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If you don't know who I am, just call me Jacinta. You should stick around if you want to witness a perfect girl doing her thing with magical powers. I'm such a good girl at heart, who is just misunderstood; so don't listen to those haters, they are just jealous heehee.

There is something about becoming more knowledgeable, powerful and beautiful from each encounter has a certain euphoria about it that is addicting. I have no friends, which is no longer a big problem. I thought I would flex that I absorbed my old ones; they were magical too by the way. ;) They always seemed to get too big for their boots, it's such a shame, so I had to clean them up, usually with just a little swirl of my finger. 

I was going to the mall, but first I needed to reform my body into something more anonymous. With my face compromised here at Orion, partly from my little power trip yesterday with the destruction and those people that joined my body; including that magical girl Jihyo who added to my ever-growing power and beauty; I must find more like her, I have learned so much it's not funny! For example, like: new outfits and physical attributes, so I can always look at my best; coordinates to different planets I could explore if get bored; ways to express my magical power in elegant fashion; I could go on forever, you get it!

I just wanted to come across as innocent, was there a better way to start than the face? I scattered into glowing green particles and reformed inside my large walk-in wardrobe with a 270 degrees spanning mirror. It was about time I switched my face around; I looked amazing already, but I thought I could one up myself. Cheekily twitching my nose from side to side, I watched as green particles erupted on top of it; visibly my nose began to thin out until getting to the nostrils side where it shaped into a cute button.

"Cute! Let us take it for a little spin" I gushed, admiring my new nose from twisting my head in different directions. A little wiggle from my nose, sparked my hair swirling downwards with an extension all the way to my feet. Brown infected through my hair with little cute blonde highlights that subtly poked through. It felt like a hot brush going through my hair as my hair color settled, making subtle waves throughout my hair. My nose felt amazing, so magically powerful; I wonder what my limit would be? "I think I would like my hair 'shorter'" I smirkingly giggled, instantly my hairline extended past my chest snipped off and disappeared into green energy, then re-merging back to my body.

Claireabbotjacinta by Warrone

Checking my eyebrows out in the mirror, I thought they could be thinner. I pinched my index finger and thumb together in front of me, focusing on my brows through the mirror. My brows thinned and trimmed in batches from left to right; I love how they thinned even more as they swept outwards.
While I was looking around the eyes, my eyelashes slightly extended and increased in thickness from a tiny swirl of my glittery green nailed fingers behind my back. Now it was the color, with each word I spoke the color of my eyes changed exactly to it; "Green", "Blue", Pink", "Red", Yellow, Brown, "Purple" and "Orange". Green was just so pretty and it's my energy color so it was definitely up there in the choices. Brown though suits my hair so well that I am placed on edge about it. I thought of a good idea to solve this.

I gently flicked my index finger to the side of me, flying out of it was a miniature green spark that exploded in flight. From thin air, the Korean girl Jihyo popped into sight. She had a big smirk on her cute-ish Asian face, like I made a mistake in bringing her back to the real world. Still wearing her tight skinny blue jeans that hugged her skinny legs and thick booty, she looked down teasingly to her glossy red high heel sandals on her feet as she noticed I was checking her out. Sticking out like fire, (ugh!) was her red tank top, without that white undershirt underneath her boobage would spill out everywhere like a bikini. It was difficult to admit, but her boobs were larger than mine by a few cup sizes, this made me a little angry inside. I must have the biggest boobs in the room, because the world is all about me, only I can be the most powerful and beautiful; though I urge girls to come to challenge me, I'll happily take their powers and beauty, heehee.

I wondered what she wanted to do to me in her mind after I defeated her so easily last time. I guess there is only one way to check...

I closed my eyes and concentrated on her; I could feel myself lingering in her thoughts similarly if I tapped in a phone call. I felt a heavy hatred as she laid eyes on me, wanting to crush me over and over again. Also turning me into high heels and break me from the pressure she put me under. She seemed such a bubbly character before; aww isn't that cute that I struck a nerve from a rival.

