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I want to thank all of you for the comments and support you give me.
It means a lot to me :heart:
Wow, thank you so much for the DD, I´m so incredible happy about that, :hug:  

Thank you for all your lovely comments and such, It sure made my day, hey it made my week so much easier to go trough. :boogie:   :heart:

I just had an operation, about a week ago, and I´m feeling so much better now!

And this just made my heart full with love and I´m now in such better state of mind!  :love:  

:butterflytwo:  THANK YOU for your support!:butterflytwo:  
I´m putting these up on ebay again, but now with a lower price. :)

Faerie on shroom and cute mermaid
My mind have been full with many creative things lately. I have been doing some jewelry and I´m thinking of maybe trying to sell some. I´m also interested in doing comics, which I have been interested for many years on and off. The only problem is that I want to illustrate them not writing the story. I can come up with ideas and characters but I can never write a whole story.: /

I´m also going to try to paint some paintings for an exhibition. The paintings are going to be abstract I think since I´m starting to like that kind of art more and more. Before I was more in to surrealism and realism, which I still am, just trying to discover new things. :)
So now its 2005 ....myep...And yesterday is was veeery windy here in Sweden a bit scary for a minute there I thought I whould be lifted from the ground....gah!
Now I have to go and check my laundry.

I also wanted to say thank you for all of those who comment me in DA and for your support. :)
I´m selling some prints and originals

on ebay

For question regarding my auctions or my artwork dont hesitate to contact me. :)
...I´m soo bad at updating that must change!!! ...
Otherwise...have a nice day =)
Now I´ve just started to put up stuff here in my gallery..hope you like. :)