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so, in a fit of pique (yes, this is how you spell that word. not peek or peak which both mean something else) I decided to up sticks and fuck off to Washington state.
It helps that I have family all close by and I am right in the middle between Portland OR and Seattle WA so job prospects are pretty good, even if I will have to drive a bit to get where I gotta go.

And good thing I did. The weather has varied slightly in SoCal over this past few month between hot, worse and intolerable with bouts of fire, mudslides and hot winds.

All in all, the weather is much better. We get rain - yeah, quite a bit - but it doesn't actually rain every day and it does warm slightly every few days.
and volcanoes. I have three in driving distance. so there is that. :D
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Okay, so remember a while back when I was whining about being unemployed? well I went and did something about it and found another job.
I ended up in the healthcare system for a home visit nursing outfit. (no names will be given to protect wankers)
anyway, things were going along pretty well until we got bought out by an out of state company and I got transferred into another department within the company. In short, my new job was similar in nature to my last...scheduling and document processing.
this is where the trouble started.
I have my own way of doing things. It works for me and it meshed pretty well with the field staff I worked with. Problem is, the person picked to be my nominal superior (not supervisor) had her own way of doing things and wanted me to work her way.
Her way was not as efficient nor as service friendly as my way.
Long story short, not only did I have my own way of doing things and did not care to be told how to do the job I could already do exceptionally well, but I was vocal about it. Nominal superior decided she didn't like that and brown-nosed her way up the chain of command and proceeded to make my life miserable, including getting me written up on several occasions for "insubordination." When I tried to explain my process and why I felt it worked better than her way, I was shut out.
My last day was spent packing out my desk, saying farewell to the few people I counted as friends and told my HR director to "Have an Interesting Life."
anyway, I found another job within a week of leaving and I was happy :)

<End Rant>
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out again

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I need to temper my optimism with more caution. As I reported last time, I had a swell job working as a project coordinator for a hardware company in Irvine. I was going on nine months when my supervisor informed me that I had to leave at the end of June because the budget didn't allow them to keep me on any longer.

Once again, I have been relocated to the local mountains near Big Bear because I had to leave the condo I shared with my boyfriend...through no fault of his own, let me be clear on that.

Anyway, I am back to the job boards. If anyone has any suggestions or leads, I am open to all opportunities :) Hell, I'm even open to relocating :)
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at long last, some positive news on the job front.
For anyone who still cares from four years ago, I was struggling to get work and not doing so well.
After a few fits and starts working here and there, I have a job that gets me on my own and starting to pay my own bills. YAY!
I was able to move in with my long time boyfriend and we are settling in. The shake out cruise is a bit bumpy, but we are working our differences out as we go. No major fights (yet) but we are at a place in our relationship that we could weather a major blow-up without too much hassle.

School goes well. I had my midterm last week and I scored satisfactorily above average (I got a B, not bad for not really studying...sorry professor) At this rate I am on track to score my certification within three years...longer than I would like, but job constraints are a bit more pressing than school at this moment. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone reading this is doing well and I wish you all a super great Nightmare Night (Hallowe'en as we humans like to call it) and may your upcoming holidays are special :)
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fooling around

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After finally being able to save some money, I was able to get my lazy ass enrolled in school for a Paralegal certificate. Sadly, I was only able to get into one class to start (as a technically non-returning student, I did not have priority registration and was only able to get the one class :P )
any way, class starts in six days, and I am really excited!

and I'm tinkering with DJ software right now...just for shits a giggles. I don't really have any intention of working professionally as a DJ, but it's fun to dink around, especially with the crowd I hang out with. Good thing they are not expecting pro-grade stuff :P
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