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The Valley Book 1 Part 1

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This was drawn for me by: sindos.deviantart.com/

here is where you can read it for free www.fanfiction.net/s/11194015/…

here is a preview of chapter 1

I was on a field trip with my school. We were at the animal research lab in Atlanta.  I was there with my big sister Jacinda, little sister tony and zedikah. Also there were my friends Kinto and his two younger playful goofing around twin brothers Ron and Mon. I try to pay attention as the teacher was giving lectures. Some students slack off and other texts on their phones. I myself was tempted to do the same. I was struggling with a C in this class. It wasn’t an option.

I was wearing my school uniform with black pants and a grey jacket. I was a brown skin girl with black long dreads and dark eyes. You know your average girl or sort of.

The class was being shown all types of different animals and creatures almost all day.  So everyone was pretty tired and goofing around already. I wish I could do the same. Dam my grades.

Every now and then I would look up catching glimpse of my siblings and friends. My older sister Jacinda had on her uniform and her jacket. She was looking out the window completely board. If I was correct this was her last year in school. It was a good thing school was almost over.

My other younger sister Tony had on tight school pants with her jewelry while talking on her phone. She completely ignores everything around her.

 Zedikha was looking at the animals as well.  He was taller than any of us even though he was the youngest. He was just standing there doing nothing. He was board out of his mind. He would occasionally read things on the wall.

“Wayna!” Kinto said annoyed in a cool voice. “Are you taking notes on this? We have a test and I’m not sharing my notes.” Kinto was a serious blond with short wild hair and blue eyes. He had his uniform pants on did had on a white shirt. When we were on the bus he took off his uniform shirt and replaces it with another.

“I am just thinking.” I said shooting him a stern annoyed look.

“He’s right Wayna you know.” The twins said in union. The twins had orange hair with blue eyes. Both twins had on a dark purple jacket that could almost past for black and orange shirts.

“I am fine guys.” I said walking away trying to keep up with the class.

An hour later of following the class and taking notes. I turn around to seeing that my friends and family was gone. I walk down a hall and turn a corner looking for them. “Guys where are you?” I whisper. I turn down another hall and saw an opening leading into a habitat. Oh no! I panic in my head. They didn’t go in their? Did they? 

I slowly walk down the hall and into the habitat with caution. When I walk in a big metal door slid down locking me in. “Oh crap how are we going to get out?” I sigh knowing we were in trouble. “I would have to deal with that when I find everyone!”  With a deep breath I continued on. “I swear if there in here! I will murder them!” I said to myself as i walking deeper and deeper into the habitat. It had big long hills, steep dangerous ledges, with tall trees and most captivating thing was the grass lands. It was pretty big. I snap out of thought and refocus myself. I called out to my friends and family again. “Guy!”

That’s when I heard a scream. “AHHHHHHHHH!”

I ran to the sound of the screaming. Just to lay my eyes on a horror show. My big sister Jacinda, little brother zedikah also kinto, Ron and Mon was in a tree kicking away wolves.  The wolves would jump snapping their jaws trying to drag one of them down. These wolves were huge! They were about the size of a horse with sharper, longer claws and teeth.

Kinto was the first to notices me standing there. “Wayna get out of here get help!” He yelled at me in hysteric. Luckily the wolves didn’t notice me yet.

“Where’s Tony!” I yelled back at him. “I don’t see her with you!”

“AHH! Help!” I look down a rocky hill to see Tony being corner by some other wolves. She was on the floor backing up into a bolder. I felt my heart drop. I then move downhill as fast as I could. Doing my very best to maneuver trying get up much speed as possible. I needed to reach her before they pounce on her.

Kinto saw me going to her and yelled at me in panic rage. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? RUN!” As much as he yelling I could not hear him anymore. There was no thought in my mind. Only actions compel my movements. Maybe in that moment it’s what that truly means to be part of a family. The willingness to die at any moment notices for the ones you love without a single thought.

As I ran down hill and got closer to Tony I could hear her whispers. “Help me! Oh gods please help!”

