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Awesome Black America by Warsie Awesome Black America :iconwarsie:Warsie 16 388 FBI redirection 1 by Warsie FBI redirection 1 :iconwarsie:Warsie 8 14
History of the Flame War
The Flame War began as a set of minor rebellions on fringe worlds in the periphery. Annoyed and angered at the economic manipulation, military interventions, the general history of abuses by the great powers in the core, and the increasing bias in the U-RIB government towards the Core powers; up to the point of the representatives that make up the core being able to block bills from the rim nations; a few solar nations declared their full independence from the U-RIB. Other star-zones experienced guerilla warfare on a massive scale against the puppet governments of worlds who would have seceded, if not for the myriad occupation fleets and troops stationed there controlled directly by the central powers of the Core Worlds. The U-RIB military stood on the side-lines and attempted to mainly be an observer and assist wounded and other victims of the war. As time went on, the insurgency spread through the outer rim as rebel fleets, bush-whacker militias and fedayeen forces engaged the local
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Mathematicians of the World by Warsie Mathematicians of the World :iconwarsie:Warsie 3 23
PSALW Fringe Alliance factions
Factions in the Flame War:
Fringe Alliance:
Federal Fringe Nations Forces and Political Factions:
United Rejects
A faction of the Fringe Alliance government that has strong grudges against the mainstream. The Demihumans, Chanese, and Neurodivergents are foremost among them. The Screaming Electrons were weakly in that direction. The Hikkimori are also strong allies. The Pan-Sexuality Association, not part of the United Rejects are being threatened to be kicked out of the Fringe Alliance due to the neurodivergent and hikkimori strength being applied against them. The United Rejects have the strongest 'pull' in the alliance. Tends to be the more radical organization in the Fringe Alliance and wants to escalate the Flame War.
The Social Butterflies
A faction of the Fringe Alliance that emphasized neurotypical modes and manners of operation and is more open to a peace with the Mainstream Coalition. The Creativeminded people have a strong control here, though the neurodiverse definitely disa
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PSALW Rage of the Neurodiverse
Admiral Cookie Cutter, of the amalgated Neurodiversity Fleet Vanguard was reminded of why the mish-mash of weirdos that make up his nations are at war. Why the Neuro-atypical Spacey was in battle against the powers in the core. Ahh, she remembers. The scar etched on their collective counciousness by the violent and genocidal neurotypicals will never be forgotten. The Neurodiverse nations, especially the myriad autistic spectrum people remembered the Eugenics programs the neurotypicals forced on them during the oil wars under the guise of 'protecting humanity' nearly completely destroying the neuroatypical races from the Earth. The NTs had no problem building bullshit development and wasting oil in their glut. They didn't listen to the warnings from Hubbert on the peak. They had no problems forcing their so-called 'reality' on others and destroying those who dissent. They didn't listen to the crimes of the victims of their hipocrisy. They didn't listen to the Earth destroyed, nor the tr
:iconwarsie:Warsie 1 2
Trollan Niggaz
Tricksters on the Internet: Trolls, Hackers, Cyber-terrorists, Cyber-bullies, E-thugs and internet soldiers
The Trickster theme in mythology encompasses a lot of people. Ranging from manipulative people who mess with others for a comedy value, to creative minds who manage to well…create things, to people who bring science, to those who fight the power for great justice, tricksters are varied and interesting; as are some people who act similarly on the internet(s); which the paper will call cyberpunks. In order to keep this relatively-simple, this paper will divide them into ‘trolls’ and ‘hackers’, this is a strong simplification and includes many different and diverse people who often hate each other for myriad reasons. This paper will compare the trickster archetype in older mythology, some tricksters in more 'modern' things, the properties of tricksters and their actions to people and groups in the current day who do similar things on the internet; these peop
:iconwarsie:Warsie 1 2
Alliance-Imperial Fleet Comp.
Alliance Navy
The Alliance Navy consists of stolen, defected, donated or borrowed warships, converted freighters, fighter craft scattered around the Outer Rim, often in deep space, or orbiting Alliance-friendly planets. Unlike the Imperial Navy, there are no standardized sector fleets and taskforces. The smallest ones may only consist of a lone Nebulon Frigate or Escort Carrier up to large fleets consisting of a Home One cruiser, some smaller Calamari Cruisers and other ships. A common taskforce or small fleet would consist of a Calamari Cruiser, with accompanying Corellian Corvettes, Medium Transports and Nebulon Frigates, or other warships. The Alliance shipyards are scattered throughout the Outer Rim in some secret places, and the Alliance navy isn’t up to the standards of the Imperial Starfleet. The Rebel fleet is a hodge-podge array of desperate freedom fighters. In recent years, with the decline of the Empire, the New Republic has proven capable of designing new and improved
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The bridge of the new warship Longcat is 'buzzing'; as an old saying goes, with activity. People move up; checking, double-checking, triple-checking their stuff. Ansibles are checked that way; communication to other Fleets. Newsfeeds are ready. The central hologram displaying the entire galaxy at war is displayed here; and in other areas. In the War Room; that hologram is up there too; but also, the Fringer Commanders, Admirals, Generals and other people dress up, not too dressed up, many of the officers wearing 'normal' clothes; some wearing their uniforms heh. They don't care, the Mainstreamers consider civilianz and military the same, all scum to be killed. All cockroaches to be exterminated in the Mainstreamers' ideas. The officers are preparing and rearranging fleet deployments and groups. The Broad strategy is working. The Stingraid harassment of taskforces and groups has gained experinces and morale motivating. The Mainstreamers have been forced to rely more on having their flee