In her smug cutesy voice, she circled around me. "Thanks for bringing me back, that was a big mistake on your part. You after all lied about me never coming back."

With a surprised look on my face, I didn't know what she was getting at. "Was it? I think it was a great idea. You see I only brought you back so you could tell me which eye color of mine is better." I smirked, flickering my eyes a bit back and forth between the colors I tossed up on.

"Oh it definitely was a mistake." she confidently posed, I could feel she just wanted to ruin me but I had other plans.

I swirled my body into a spiral in front of her. "Show me why!" I demanded, growing impatient with her threats.

"With pleasure." She held her hand out in front and a red energy wand popped instantly into reality, inside of her hand. The wand had a glowing gold star at the end of the handle, giving off such a powerful aura about it from my senses. She smirkingly flipped it inside her hand with such skill, like a magician handling a deck of cards. "For emergencies like this, you like?" she giggled, focusing on the power inside the wand. "I'm going to have so much fun with you!" She purred.

"Oh I certainly do like, it's just what I was after." I winked, looking at her wand and seeing it's value. 

She pointed her new wand at me with a determined look on her face, red energy gushing out just waiting to be expelled. Energy pulsed out of the end of the wand directly towards my body. It showed such a glare that it would blind a normal person if they looked into it. "Just returning the favor! heehee" Jihyo giggled, pumping her other hand in the air in delight.

The energy connected with my stomach, this was definitely her way of getting her magic back from absorbing mine. It was nothing more than tickles on my body, nothing serious at all. I scattered my body directly inside of it and appeared next to her to her surprise with a flirty look on my face. "Hi!" I chuckled, noticing I caught her off guard.

Jihyo tracked her wand with the already pulsing beam towards me at my new location. I simply placed my finger on the end of her wand, feeling all the energy oozing from out of the tip of her wand; heavy sizzling sound echoed throughout the house similar to red hot steel hitting water, that would of got the attention of the neighbors. The energy stopped flowing out from the wand to Jihyo's surprise, I completely absorbed the blast entirely with a little smirk on my face. Using her thoughts I manipulated her with my my mind. Twitching and stuttering from my influence telling her what to do, she reluctantly placed the wand in my hands like a robot considering its options. "Thanks!" I giggled. Having such a once powerful girl under my spell, made me feel so powerful and just a all round superior goddess heehee.

Confused and defeated again. "Ugh, why did I just do that?" she stammered, certainly shaken and stirred from my influence.

I positioned the wand vertically into my cleavage and teasingly lowered it deep inside it with my finger, locking my eyes with Jihyo, I showed a little smirk of victory. I could feel the wands energy flowing into my body, growing my already powerful energy even further; it felt so good I had to hold myself back or else I would explode. Eventually the wands energy completely absorbed inside my body and it just shriveled and crumpled into dust, spilling all over the floor and over my boobs. A little squish of my boobs together and the dust disappeared into me.

"That was hot, how about you next?" I teasingly pressed myself up against her boobs, making her squirm a little as she was used to being the dominant one. The longer I left my chest on hers the smaller her breasts shrunk and mine grew, this felt so good especially as I passed her in size. Her boobs were left with a cute "A cup" with her top giving the impression it was too big for her. While my boobs grew to G and spilled out of my super revealing top. I jiggled them in front of her a little to torment her that I had her boobs. "Mine are gorgeously big and yours are so small." I giggled, projecting my voice in a cute sadistic tone. 

Looking at her lips they were so plump and glossy, so of course I leaned in and kissed her deeply on them; my lips grew subtly more plump and boasted a more glossy red appearance with each second passed of our lips locked. It was the least I could do when she stole from me yesterday.

"You are such a bitch!" She sneered, wiggling her nose a little to try to force some magic out. She stood humiliated again, no magic to fight back against me. It was just so fun playing with her.

"Oh, I know and I love it." I giggled, loving the way I am. I'm not your average girl, my competitive drive seems to always put other chicks against me. So upsetting them usually means I win, which is where the love is for me. I've been like this all my life and I love it, if you're perfect why would you change?