In that instant I don’t know if I was crazy or stupid. Maybe even both. I just jump on the lead wolfs head and bite its ear! I was holding on for dear life as I scratch and bite. I could taste the wolf blood gush into my mouth.

  The wolf bangs me on the floor and rocky walls but I held on. It was like I was in a rodeo as I held on. I was in a lot of pain but I could barely feel it. I don’t know if it was the situation or the fact I wasn’t thinking. I knew one thing. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing even one of my family members. I then jump off the wolf as it flung me in the air. I landed on my feet and move to tony. “Move it!” I yell to her very bruise.

For once in my little sister life she listen to me.  As we both ran up hill with wolves on our heels tony spoke to me. “You’re crazy!” I just chuckle nervously a bit as we were running. At home mom had a credo. Either come back home with your brother and sister or don’t come back at all!  Though Tony was the laziest person in the world I could not imagine my life without her.

As we both run up hill I was thrown on a ledge. “AAHHGG!” My back had four bloody gashes on it. The jacket I had on did little to protect me as I stumble to get up bruise in addition to being bloody. I couldn’t see Tony anymore. I couldn’t tell whether or not if she was dead or alive. I saw the big black horse size wolf in front of me. Its paw had my blood on it. To other girls I guess they would be crying. Too bad it wasn’t my first beating like this. Like I didn’t have other scars on my body? “Fair trade I guess. Along with the other scars I have.” I said looking back at my bloody back as I was losing blood.

I turn by attention back on the wolf as it lunges at me. It nips my shoulder as I try to dodge it. Its claws graze me cutting into my shoulder causing me to fall down hill on to another ledge.

I look up quickly and jump out the way as the wolf jumps down to the plat form I was on. In that process I was awarded with a gash on my chess by the wolfs claws. Due to my reflexes it didn’t get me so bad. “Ahg!” I scream in pain and struggle to get up. On my feet now painting in pain and bleeding, I stumble in pain to climb up a log onto another ledge. The wolf looks at the log in confusion but growls at me. I try to move the log to fall downhill so the wolf doesn’t follow. As I push the log to stop the wolf from following me, a branch hits my head causing me to bleed.

The log falls downhill anyway making enough time for me to get myself together to plan my next step. I look around for tony hearing the screams of my friends. As far as I knew some of wolves were either still at the tree trying to get my friends or trying to chase down Tony. “AGH!” I moan in pain as I lay against the wall clutching my chest wound.  I was bleeding badly and I needed help! 

 “Ahh!” I heard Tony scream. I stumble to get up and slowly walk over to the edge of the ledge I was on. I look around and saw downhill that tony corner again by more wolves then before.  My heart stops. She was corner again downhill. The wolves that kept my friends up a tree must have spot her and chase her. So that mean the whole pack was on her. I turn my head to see the wolf that was chasing me was getting closer. It was going another way to get to me.

 I look around seeing another ledge over me with large rocks and boulders. The ledge was high enough and had a log big enough for me to get over. I move as quickly as my injured body let me as I climbing up the log. I could hear tony screams and cries. I huff in pain. My back, shoulder and chess all had gashes on them. “Help me! Someone help me! Wayna!” I stumble over as I did my best to tip over one of the boulders. I kept pushing and it tips over causing a small avalanche of rocks.

The rocks and boulders rolls downhill till they crash into some of the wolves. The avalanche of rock and boulders block the wolves from Tony for a moment. Tony look up at me with shock eyes as she covers her mouth. 

 “Move now!” I snap at her.  Without arguing again in shock and panic she moves.

She climbs up hill and I work on finding a way off the ledge. I turn my head and the wolf was trying to make it way up this log. ‘Dam it. Can’t go that way.’ I thought. I turn from the ledge grunting in pain. I saw a possible way off the ledge. There are some thick vines from a tree down from my ledge that grew so out of control. It vines reach up to my ledge. I began to feel more of the effects of my wounds. As I gaze in and out of my vision. I put all my strength into this and grab the vine. i held on to the vine and scale my way down to tree. I made my way to a branch that snaps and fall rest of the way. I landed with a thud on the ground. I look up and saw Tony help me up. “I thought you were with the others now.” I said to her in pain with my arm wrap around her.

