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Silence in Wonderland
Time to play a game. Let's see who can act the most tame. With such confidence in their eyes, little do they know, it'll be their demise.
A young girl named Spade was walking through the land quietly. Her eyes were as red as blood; deep and dark. They were always moving, always on the watch. She clutched to her life-taking knife like it was her own life.
Spade's eyes quickly manuvered their way to the bush where she had just heard a noise from. Bring it on, she had thought. The warrior had quickly turned her body to the bush and held her sword out, ready to fight to the death. She then sighed when all she saw was a small, meak rabbit jump out of the bush.
"You have got to be kidding me!" Spade yelled.
It was far too long since her last battle. Her red dress was waiting for enemies blood to be splattered on it. It's not like anyone would notice. Spade's dressed was also blood read, her favorite color. To her, it had represtented victories. Victories of the fallen, for she was far
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Ocean - Tutorial by WarsBetweenMyself Ocean - Tutorial :iconwarsbetweenmyself:WarsBetweenMyself 3 7 Ocean by WarsBetweenMyself Ocean :iconwarsbetweenmyself:WarsBetweenMyself 2 15 Anger by WarsBetweenMyself Anger :iconwarsbetweenmyself:WarsBetweenMyself 1 1 Tagged Writting Meme by WarsBetweenMyself Tagged Writting Meme :iconwarsbetweenmyself:WarsBetweenMyself 0 7 Avery .. Fail. by WarsBetweenMyself Avery .. Fail. :iconwarsbetweenmyself:WarsBetweenMyself 2 5 Gamzee Makara by WarsBetweenMyself Gamzee Makara :iconwarsbetweenmyself:WarsBetweenMyself 6 4 scribbling-B's: Pouli by WarsBetweenMyself scribbling-B's: Pouli :iconwarsbetweenmyself:WarsBetweenMyself 1 19
This is What I Hide
Listening to music, she sits on her bed crying. She questions herself, "Why am I listening to music that makes me cry?" Her friend has questioned her about this many times and the only answer she can rely on is, "Just because."
Thinking about her past and how much she changed, she continues with the music. She was once a happy child, so full of life. Always seen with a smile on her face, eyes full of happiness. There was no such thing as make up to her unless it was for playtime. She only cried when she got a boo-boo. Her parents always could tell when she was upset and should would tell them why, not understanding why someone would lie. Her parents never yelled at her and she never got into fights. Her parents didn't argue with eachother and every night she would get told, "I love you, sweetheart."
Now, she's barely ever seen with a smile and her eyes are usually always dull and angry. Make up wasn't used for playtime, but to hide the pain and make her seem more beautiful and less ugl
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Tagger's questions:

1. Are you religious? Why / why not?
Nope~. Religion honestly doesn't interest me at all and I don't want to get into it.

2. What's your favourite cartoon?
Regular Show.

3. Do you use the internet a lot?
Too much..

4. xD , : ) , ; ) or : D ?

5. Are you a fan of BROMANCE? ouo
Hell to the yes.

6. Do you hug / brohug people a lot?
Not anymore.

7. Would you consider yourself annoying?

8. Why are you on deviantart?
I honestly forgot why I joined.
But I still stay on it because of my friend and I like the art.

9. Do you like football (soccer)? Which national team's your favourite? ♥
Well, I like America's.. obviously xD

10. What's your favourite breakfast? ouo
I like.. Chocolate Chip Pancakes~ ♥


1. Do you like Nutella?
2. If you watch TV: What's your favorite TV station?
3. What do you do here on dA?
4. Is there anyone you would like to meet in real life?
5. What type of music do you like?
6. Are you in any fandoms?
7. Do you have any fears?
8. Got any pets?
9. Favorite genre to read?
10. How are you today?

... I'm not tagging anyone -_-
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Personal Quote: "If I had a 'Top 10 Most Wanted' list, you'd be number one." - Me



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