"You shouldn't be, you're ugly!" She exclaimed, right up to my face. "People will come for me. You'll be finished soon enough."

"Thanks!" I grinned, she is going to send other girls for me to play with! "So now, how about my eye color?" I blink my eyes and my color changes to a vibrant green color, pushing my face into her vision to get her attention. "Green?"
I blink my eyes again and they change to brown. "Brown?"

She was so mad but she took it on the chin, not even any struggle. I respected that. "Thanks for being such a cute rival heehee!" I giggled, showing off my pretty face off to her with a little pout. I wanted to move on though, spending so much time getting dressed is such a mortal girly thing, ugh! "so what color should it be?" I smiled, flickering my eyes between the colors one more time from quick blinks.

As I reviewed her face, a slight smirked crept in over her face. "Green I think looks alright." She forcefully frowned, hesitant on her answer.

"You think I'm stupid?" I glowered, she purposely picked green in her mind because she thought brown was better.  

She had a look of surprise on her face as I caught her out trying to sabotage me. Smirking, I pulled her in close and whispered in her ear "Heels". I giggled as her body twisted and shrunk to the size of a shoe in a split second. After her small body began morphing at a geometric rate. Shaping into a blank high heel sandal. Pure gold braids appeared, weaving distinctively on the back end off the heel all the way down to the spike. Popping out of the heel, a modest ankle strap with a shiny gold buckle weaved around it like someone already fastened the strap. Lastly, the heel was missing a important finish. "Lovely green on top with a cream under sole" I giggled, pointing at my new heels. The color wiped on in an instant, shining brightly in the reflection of the sun.

Scattering and reforming my body inside my new heels, the ankle straps fastened as I laid eyes on them for a tight fit. "Who is better?" I smirkingly chuckled, strutting up the in the room back and forth. They were super cute, really showing off my sparkly green toe nails and my small feet.

Greenheelsjacinta by Warrone

"That was fun!" I teased, smiling at my new heels. She was probably the most magically powerful to rival me and she still lost, so easy. ;)

Moving on to the rest of my outfit, I outlined a low cut top with my finger on my body. I shrunk my boobs just slightly to a D Cup size, feeling that is a really great proportion so all my body gets attention. "Black latex" I whispered cutely, snapping my fingers. Looking down at my top half, latex morphed directly on top of my skin covering a into a shiny black latex low cut off shoulder top. The top felt perfectly over my body, exactly like latex should. Glaring in to the mirror, it showed off every curve I had in my upper half and such a dominating message that I could definitely back up in action. ;)

I plunged my knees downwards in a quick motion and popped back up. A green pencil skirt appeared from up to my waist to just above my knees in length, flaunting my curvy hips and plump behind for everyone to gaze at. Such a elegant type of skirt, you need a wealth of curves to even pull it off or it just looks ugly and you know I got goods. ;) 

Finally done with my outfit, extremely happy how it turned out. I wanted to go now to the mall and cause some trouble over the other side of the city. Socially I still crave for attention. I am not entirely independent by nature, I am willing to accept that. I would be identified by lesbian, girls are just so hot and guys are just nah to me. What I have learned that men sometimes are the dominant gender in planets, which I find quite laughable where I am from. Our energy alone is enough to reproduce, we don't need men or women to help us but we can reproduce that way if we want to. But most of us take the identity of women because feminine traits are at a center of our existence.

Thinking about the Jessalinko mall which is just outside the central area of the City. Once I had a fix on the location I instantly I disappeared into nothing and reappeared directly out the front steps. Hearing a gasp from a woman, a second after I appeared, most likely scaring her as I popped in. A little flashback played in my mind like a movie, I saw a cup full of liquid being spilled all over me. I instantly processed it, freezing time all around me by wiggling my nose slightly. Turning myself towards in the direction of the sound I heard, I noticed a paper cup stuck in free fall. On inspection she dropped it in a panic, on its way to spill all over my legs and heels. Usually I would be mad but the woman was absolutely no threat to me and was half my fault. I picked up the cup and scooped up all the floating milk and placed it in her frozen in timed hand firmly. "Resume" I whispered under my breath. Time flowed on normally again, without any suspicion.