“Come back with your brothers and sisters or don’t come back at all.” she said to me as we made our way to the top of the hill. On top of the hill everyone else was out of the tree. Kinto was the first to see me.


I turn my head looking at the Wolves breaking free from the avalanche. “No time RUN!” I scream at them. We quickly made our way to the exit of the habitat. I was behind and the rest of them were in front of me. I could hear the wolves behind me and I push on. I was in a lot of pain and my wounds were taking hold of me. The sounds of the wolves were enough to make me push on. The metal door was open again. I didn’t know why the door was open again or why it was even open in the first place. There was no time to dwell on it. The alarms were going off now.

Intruders alert in habitat 9 section 1. Permission to kill granted.”

That meant they were going to kill us! “MOVE!” I yelled at them. They weren’t playing games with us. They were going to kill us! I could hear my friends and siblings were panicking as we ran. I saw the guards down the hall with shot guns and dogs.

“Intruders alert in habitat 9 section 1. Permission to kill granted.”

“Don’t let them escape!” One guard went! Then bam! The bullet hit the wall almost hit me.

“Intruders alert in habitat 9 section 1. Permission to kill granted.”

“Release the dogs!” Another guard went. We could hear dogs on our heels barking and snarling.

“Man! I ant going nowhere with you guys again!” Zedikha yelled ducking low running fast.

“Intruders alert in habitat 9 section 1. Permission to kill granted.”

“Lord Jesus! Let me just make it home! Please!” Tony said running as she said a prayer. 

“Turn!” Jacinda said as we all turn down the hall and then another bam! Hitting the corner of the wall another bullet misses us.

Kinto look back at me. “MOVE it!” He yelled at me. I run as fast as I could. I was dripping blood and in a lot of pain. Blood was dripping in my face but I push on.

“A double door, run!” Jacinda shouted at us and we move fast past the doors. Outside the research lab it had a fence around the whole place. Lights were flashing and alarms were going off. It was dark now. We ran past the grass and to the fence. Ron and Mon move to help Tony over the fence but she beat them to it.

“Do you know how many dogs chase us thru the neighborhood in Miami? Yawl better ask somebody.” Tony said already over the fence.

Jacinda and Zedikha were already over the fence with Tony. Ron, Mon and Kinto were next over the fence. They help me first due to my wounds. I slip and fell on my back. At least I was on the other side of the fence. Unfortunately I was in unbearable pain.

“let’s go Wayna!” Kinto said in a grunt as he takes my hand with Jacinda help. We move as fast as we could dogs were barking at the fence unable to get us. We could still hear gun shots luckily there was a forest across the street. Thank you Atlanta.  We went as fast as we could across the forest going deep into it.


After running and limping across the forest. We stop at a small flat ground surrounded by trees. Jacinda let go of me to walk up more as she rest on a tree. “Is everyone ok?” Jacinda ask us out of breath.


Everyone nodded trying to catch their breaths. She along with the others saw my scars but we all knew where those come from. Zedikha lay on the flat dirt ground breathing in and out. Tony was on the floor thanking Jesus. Ron and Mon rested against each other.


Then it hit me. I collapse on the ground with gashes on my back, chess and bloody rip shoulder. Also a head wound with blood leaking in my face. “Wayna!” They all shriek at me as I fell down. I was in such pain now. The pain was enough to break the hardest of people.


“Oh god Wayna!” Jacinda said taking off my jacket and school shirt. She then uses it to put pressure on my chess. “Kinto help me with this!” Kinto came over and gently push me over on my side. He did this to apply pressure on my back wounds.


“You idiot!” Kinto yelled at me with worry and anger. He then relates pressure to my shoulder wound as well. “You should have run and got help. Then you would have never gotten so beaten up! You moron.”


“Aren’t you supposed to be her friend?” Jacinda said mocking Kinto. He sends her a glare. She then pays more attention to me. “We should go back.”


