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Well, it's that time of year again... birthday time! I'm gonna be officially 25 years old on June 20th at 3:47am. I'll be a quarter century old!! XD

PS. Scanner's fixed!! New art as soon as I can pull myself away from World of Warcraft long enough to draw ;)
DreamworldStudio Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2006  Professional General Artist
OMFG!!!!!;____________;...I TOTALLY FORGOT YOUR BDAY WAS COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!>,<....damnit!!! my brain is NOT BIG ENOUGH to hold all info!!!!!!

and YAY!!!!! for scanner being fixed!!^,^V....can you possibly scan those LOVERLY nekkid bois sketches I did at your place last summer!!????;___; pretty please!!!^,^ I've TOTALLY forgotten what they even look like!!;__;


I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!;_______________________; *LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF BIG LOVIN HUGS!!!!!!!!*
wastedsacrifice Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006
MAKI!!!!!!!!!! *humps*

I will totally scan those pics for you after I finish licking them. Gotta mark my territory, you know? =^_^=

I miss you, too!!! I've been far too distracted by video games these past few months. It's just not right. I think there must be subliminal coding somewhere in the pixels. >_< You know what, I think I need a nice long detox session in Salem! XD
DreamworldStudio Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006  Professional General Artist
CHACHA!!!!!!^,^*humps right back!!!!* XD

LOL!!!! TOTALLY understandable! XDehehehe

maaaan!!! SEE!!! THAT is why I haven't taken up playing video games!!!>,< it'd SUCK MY SOUL OUT!!!!>,<...but I LOOOOOOOONG to play certain games!!;__;...oh well! XD

OMG!!!!!O_O a vaca in Salem would TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!XD...perhaps I could stay longer this time and REALLY take in the sites!^,^V....and....yea>.>;; by then I won't have ANY framing store work schedule to worry about!;__;...they're COMPLETELY closing the store at the end of June, as in going-out-of-business!!O_O;;; sad;__;...cause I LOVE working there...but...oh well...tis for the better I guess^^;;....I can TOTALLY make up for that lose of income easily with commissioned work! XDeheh...just need to get past the storyboards on MCL #2 so I can organize my time accordingly before opening commissions again^^;;

WAHA!!!!^,^ So good to see/talk/write/whathaveyou you again!^______________^*MUCHLY BIG LOVIN HUGS!!!!* XD
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