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so, in a fit of pique (yes, this is how you spell that word. not peek or peak which both mean something else) I decided to up sticks and fuck off to Washington state.
It helps that I have family all close by and I am right in the middle between Portland OR and Seattle WA so job prospects are pretty good, even if I will have to drive a bit to get where I gotta go.

And good thing I did. The weather has varied slightly in SoCal over this past few month between hot, worse and intolerable with bouts of fire, mudslides and hot winds.

All in all, the weather is much better. We get rain - yeah, quite a bit - but it doesn't actually rain every day and it does warm slightly every few days.
and volcanoes. I have three in driving distance. so there is that. :D
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Okay, so remember a while back when I was whining about being unemployed? well I went and did something about it and found another job.
I ended up in the healthcare system for a home visit nursing outfit. (no names will be given to protect wankers)
anyway, things were going along pretty well until we got bought out by an out of state company and I got transferred into another department within the company. In short, my new job was similar in nature to my last...scheduling and document processing.
this is where the trouble started.
I have my own way of doing things. It works for me and it meshed pretty well with the field staff I worked with. Problem is, the person picked to be my nominal superior (not supervisor) had her own way of doing things and wanted me to work her way.
Her way was not as efficient nor as service friendly as my way.
Long story short, not only did I have my own way of doing things and did not care to be told how to do the job I could already do exceptionally well, but I was vocal about it. Nominal superior decided she didn't like that and brown-nosed her way up the chain of command and proceeded to make my life miserable, including getting me written up on several occasions for "insubordination." When I tried to explain my process and why I felt it worked better than her way, I was shut out.
My last day was spent packing out my desk, saying farewell to the few people I counted as friends and told my HR director to "Have an Interesting Life."
anyway, I found another job within a week of leaving and I was happy :)

<End Rant>
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I need to temper my optimism with more caution. As I reported last time, I had a swell job working as a project coordinator for a hardware company in Irvine. I was going on nine months when my supervisor informed me that I had to leave at the end of June because the budget didn't allow them to keep me on any longer.

Once again, I have been relocated to the local mountains near Big Bear because I had to leave the condo I shared with my boyfriend...through no fault of his own, let me be clear on that.

Anyway, I am back to the job boards. If anyone has any suggestions or leads, I am open to all opportunities :) Hell, I'm even open to relocating :)
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at long last, some positive news on the job front.
For anyone who still cares from four years ago, I was struggling to get work and not doing so well.
After a few fits and starts working here and there, I have a job that gets me on my own and starting to pay my own bills. YAY!
I was able to move in with my long time boyfriend and we are settling in. The shake out cruise is a bit bumpy, but we are working our differences out as we go. No major fights (yet) but we are at a place in our relationship that we could weather a major blow-up without too much hassle.

School goes well. I had my midterm last week and I scored satisfactorily above average (I got a B, not bad for not really studying...sorry professor) At this rate I am on track to score my certification within three years...longer than I would like, but job constraints are a bit more pressing than school at this moment. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone reading this is doing well and I wish you all a super great Nightmare Night (Hallowe'en as we humans like to call it) and may your upcoming holidays are special :)
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After finally being able to save some money, I was able to get my lazy ass enrolled in school for a Paralegal certificate. Sadly, I was only able to get into one class to start (as a technically non-returning student, I did not have priority registration and was only able to get the one class :P )
any way, class starts in six days, and I am really excited!

and I'm tinkering with DJ software right now...just for shits a giggles. I don't really have any intention of working professionally as a DJ, but it's fun to dink around, especially with the crowd I hang out with. Good thing they are not expecting pro-grade stuff :P
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so this morning, I wake up and discover, rather to my delight, my car is buried under about 6 in (18cm) of snow.
W00T! sez I...until I realize that I have to dig the damn thing out in order to go to work tomorrow. So, I call in "sick" - not really, I telecommuted :P - so I can spend the morning and early afternoon digging my car out and a sufficient amount of driveway out so I can use my car.

and I am kinda tired right now
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since I can't seem to go too long without posting something - anything - related to my transition, I will post this.

Once upon a time, up to about three years ago, the only thing on my mind was "OMG gender surgery!" and variations on that theme. Of late, however, I have mellowed to the point where said surgery is either not as important or - as of a few months ago - not important at all. I think it may have more to do with the company I keep than the actual psychological need to drastically alter my body to match my preferred body image (weight loss is another issue). Since having broke up with my most recent ex - an emotional abuser, BTW - and getting together with my current BF, I have not been so adamant about enforcing my gender through GRS. He loves me as I am and doesn't care what's between my legs - just what's between my ears.