She looked at me in awe in her black tracksuit pants, also with a thick grey hoodie with a blue elephant printed over it. She wore running shoes which were in poor condition. Her body was like paper thin, no curves at all. Her face was tired, usually girls would wear makeup but she didn't. Her hair on inspection needed a good comb, all though wind speed was literally zero. She didn't look very attractive to me and she definitely wasn't trying to be, I respected that.

"You should be more careful." I playfully winked, smirking as well while looking at her cup.

The woman gasped, heavily breathing. "H-how?"

"Because I felt like taking a shortcut, public transport sucks and I don't want to drive." I explained, laying my hand flat out in front of me.

Fishing for compliments, obviously she definitely was amazed with what I can do. Focusing my eyes on my hand. I made tiny green energy balls appear above my fingers, scripting them bounce between my fingers playfully back and forth. "heehee, cute right?" I giggled. I dropped my hand and the balls dropped to the floor bouncing up and down on the spot like they were made of rubber.  

This woman looked homeless or possibly poor, even I don't want to see that. I guess I better do my good deed for the day, though it doesn't suit me. I thought of 500 Origins, which is the highest currency note Orian has. Snapping my fingers, the balls exploded into thousands of 500 Origin notes everywhere around us. They floated aimlessly in the sky, like feathers.

The woman sprang to her feet, looking at the flying notes in the sky like a first meal she has had in a week. "OMG, thank you!"  Jumping up into the air, she snatched the floating money one by one in mid air. While swarms of other people flocked as well to get their own serving.

I walked on my way up the steps towards the main entrance to the mall and left the flocks of people that were rushing for the money. Made me feel so good that I am not bound by money, if I wanted to I could snap up more gold in front of me than the planet's whole reserve in a second. Though I wouldn't want that, it would send the market into a crash because all currencies wealth is backed up by gold. I had no plans to leave this planet any time soon, so probably wouldn't be a good idea. 

It's my favorite mall I have ever been to and I have seen my fair share of malls. One of my most favorite parts is most of the exterior is green and the rest is panels of glass. It's so huge as well, it even has its own suburb consisted of the mall only called Jessalinko.
The shapes of the buildings are really boxy, there aren't a whole lot of curves to them. Inside is really sterile and has a beautiful neon green glow throughout the floors. One of the reasons I come here is for the fashion, it's the fashion mall of the planet. They have modeling agencies here, 24/7 fashion runways showcasing the latest trends, if there is a major brand of clothing it will be bound to be in this place. Girls has got to look good right? I can't think of a better place to expand my wardrobe. All I need to do is look at something and I can wear it over my body from a mere thought, though it's best to take it out of circulation all together so no one is stealing your style.

As soon as I walked in the front door, I smelled the lovely aroma of the mall and the air temperature cooled comfortably. Feeling eyes were on me, which is always good when you are making a statement. Of course they loved what they saw, I had everything a girl could have, beauty, power and personality heehee. I walked through the food court and into the fashion section, my heels loud as ever on the neon green marble floor. I saw a white latex tube top out of the corner of my eyes, out of the front of the store as I was walking past. It was super cute, must of been new stock. It was such a bright shiny white and it would expose my midriff just that little bit more. I had to have it for myself. I walked up to the clothes rack which consisted of only that same top and placed my finger in that direction of the whole rack. I pulled back on my finger like a vacuum and in a instant the tops vanished inside the deep recess of my finger. I couldn't have any copies still in the store laying around; so I twitched my nose cheekily, deleting any of them out the back of the store's stock in a instant. No one would even know. Girls wearing the same as me is a no go, I can't have them copying my style.

I turned around and a woman to my surprise faced me directly in front, wearing that same white top I sucked up into my collection. She also wore a black mini skirt and white pump high heels on her thin frame. Facing me for a confrontational, with a slight look of disgust on her face. "I see what you're doing and I don't like it, put those tops back or I'll make you." She frowned, pointing her finger at me in a bitchy way. 

