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hi fish

I was on a creature generator and got this :
"This lovely and nearly extinct creature is a type of fish. It's about the size of a minke whale, has two large side fins, a short, streamlined dorsal fin and a long, muscular tail and long anal fin. They have a thick, but delicate skin covered in strong, hard scales, which is usually either light red, red, light grey, light pink or dark pink or a combination of these colors. They live in the depths of the ocean and are fairly rare. They're carnivores and their large, wide mouths and short tongue are ideal for eating smaller creatures. They're diurnal and rely on their sense of smell and sight to get around. They do have virtually no visible ears, but their hearing is not too great. They have thin noses and large, round eyes. Their heads are large and wide in comparison to their bodies.

They make sounds ranging from fairly low pitched to low pitched and have a small range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.

These creatures are quite frenzied and their territory is well defended. They mate once every 18 months and they mate and bond with a single partner for life. Which, with their fairly long lifespans, is only normal."

So yep I drew it
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I love the colours and line work here!! This is so awesome!! Give me your skills please! XD 
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ahh merci,,,
tu dessine super bien aussi, tu as déjà mes skills ne t'inquiète pas x'D
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Ah! Merci, mais j'aime tes dessins trop.  Ton style artistique es unique et il y a beaucoup des couleurs! Je suis envieuse. xD
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blblbl merci,,,
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Quelle est cette sorcellerie 
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is it good??
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Of course it is
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mdr j'ai pa lu
Mais c'est magnifique, j'adore les couleurs.
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