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Through the ruins of one of the cities, Fringer troops march. One of the border fringe worlds that fell in the first mainstreamer raids has been retaken; but the Mainstream armies retreated from this world; but a small battle occurred in orbit and the rear-guard occupying troops retreated quickly; shortly after their orbiting navy fled as well; before the fringers could blockade and invade. The anon march through a retaken city's streets. Looking up, they see the damage done; windows broken. Skyscrapers littered with holes. Bombed out shops and businesses. The sky is tinted red and yellow, a result of the particulates from combat, intersected with smokestacks from fires and such. Happy-faced /i/nsurgents and guerillas look, wave, and say 'sup', 'wassup' and 'greeting', rushing up to hug their liberators. Homeless and hurt people walk; limp through the streets. Anon troops walk through the debris, assisting and helping the hurt ones. One officer, wearing mittens counsels and assists a h
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Dan Coulter, now the leader of the Moralist faction of the Mainstream Coalition; looks at the turn of fortune for his side. From almost complete victory to a draw and disorganized retreat. He looks out the comm feed at one of these battles; a Mainstream fleet stalemated near the Chan Borders; right by one of the chan worlds; Anonychan. Visible from the feed, 2 Mainstream battleships, Real World and Michelle Malkin are in a medium orbit, in a long-range battle with some of the Anon space forces, the 2 mainstreamer warships shooting their 4 main 'Reality Check' plasma turrets at full power, several supporting gunships and frigates providing a screen of fire as well. Some Anon 'Hate Machines' are harassing the mainstreamers from a distance, while the fringer capital ships Nigga Moment and Rolly-Polly are part of a defense of the world, each going after the opposing Mainstream warships. Fighters commence light duels, occasionally casualties. An Anon Hate Machine takes a glancing hit; its'
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PSALW: Alliance Rassemble
Space is big. VERY big. Humoungously big. Yes I stole this from the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy. A world, in space is 7chan. Due to the assfucking of 4chan, the capital of the Chandia was moved to least temporarily. 7chan is the main center of one of the autonomous oblasts of the Chandia, like the russian-influenced 2ch. Back, far away into the past.........before the 1337-ebonics union. The 2ch originally had a majority-russian-speaking language, before their culture was absorbed and diffused into the rest of the chandia, 2ch still having many of its' culture based off the russian culture and language. There are others, like the furrychan and moar. These autonomous oblasts were made after 7chan, furrychan and the russian /b/ seceded in the emo-furry-wigger wars, angered at moot's prosecution of the war among other "insurpassable differences" with Moot's leadership, some dissenters calling it a dictatorship. Due to Moot's crackdowns, rebellions broke out on 4chan arou
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PSALW: Take The World
Lieutenant Mekim Liger just remembered….He was……..sad, he was wondrering………..he thinks back; he was fucked with for much of his life. Faggots yelled at him, punched and beat him, he was tormented in public, he was regulated and make into a second-class citizen by the system that was morphed; the old U-RIB was dead…he looks out and thinks, wondering about shit like “you deserve it” when he was hitten and jumped upon; “deal with it” when he was hitten and beaten by those fucking parents……his family members jumped him, cut his hair, beat him, etc. He remembers this all now. Being made into a second-class citizen…..being fucked with for much of his life……then he remembers some guy’s speeches….I think it was some anarchist, nay maybe it was Kirtaners’ speeches. He saw it on a stream from a world under uprising….that was not very long ago, but not recent. He remembers the Fringe Alliance, join
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Battle of Endor Analysis 2
The fleet pulled up when Lando noticed that the shields were still up, and the ships moved in random directions to avoid collision. Surprisingly during the turn around, the Alliance ships didn’t crash into each other. A few minutes later, they were turned around and started to reform. Admiral Ackbar ordered his ships to “take evasive action” meaning he trusted Calrissian; Calrissian volunteered for it. Ackbar might’ve ordered that evasive action as simple reflex of he noticed something was wrong but wasn’t sure what it was/ That might’ve been why he said “may the force be with us” (other than as a battle prayer)
Admiral Ackbar orders the Green Group to “stick close to holding sector MV-7” That might’ve meant he wanted the A-Wing Squadrons to stay close to the sector to defend it if necessary, but not to stay there, but be free to move some distance from it. The novelization says steer course for holding sector, however.
The Imperia
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Analyzing the Battle of Endor1
Conflict:  Galactic Civil War  
Date:  4 ABY  
Place:  In orbit, a few thousand kilometers above largest moon of gas giant Endor, also called Endor near and around half-built Death Star II as well as on Endor surface in Moddell Sector
Name: Battle of Endor [New Sun Campaign (Rebels)]
Type: Pre-emptive strike by Rebels, do-or-die attack?
Force Making Attack: Rebel Alliance
Opposition: Galactic Empire
Galactic Empire:
Emperor Palpatine
Darth Vader
Admiral Piett (Imperial Fleet)
Grand Admiral Teshik (Fleet commander post Executor destruction)
Captain Pellaeon (after Teshik’s capture)
Moff Jerjerrod (Death Star II)
Major Mianda (Death Star II TIE defense)
General Veers (Endor Garrison)
Colonel Covell (Second in Command in Garrison Defense)
Colonel Dyer (Responsible for defense of the control bunker)
Rebel Alliance:
Mon Mothma (Rebel Leader)
Admiral Ackbar (Rebel Fleet)
Lando Calrissian (Rebel Starfighters)
Brenn Tanto
:iconwarsie:Warsie 4 20
Analyzing the Battle of Hoth
Conflict: Galactic Civil War  
Date:  3 ABY  
Place:  The Northern Hemisphere of Hoth VI in the Ison Corridor
Name: Battle of Hoth
Type: Delaying Action for the Rebels
Force Making Attack: Galactic Empire
Opposition: Rebel Alliance
Galactic Empire:
Darth Vader
Grand General Brashin
Brenn Tantor (commanded General Veers and all other ground forces)
Admiral Piett (Imperial Fleet and blockade)
General Veers (Imperial Ground Assault)
Rebel Alliance:
General Rieekan (Hoth fleet and Ground forces and Evacuation)
Leia Organa (Hoth Evacuation)
Luke Skywalker (Rogue Squadron)
Wedge Antilles (Rogue Squadron after Luke Skywalker shot down)
Imperial Strength
Imperial Death Squadron, with ships likely borrowed from local sector fleet
 1 Executor-class Star Commandship (“Super Star Destroyer”)
 Executor (Star Dreadnought)
 7 Imperator-I Destroyers (“Imperial-class”)
 Defender (ISD)
 De
:iconwarsie:Warsie 1 0
Various things I type, ranging from analysis of various things in the Star Wars universe (major battle analysises, to fleet comparisons, to analysis of the Clone Wars in strategic scale, etc) to other shot xD


