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Wheee!!! Thanks for the requests peoples!! I got just the right amount. I was worried that I wouldn't get any or, conversely, that I'd get a million and would never get them done.
   I'm working on them now!! Drawing other people's characters is fun!!

Yay Friday!! Even though it's Thursday, it's almost Friday!!!! XD
To all those who saw the subject line and still clicked to read... I love you. *licks and fondles*

I'm thinking of taking requests... I want to draw other people's characters. But doing random fanart isn't as fulfilling as drawing a request for someone who really wants it. Also, free pics are fun for everyone! XD

Oh, and a warning to you all... I got a digital camera for Christmas. Please brace yourselves for many obnoxious pictures of my cats...
I mean, I could go camping much more easily. Just unzip and pee, none of that awkward squatting stuff. I could write my name in the snow. I could do all sorts of weird, perverted things and no one would think less of me because men are allowed to be sick bastards. XD

But I do like being a woman. Having boobs is way more fun than a penis anyway. XD
Wheeee!!! Two kittens down and one to go! Plus the mama cat! I've almost got the whole collection. Anyone in Virginia want a kitty?? XD Sooo cute! My youngest sister is in town (she's 13, she's "sooo cute" too) and I got the kitten that shredded my flesh the other day to purr!! She's turning into such a nice little cat. I'm so pleased!!

Also! I still have to do some art trades!! I have a Christmas exchange to do plus some art for :iconwulfgnar: I love her characters! I'm so excited!! And Rei owes me a pic for an old trade- I CAN'T WAIT!! Though, my art and coloring have improved muchly since I did my half of the trade like a year ago (or something... maybe not a year... ^^;), so I should do her a better pic. Maybe it'll inspire her to get off her lazy butt (or rather stay on her lazy butt) and do her half! XD

OMG, I have 1200 graphic novels. I inventoried today. I have massive bookshelvs that run from the floor to the ceiling and they are double packed with books. I have two rows of books on each shelf. It's crazy. I'm the crazy cat lady/insane manga girl. Name a series and I have it. It's ridiculous, I need to stop. Or keep going and see if I can set a record... XD
The Mission: To capture and domesticate feral kittens and their mother and  find them good homes.

Phase 1: Head out to the location and sit motionless surrounded by mounds of food, hoping to tempt the tiny creatures out of hiding

Phase 2: Success! Two of the three kittens came out to eat.

Phase 3: Grab kittens. One wriggles free, the other is secured by the scruff *(Incidentally, this all happened after several failed attempts and 2 hours in the rain)

Phase 4: Mayhem ensues. Chacha has forgotten to bring protective gloves or a towel or ANYTHING to help make this easier on her pale, fragile flesh. The kitten, in a mad fury of hatred and fear, manages to bite and scratch the operatives hands to pieces. There is blood everywhere.

Phase 5: Chacha claims victory! The kitten is now in a kitty carrier. Chacha tends to her wounds... thank you, Purell!

Phase 6: Chacha ends up at Prompt Care to get a Tetanus shot and a perscription for Augmentin (like super Neosporin)

Phase 7: Chacha is now left with one pissed off feral kitten, and a date with Animal Control to make sure she doesn't get rabies.

Phase 8: Do it all again. After all, there are still 2 other kittens in the litter and the mother cat to catch. XD
I have the day off tomorrow!! *does a happy dance* Now I can take a nap and not have to worry about not being able to sleep tonight. I actually plan on staying up to finish some stuff! I have to color a gaia commission pic and Mistytang's kiriban prize! And I wanna do fanart of Xandir from Drawn Together. I LOVE that show!!

I'm also getting ready to do an art trade. Art trades make me sooooooo happy!! But only if the other person holds up their end... *pokes Rei*

Now I'm off to take my nap!! YAY!!!!!
YAY!!! I just decided to buy a subscription to DA!!! Who needs to eat anyway, right? Actually, my mother just told me that my childhood friend became a personal trainer, moved to Southern California, and is now engaged to a successful businessman. Great, now I feel fat and alone. Thanks, Mom! ^^;
  Don't get me wrong, I love being female, but dear gods is it a pain in my ass sometimes. I can't go for walks by myself at night thanks to general societal paranoia and the fact that there is a serial rapist in the area. I am presumed to be weak and stupid by men with far less education who talk to my breasts and not my face. I get grief from my family for being single. So what if I'm 23 and have no interest in finding my "soul mate." I'll get married eventually, so chill out. *sigh* And no, Mom, I'm not a lesbian. If I were a boy would you be pushing me to make myself pretty and find someone to take care of me? Just because I don't have a man in my life, doesn't mean it's because I'm looking for a woman.
  I've had men in my life and they've wanted either sex or committment from me. I will give away neither for cheap. I don't want a meaningless relationship, nor do I want a long-term romance. Maybe in that department, I'm too picky. Whatever, if the right person were to come along, I'm sure that I'll go with it. Anyway, I thought I had a point to this ramble, but I don't. But it's rainy and my head hurts and it put me in a bitchy mood. But I will say one thing will never, ever, EVER change and that is: If you don't speak English, don't try to pick me up! I can't understand you!! GAH!!!!

