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*sigh* no one wants to do art trades? Not even a request? It's not like I'm charging or anything! *is sad* Please, give me a chance.

I'm also bummed because I have yet to know how I did in my summer class. If I did well, then I officially graduate, if not, then it's off to retake immunology... I loved that class, but I'd rather not take it again. ^^;
LOL!! I just finished up my summer class! I'm ready to do some art trades, take requests, whatever. Give me stuff to draw people!! I'm gonna get my webcomic started too!! Soooo excited, all I wanna do is draw!!! I have my half of a trade to do with Shad-zee and I have to color my Yukio pic. Both of which will be completed soon. I've gotten more into fanart lately, so give me some characters to draw!! *glomps everyone* I loves you all!!!
I'm so close to being done with my summer class I could cry. As much as I've loved taking "The Ecology and Conservation of Fishes," I'm sooooo ready for it to be over. I have my final exam tomorrow and then on Tuesday we're going up to the Roanoke River and to the New River drainage to do species richness surveys for the state. It'll be fun, but we're going to be there from 6am to 9pm. I can't imagine being awake that long. I'm so used to my afternoon naps. Oh well, at least I'll get a much needed tan. My bronzed sister, Sarah, always teases me for being pale all year round.
  I'm in such a good mood!! I'm slowly making progress with my website and I've been getting such wonderfully positive feedback on my art lately. It makes me feel so good!! I loves you all!! *glomps everyone who reads this*
  Now if I can just get my comic up and running, my life will be complete!
I've FINALLY got my webpage up!!! ( It's super-naked right now. I'm working tirelessly on illustrations for the cast section and on a chibi pic of the whole for the main page. SOoooooOOooo excited!! All hail the almighty Rekka! She helped me soooo much!! I'm gonna draw her fanart as a thank you! Nothing says "arigatou" like Shin and Nesshie naked!!! Tee hee!!
  Dewbie- Arnaia doesn't like me!! I draw her over and over again and she looks wonky. I'll have her done by the time I get back into town!! Did I mention I'm leaving town this weekend? I need a break from my reality. I'm gonna go home and bond with my mommy and watch BBC America!!
I finished my art trade with Rei!!! I'm so excited I'm done! I did like 12 sketches before I found one I liked and I still don't like it! I finished it, sat back and thought "I can do better than this!" Dammit all!! I gotta keep plugging away until I'm worthy of this place!!
  Next up I have to do my half of an art trade with my buddy, Dewbie. Again, I have like 8 sketches and I still don't like them! I even scanned one and started coloring it and then scrapped the whole thing because I can do better! LOL!!!
  Then I'm gonna enter Brianne's contest! Her characters are so awesome, that I know I'd end up doing fanart anyway. Why not enter the contest and make myself an official fan girl? ^^
Yay! I finally get to post my Castings contest entry!! I get to do art trades with people, I'm so excited!! I'm also going to enter Brianne's contest!!! I love having art stuff to do!!!
  I'm in such a good mood today!! I love you all!! *glomps the world*
Just thought I'd whine about the weather!! I'm so stupid, I locked myself out of my house for an hour this morning. ^^;
I wanna do art trades and stuff! Anyone interested? Email me if you wanna play!! I need to make more art buddies to draw with! YAY!
Alright! Here I am! Where's the party? I just set up this account, it's going to take me a while to get my bearings... I'm trying to learn though! Yay for learning!