Of course, I am nearing 40 - the thought gives me pause, I do admit and the things that were important twenty or even ten years ago are less so now. I have a new set of priorities now and I am working toward those goals. If GRS happens, great! Fantastic! but my world is not going to end without it. I refuse to allow people, especially those within the trans community to define me by whether I have had, will have or ever will have GRS.

so there XP
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for some reason, I am unable to reply to messages, reviews and comment posted on my dA account. Whether deliberate or by accident, there is some sort of block that prohibits my doing so.
Please accept my apologies and a blanket thanks until I can sort this situation out.

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Since I have been remiss in my usual tranny rants, I thought I would take some time out and seriously contemplate what I am truly thankful for this year.

I am thankful for my family...all those who know and have come out in full support of my transition to the woman I know I am (not a cute one, but a smart one) That not a one has turned his or her back on me, For that I am truly blessed.

I am thankful for my wonderful boyfriend. True he is a bit of a pain in the a$$ sometimes (I will leave that to your imaginations), but he loves me unquestioningly and comforts me when I am in my darkest corners and feeling the worst about myself. He supports and accepts all of me. For him I am truly honored.

I am thankful to have a roof over my head, food in my stomach and clothes on my back. I don't have the latest fashions or the flashiest automobile, but they are functional and provide everything I demand of them. For this I am truly grateful

I am thankful to have employment. While some may grumble and others may moan, I have a positive work environment and my co-workers respect me for the tasks I perform, not the bit of flesh between my legs. For this I am truly content.

I am thankful for all the friends who have stayed by me from before and during my transition and for all the new friends I have made since. They have offered advice, comfort and solace when I felt lost. For them I am humbled.

I am thankful for this forum, as trite as it sounds. Here I have found acceptance and kindred souls who neither judge nor criticize. For you I am happy.

I wish everyone the same joys and contentment.
Happy Holidays

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Well, here it is, the nearly end of summer in SoCal...I hate hot!!!

At least I finally have a job, though it works in fits and starts. One day I am sitting around with nothing to do but read manga online, the next day, I am scrambling to put a bid together.

Did I mention, I Hate Hot!!

oh, well. At least my down time gives me a chance to ride my bike for some sorely needed exercise

and catch up with people I have not spoken to in years.

Yay, Jennis!!
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...don't care where I'm going
(or something like that. Taken from Jamiroquai's "Traveling without Moving" you remember all the way back to 1996/7 when Sir John Major was Prime Minister and we didn't have all this mucking about in Iraq and Afghanistan?)

At any rate, I am not dead...not yet any way.
I was able to get part-time work for a design-build company as an estimator. Basically, my job has me gathering prices on material and labor and puting together an estimate of how much a building should cost to design and then build.

Japan fell through, not surprised. Looking back on recent events with the earthquake and subsequent FUBARs going on over there, maybe it is for the best I did not get to go.


I am doodling again, so I may have something to post one day.
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Oh Party People,
It is good to have friends who know this stuff. I was hanging out with my friend Eric and he introduced me to a fun series called. K-ON! (caps and punctuation are intentional)
For those of you unaware (as I was) it is about four high school girls (later joined by a fifth) who form a band in school as part of their club activities called kei on bu (Light Music Club, thus K-ON). The band is called Houkago Tea Time (After School Tea Time) and let me tell you what. Not only is the series cute, but the characters are totally believable. That's right, no giant mecha, no magical transformations or transportation...just five high school girls who laugh, cry and play music together. Not only that, but the voice actresses actually sing the parts, and quite well at that.

since having finished the series, I was inspired to pick up my guitar again and finally play the damn thing.
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Well, Party People, my life is just getting better.
Because I have no job, I have no money. Because I have no money, I cannot pay rent, which means I have no place to stay. So I will be moving back in with my parents until I can either get a job or get financial aid to go back to school...I am more leaning towards school :)

I am thinking of applying to teach English to school kids in Japan, I just need to work out the logistics of my transition...which should be easy since I am mostly through anyway and my endo switched me over to an oral hormone therapy.
We'll see how that works out.
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quel suprise, Party People (Latin for "what a surprise")
The job I had hoped to get in San Jose never materialized because the guy I counted on to make it happen dropped the ball and forgot.

story of my life.

I guess its back to the grind here in SoCal. I had a job briefly working as a delivery driver for a catering company, but have not heard anything from them since the middle of July, so I am not holding my breath.

Still, one of my head-hunters called today and said she may have something this week.
Not holding my breath on that one either.
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I think I may be moving again soon, Party People,

With the end of the semester, the school cafeteria will be closing for the summer and I have been looking for summer work these past few months and I just got the latest reply saying that my interest is appreciated, but my help is not needed.

here is where I need advice...

