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September 20, 2011
Waterfall Valley by ~Wasteland-3D. Suggester Statement: An outstanding 3D environment with high level of detail and original composition which will make you stare at it for long. This piece definitely needs more attention. ~Wasteland-3D is a fairly unknown artist here on DA. Be sure to check out his gallery for more!
Featured by KeremGo
Suggested by SolarArchitect
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Waterfall Valley

Vue 3D Environment Competition 2011 finalist
There is 2711x2100 render so download full resolusion!
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© 2011 - 2021 Wasteland-3D
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hobbitshire's avatar
A truly spectacular image. Magnificent detail, espcially the blend of nature and artificial structures.
0101dan0101's avatar
perfect beautifulness. No other words.
It's amazing, really beautiful .
What did you use to fo this?
georgipavlov's avatar
Amazing. Looks like concept art. Is the look coming from some specific post processing?
CynAleatore's avatar
I saw this design in ImagineFX magazine and that's why I had to follow/watch you ^. ^ amazing work!
lacklogic's avatar
Got this off of Desktopography as a Wallpaper... I am blown away with your work.  This is amazing.  Wish I new your secrets.  DAng!   Thanks for this great work.
nnq2603's avatar
Why you made very big black bar attached to it? Don't really get the purpose of blackbar there... for background wallpaper in 4:3 screen ratio??

But don't mind it. The artwork itself just GREAT!!! :worship:
Light-Spriter's avatar
So beautiful !! It brings actual tears to my eyes.
Illirik's avatar
Wow, this is simply amazing. How long did it take you to render?
dragon-one-graphics's avatar
Pixelcube98's avatar
this is.... impossible :wormnomnom:
CzeladniK09's avatar
Holy Shit ! thats... wow, amazing work !
PunkPirate-art's avatar
oh my epic lord of epicness! that is just, wonderful! congrats! 8D
weaveroffantasy's avatar
This makes me want to go out and explore my environment, and it kind of strikes me with a longing to be out in nature... :)
claremanson's avatar
you lovely work has been included in my best art of DA feature [link] have a nice day :)
LaPetiteBohemienne's avatar
Frank-Hui's avatar
Best waterfall ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wasteland-3D's avatar
artbypaulfisher's avatar
Amazing detail, atmosphere, sense of depth and scale.
Wasteland-3D's avatar
GCARTIST85's avatar
Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work!

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