Washu's Unemployment Saga pt 8

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at long last, some positive news on the job front.
For anyone who still cares from four years ago, I was struggling to get work and not doing so well.
After a few fits and starts working here and there, I have a job that gets me on my own and starting to pay my own bills. YAY!
I was able to move in with my long time boyfriend and we are settling in. The shake out cruise is a bit bumpy, but we are working our differences out as we go. No major fights (yet) but we are at a place in our relationship that we could weather a major blow-up without too much hassle.

School goes well. I had my midterm last week and I scored satisfactorily above average (I got a B, not bad for not really studying...sorry professor) At this rate I am on track to score my certification within three years...longer than I would like, but job constraints are a bit more pressing than school at this moment. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone reading this is doing well and I wish you all a super great Nightmare Night (Hallowe'en as we humans like to call it) and may your upcoming holidays are special :)
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Things seem to be looking up. Glad to hear it =D
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yep. Finally got my life in some semblance of order.
Hope you are well also.
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I usually say I can't complain. =D
Gratz =) hope things continue to look up for you.
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thanks. It means a lot to see friend wishing each other best luck
You know i wish the best for my friends. =)
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