I have a friend in San Jose (That's up in the Bay Area, south of San Fransisco, for those of you unfamiliar with the name) who is certain he can at least get me an interview with the company he works for there. If I get the job, this means leaving behind pretty much everything I know and moving to a largely unfamiliar area and trying to make new friends...although there is a large and well organized trans community in San Jose, so I will not be without some resources. Still, most of my friends and family are here in SoCal, so it makes leaving somewhat difficult.

But then again, going way back to Unemployment Saga pt2, this is such a good opportunity to leave behind the familiar and set out into something altogether new and exciting, that I would be remiss in passing it up. I am not too keen on repeating the same mistake.

Thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

I is having no internets at my house.
As it is, I have to haunt the bookstores (and they are getting suspicious that I am in at least once a week), or I go over to my friends Tyler and A.G. and leach off their house WiFi. I suppose this is the price I pay for cheap cable. I could order DSL, but that requires me to beg the phone company to reinstate my account after it was sent to collections early last year because my ex would not give me money to pay them.


oh, well, until I am banished from the Barnes and Noble or Tyler and A.G., I guess, I can make do with being a leach until I can get a flat of my own.
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Oh, Party People
So much has happened over the last few months, I am at a loss to know where to begin
I have broken up with Arianna. The break-up had been coming for some time, and I told her so just before the New Year.
As break-ups go, it was a painless and quite amicable split. We hugged, said good-byes, split our stuff and left.
I have moved out of the apartment we shared and into a 36ft travel trailer for the duration. Until I can get something permanent and stable, it will have to suffice for myself and my kitteh.
I am still working for the community college, but a friend of mine knows some peoples at Blizzard who might get me in as a game tester. And apparently Disneyland may be hiring again, because they are recruiting for paid internships at my school, so I thought I would tahe a shot at that too.

Will keep you posted
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Party People!

I got shot in the face last weekend!
I sh!t you not!

of cousre, I did shoot the guy first.

Now, that I have your attention, let me clarify.
This past weekend, I went to a mil-sim airsoft event as is my wont to let out my aggression and generally man-hate for a few hours. I took Arianna to this place she heard about in Escondido (near the Wild Animal Park) and I took my high-powered sniper rifle and ghillie suit with me. I had an awesome hide all set up when this dude came by as part of the sim trying to counter-snipe me. I put his mug in my crosshairs and drilled him in the neck with an admittedly lucky shot (I was aiming for center mass, but I think my scope got knocked out of true). Anyway, he froze in his tracks, let out a stream of choice four-letter Anglo-Saxonisms (cussing to you and me) and proceeded to spray the general area my shot came from. A lucky round found its mark just to the outside of my right eye, penetrated the decidely cheap goggles I was wearing and cracked my glasses lens.
My eye is perfectly fine, the pellet just bounced off the lens and came to rest at the bottom of my goggles.
And then the wanker proceeds to play on without calling his hit! Can you believe that? Claimed I never hit him. So I shot him again. in the ass.

We came home that evening all aglow with awesomeness and I proceeded to whack reason why I should have told you that, but there it is. I am still a girl, tho! Until I get myself squared away, I gotta use the stock equipment. It is what it is.

I need to find the pic of me wearing my ghillie and let you all see.
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Happy Aniversary to me to me!
It has now been five years since I started hormone replacement therapy, Party People!

and I cut my hair.

wow, what a let down, huh?

As soon as I get my sweetie to take a photo of me, I will post it for you.

so, uh...hmmm. I guess that's it, for now.
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Another one, you say? More ranting about job woes, you cry?

Today, Party People, I have good news for the first time in nearly a year.

I, the great and terrible (mostly terrible) Washu has a job. Hard to believe, you think. Is this the same "alas poor, pitiful me" half girl who went on bitching and complaining all late last year about not having any prospects??

My God, what's next?! Flying pigs? Talking Horses?

No! 'Tis true, I say! I am now gainfully employed (part-time) at my local community college as--dun dun DUN--the dreaded cafeteria lady.
"You all want grey lumps in brown sauce, or brown lumps in grey sauce?"

In all seriousness, however, I am glad to at least be working again, even though I don't actually start until the 20th of this month. I now have something to look forward to other than boring tedium in a library. No I can have the exciting tedium of a cafeteria and a paycheck to boot. :)

"I have been away too long. My enemies have grown soft. They must learn anew the meaning of ph34r." (go read Mega Tokyo by Fred Gallagher)