Kinto snap at her. “We can’t go back because those people are trying to kill us. Ron! Mon! Go and find a road. See if you can find a bar or a motel. So someone can help us! Go now! And be careful!”


“Yes!” They both said in union and ran off into the woods.


“Tony call for help. I know if you didn’t save anything you at least got your phone.” Jacinda bark at Tony. “Zedikha follow after them! See if you can help flag down some car or truck.”


“Alright.” Zedikha said as he ran into the direction Ron and Mon went. “Just keep her alive! Hang in there Wayna!”


“Dam it were screwed!” Tony clinches her phone in frustration. “My phone doesn’t have a lot of power and I have no signal!”


As I lay down there they attend to my wounds, they eventually manage to stop the bleeding. Even though it was hard to think I could hear wolves howling. “Dam it!” Jacinda snaps looking down. “At least we manage to stop the bleeding. Still we need help! She needs stiches!”


“The idiot should have run!” kinto sneer angry. “Your mother must be really scary.”


“Yup mom was sure precise.” Jacinda agree looking down at me with soft eyes.  


Tony then come to my side and hugs me lightly. “Thank you.” She said with a soft smiley.


“I…I…love…You so much!” I try to speak but my sister shush me with the softest shush. Truth is told I didn’t care about myself. For a time in my life I was alone and invisible. People hurt me over things I didn’t do. Even force to leave our home. I came so far. I couldn’t lose any of them.


“No more talking ok?” Tony gets up with a small smile and tears in her eyes.

“Ok let’s just wait for the others to get back.” Jacinda then took off her jacket and put it on me. “I don’t want you to catch a fever.”


Kinto help her sit me up against a tree to rest. We then wait for the rest of them. Ron and Mon was the first to come back with Zedikha behind them. “There….There no…no pay phones anywhere.” Ron said out of breath.


“Not…Not…Not even a little bar….bar or side road inn.” Mon said inhalation hard.


“It’s a ghost town out there.” Zedikha said tired but not so out of breath.


“How….come…..your…not out of breath?” Ron said.


“My dad’s use to takes me to run on a beach every Sunday.” Zedikha explain with a smile as he boasts. “Not half the beach. The whole beach.”


“Show off.” Ron and Mon glare at him. Zedikha just grins smugly.


“Dam it!” Jacinda snarls angrily. “It’s late at night our phone have no signal. There isn’t a bar, Inn or anything! And Wayna needs help!”


“Then there is only one option.” kinto said standing up. “We have to stay here for the night. Those men who shot at us could still be looking for us.”


They all went silent in shock. Jacinda and Tony were more piss then shock.

“Are YOU CRAZY!?” Jacinda yelled getting into Kinto face. “What if she doesn’t make it!”


“You’re supposed to be her friend!” Tony shouted angry.


“Do you want to risk her bleeding AGAIN!” kinto snaps back. “If we move again she can bleed!” Then Kinto calm down and continued in a clam cruel realization tone. “She already lost a lot of blood. Furthermore we took a big risk searching for help for her. You guys have to realize men chasing after us trying to kill us. If we move those men might find us and kill us. Wayna wounds might open again and with nothing close to us. They weren’t playing with us at all! They knew we were kids and they try to kill us anyway. If you ask me a whole lot was going on other than research of animals. If they are trying to keep something secret, they will try to kill us.”


As everything dawn on everyone mind, Jacinda was growling and pacing back and forth. She stressfully put her fingers thru her hair. On one hand she wanted to slap kinto and on the other hand she knew he was right. She sighs and looks at me. “Wayna you think you can make it till day break?”


All eyes were on me now. I knew kinto was right to. I also knew trying to save me, they risk themselves. “Yes…” I said to her. I didn’t want her to be worry anymore or to risk their lives for me. “I’ll…be…fine.”

Jacinda sighs and gritted her teeth. “Alright. We will rest here for tonight. But day time we move.”

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Very pretty! Good job ^^
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Thank you so much! Go ahead and read chapter 2
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here is the book www.fanfiction.net/s/11194015/… i hope you will read and give it a chance.
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