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I will never finish this- page 16

FUCK THIS PAGE :iconangrykarkatplz:
I made his arms weird as fuck, and I didn't notice it until I inked. I cut half the drawing to make it less obvious.. also my drawing style is inconsistent as fuck, Mashi keeps looking older and younger, and I don't even know how old he really is supposed to be. I think he's super young, like less than 10.. And I don't know how to draw his hair, so now he looks like aph Japan. Even his expression isn't what I wanted it to be. ...What expression is that ? he's suppose to look somehow guilty but this little shit always looks pissed
also, I have no idea what I'm going to do now. I think I'm going to cut this in chapters and end chapter 1 here, maybe it'll be easier.. I shouldn't have started drawing at this point of the story. Now the main character is a fucking baby and I'm stuck.

 Sorry for this uselessy long rambling.

EDIT : I forgot to mention how this page doesn't even look like a page. Plus it's useless. God I'm sorry.

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Il est bien ton dessin •^• okay le bras est un peut bizarre mais ça va :3
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^doesnt feels he guilty...he hit the poor baby
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He should go to her and say he is sorry
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he should, but he'd feel humiliated to do it.
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Moi j'aime cette page
certe le bras est bizarre mais sinon c'est trop cool tkt
perso je trouve pas qu'on dirait japon
et c'est cool ok
tkt u draw good
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ahh putain merci ;_;
*j'ai failli écrit "putain merde"*
ouais son bras je vais le regretter toute ma vie
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