Okay, I'm done now!! Thanks for reading!! ^^;

Okay, I'm about to lose my mind here. No matter what version of Photoshop I use (7.0 or CS), the colors come out wrong. This has been a problem for a few months, since I got my new computer. The problem is that, when working on PS, the colors I choose are bright and virbrant. When I convert to JPG and upload them to the web, they look dull and dark. What the hell?? I have the color setting set to:

RBG: Adobe RGB (1998)
CYMK: US Web Coated SWOP v. 2
Gray: Dot Grain 20%
Spot: Dot Grain 20%

This is on the advice of various forum users with similar issues. What are y'all's settings? Did you mess with the Advance Settings too? Do your colors look like what you want them look like or is it just me that can't get it to work?
Well, it's 3 am and I'm still awake!!! I doodled, inked and uploaded a new pic into my scraps folder. I read for awhile. I watched some anime. I did the dishes. Now I'm just plain bored. Grrrrr, I have to work in like 4 hours. I miss sleep. I really do.
  I see I'm creeping ever so slowly nearer to getting 1,000 hits. Don't forget that if you are the 1,000 guest, take a screen shot and send it to me and I'll draw you a pic. Yay for kiriban!!
Okay, it's 3:45am and I can't sleep. I have to be up at 7am and then work all day. I'm gonna lose it. It was rainy all afternoon and we lost power for 9 hours, so I took a nap. Never EVER take naps if you suffer from insomnia. It only makes it worse. *sigh* Now I'm awake and I have no one to talk to.
  I can't decide whether I'm so tired I feel like crying or killing someone. I'm trying to stay calm and relax so I can hopefully fall asleep some time before sunrise.  Meanwhile, my roommate suddenly got the stomach flu and expects me to take care of her. She's sleeping now, thank god. I don't mind helping her out of course, but I'm a germaphobe. I don't want to be anywhere near her. Especially when I can't afford to miss work. Though at this point it doesn't matter. I'm going to be useless all day tomorrow anyway.
Okay, first of all I take back my journal from yesterday!!! I feel loved, I swear I do!!! *huggles the world*

Secondly, I signed up for Net Flix. Anyone have any experience with it? I talked to one guy at Suncoast about it, but he spent the entire conversation staring at my breasts. So I'm sure if he was just telling me what I wanted to hear because he wanted to keep staring at my boobage or if he actually knew what he was talking about. I'm still on the two-week trial so I'll see how it goes. But if anyone has any horror stories to tell, now's the time to tell me. ^^
Okay, so my birthday was in June. That's quite awhile ago now, so it's okay that no one really remembered it. I mean, some people honestly didn't know, which kind of hurts since I know their b-days, but whatever. That's acceptable. But it's kind of mean to say "oh! I have to make it up to you" and then never do. Just let it go. You forgot my birthday, it's okay. Don't say you're going to draw me a shiny picture or treat me to dinner or give me a backrub if you have no intention of doing so. I'm one of those people who gets their hopes up too high, so it hurts twice as much later on because I feel foolish and unloved. Why people are suddenly realizing they forgot it this late in the game is beyond me... ^^;
Okay, if you're the 1,000th viewer, and you want me to draw you something, send me a screen capture and I'll do a pic for you!  Yay! Free art! What's better than that?

  Also, this PE thing is irksome. Just because you are part of some secret group thing, doesn't mean you're a good artist. It means you have nice friends who want to encourage you, or that you lucked out to be grouped with some really talented people. Enjoy yourself, make new friends, but don't belittle others because you think you're hot shit. I'm certain that the people in charge don't want their members to be smug little ingrates. So, please, play nice children.
I'm slowly trying to better myself. I'm reinventing myself physically, spiritually, emotionally and artisitically. Those of you who have been supportive of me in real life or here on the net, I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Honestly, if I didn't have you in my life, I would have given up on everything by now. So, thanks.
doing a kiriban sounds like fun!! I don't get enough hits to do it I don't think though.... Hmmmm

Well, that was my deep thought for the day.
I'm graduating college!! I finally got my GPA up to snuff and I did well in my summer class, so now I'm officially done with my undergraduate education! I can finally say I have my degree in Biology from the University of Virginia!! Booyah!!!
Aaaaaaaaaand, I'm finally getting on track with my art stuff. I'm only going to do finished pieces from now on. YAY!
My new resolve is to not give a shit anymore!! But I still feel the need to prove to certain people that I don't suck altogether. So I shall redeem myself and draw complete pictures with backgrounds and perspective and all that good stuff. So to those individuals with a superiority complex, just know that you were once just starting out too!! That applies to all walks of life, not just art stuff.

To everyone else whose been supportive and kind... *major love glompage orgy!!*
*sigh* no one wants to do art trades? Not even a request? It's not like I'm charging or anything! *is sad* Please, give me a chance.

I'm also bummed because I have yet to know how I did in my summer class. If I did well, then I officially graduate, if not, then it's off to retake immunology... I loved that class, but I'd rather not take it again. ^^;