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Quadrat icons

By warulez
80 +/- square icons

ico + png + template

i made the icons based on the template from iPhone PNGs by borncold
thanks for creating these icons and giving everyone the right to modify and re-releasing them!
whithout his icons i would never have stared this icon package

if you want to use my icons (/template) to create something for your own: you are allowed to, if you give credit to me

at the moment following icons are included:

2 versions of firefox
internet explorer
adobe bride
adobe photoshop
adobe acrobat
google earth (just a simple squared globe)
teamspeak 2
custom teamspeak 3 icon

1. Update:

2 versions of icq
yahoo messanger
daemon tools
u torrent
sims 3
windows media player

2. Update:

bit torrent
icon workshop
6 more or less convincing versions of kaspersky
km player
7 versions of msn (but none is really good from my point of view)
norton 360 (will redo the arrow to fit the outer shape and update soon)
3 versions of picasa
3 versions of rss
3 versions of trillian (same as for msn - none really good)
1 new lighter version of windows media player

update 3:

2. version explorer
folder icons (normal, front, back)
newer version of trillian
3 version of google chrome
new version of daemon tools

4. update:

2 versions vuze
2 version internet explorer
1 repainted version norton 360
3 repainted versions kaspersky
2 new folders
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Scorpliet's avatar
im new here can anybody explain how to use these icons for system files?
minutka15's avatar
Maybe possibly Adobe After effects? :D
vhaaan's avatar
and google chrome?
xSubZer0x's avatar
how fantastic! a sims 3 icon?! AWESOMEE!!!!! :D
Missak's avatar
I was looking for this exactly!!
pfuispinne's avatar
Not many people do freecell-icons ;)
Spongebob1212RBLX's avatar
Can you make a ROBLOX one?
VERY GOOD !!! :) thank u just what i was look for in my dock.. i dont like having icons not matching Now i gots them ^-^
jaquesanchez's avatar
i was looking for square icons and those are the best!! thanks a lot!
my-ear-is-screaming's avatar
awesome icons, but you need a gimp icon :p
how do i install them?^^
warulez's avatar
the way you usually use icons ;) it's just an icon pack nothing more than .ico and .png files

modify the exe of the program which should use the icon
or modify the shortcut to use the icon

if you want to use the icons in a dock you should use the png files

if you want to have folders and so on use these icons, you should use a program like restorator to modify the imageres.dll (/windows/shell32 and /windows/syswow64) and replace the icons (but don't forget to make a backup of the original .dll) (more information on this can be found using google)
Ryan619's avatar
Great icons! If you could please can you do icons for Word and Excel 2007/2010 and an Opera browser one! Much thanks!
warulez's avatar
opera is done
word / exel and other office icons will follow soon
vitvit's avatar
sick really well done
Wtfungus's avatar
just what i was looking for. :D
excellent collection. thnx!

if i could make a request for:
warulez's avatar
i have finished 1. attempt of frostwire, let me know what you think about it ;)
draveneros's avatar
Can i request for tune-up and your uninstaller...
warulez's avatar
of course you can

i will make chrome pidgin, office and of course your requested items, in one of the next days, when i have enough time
jeonjo's avatar
Google Chrome, Pidgin, and MS Office icons would be great :D
warulez's avatar
what do you think about these chrome icons? [link] [link] can't really decide if i like any of them (but i don't like / use google chrome)
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