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Mature content
Pony Defeat At Stalliongrad :iconcurtsibling:curtsibling 305 551
Battle of Vermillion by kalnaf Battle of Vermillion :iconkalnaf:kalnaf 7 2
stuff I like :)



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I am a Star Wars Fan, Warsie here!
I am a OG Balla Representin Da Souf Sydeeee of Chi-City!

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1. Coffee and Donuts or Punch and Cake? 

Coffee and Donuts, of course. I don't like coffee but I'd prefer it to Punch and Cake. At least, currently.

2. What's your favorite soft drink? 

Purple Drank mah niggaz.....I mean Green River (local Chicago brewed soft drink. I haven't drink this too much so I still like it a bit. When I get used to it I will be 'meh')

3. Would you ever date with someone even if s/he had a Boy/Girlfriend? 

Well, I -technically- did. Or prompted a dissolution before swooping in. Uh, sure. Just "dating". Not much else because beyond that is questionable.

4. What are your thoughts about Justin Bieber? 


5. Scariest Movie you've ever seen?

Starship Troopers when I Was fucking 8-9 or something. That was Q__Q Scawwy. 

6. Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga? 

Minaj. "you a stupid hoe"

7. Why are French people so mean? 

Asspain from being surpassed by English-speaking countries. In Quebec, it's because they were/felt oppressed by English speakers for a period of time

8. Christian Mingle or eHarmony?

Nigga. Eharmony. No Abrahamics allowed here :D

9. What politician do you dislike? 

Well, that's hard to narrow down. Oh wall. Rahm Emmanuel (see NATO summit)

10. Would you ever fight a girl named "Playstationiqua"?    

If the motherfucka comes at me, man I have no choice to 0__0
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