18 - Favourite moment?
When Ash loses! >:)

19 - Favourite champion/E4?
Beartha, she could be your loving granma

20 - Tags?
karuuhnia mapsal313 AoiSora19S CogFire and IronBill18 

aaaaand thanks for wasting your time of your miserable life to see my poke-tastes


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