I always hated girls like this, they think they own the place. "How about you make me?" I smirked, putting my hands on my hips. Hoping she did her worst, I wondered what it could be.

Not pleased with my response, she raised her hand up in front of me to channel some magic, showing a little smile as she did, so sure of herself. To her surprise, nothing happened. Again she jolted her hand up towards me. "What the?" She stood surprised, none of her abilities were working.

I smiled, walking a little closer to her. "Yeah about that, I absorb any magic around me. Such a shame, you had such potential heehee." Quickly wiggling my ear, I looked at the girl with a cheeky smile, knowing I outplayed her. She turned into to a pair of gold earrings instantly, dropping to the ground in front of me. They were exactly her favorite style, pure gold with a diamond star molded in the frame of the thick ring. It's so cute turning girls into things that mean so much to them. I stepped on my new earrings on the floor with my heel spike, they merged with my body instantly and resurfaced on my ears in a second. She was also the creator of that white latex tube top, looking into her memories inside myself. How cute, standing up to a powerful goddess like me heehee. 

Walking on from the place of our confrontation, I stepped on the escalator to the second floor. I heard a explosion coming from the heart of the city, this caught me by surprise. I felt a strange energy coming from there, though I couldn't quite pick up what. Seconds passed from the explosion, a blue electrical storm flooded through the mall, infecting every person from what I could see around me. Instantly after the storm dissipated, I noticed the people's eyes were glowing a vibrant blue color and they all went out of their way to face the same direction towards the city like they were hypnotized. This was extremely weird, I scattered and reformed in a hurry in front of one of the girls under a spell. Waving my arms in front of her, she didn't respond at all to it; I was being ignored and I hated it.

Stamping my feet in frustration, smashing a huge hole in the floor. "How dare they turn my playground into theirs!" I exclaimed, feeling angry that some person is trying to upset the planet on a large scale.  I swung my arms outwards with anger, causing my own little green electrical storm to fly through the city. Mine infected every person this person did, turning the people back to normal. They walked on like nothing happened though they were a little foggy from closer inspection. 

I had to meet this person, who ever they were they were in for trouble. No one tries to mess with my way of life.

Scattering from the mall, I reformed in mid air at the energy signature which was over the vast city. I instantly noticed the person I was looking for, you couldn't miss her at this size. She looked at me dead into my eyes from a distance, like she was waiting for someone to arrive. She was sitting down crossed legged over a building fifty or so storeys high, she was a giantess and a magical one. One of the first things I noticed was her cute model face, perfect button nose, plump pink lips and glowing blues eyes. Wavy brown long hair that reached to her hips, which is a fashionable style that I envied just a smidgen how she pulled it off. Her perky big boobs in a extremely low cut black top in a white energy push up bra, were extremely memorizing to look at and she knew it. A slight blue waist skirt, almost the same color as her energy which was gushing out of her left index finger while looking flirty as she crushed the high rise building beneath her bum. Her heels were quite conservative surprisingly, pointy cream pumps styled heels, that were custom made a tad higher than standard. This girl knew her fashion, of course not as much as me. She made a huge mistake trying to conquer my planet, "I'll just take her magic and her goddess height and she will just be a normal girl. heehee, this is going to be fun." I thought, smiling directly at her.

goddessPenelopestory by Warrone

With her still gazing at me after thirty or so seconds, she wiggled her bottom a little on the high-rise building. "I know what you're thinking, you can't have me. Quite the opposite in fact for me though. I'm impressed that my magic didn't have any influence over you; no matter, it was never made to control magical slaves. So I'll make sure I do something special for you." The giant woman innocently smiled, projecting her cute feminine voice over miles of distance between us.
Calm before the storm, the storm being the next part. Enjoy ;)
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You should stick around if you want to witness a perfect girl doing her thing with magical powers.

Guess I'll be sticking around then! ;)
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