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Update 2:
The group submissions are now closed.
Again, if you still want to show your art to the community here, join the new group WarriorsArts

Thanks to all that have contributed here and shared their art, but sadly it's now time to close it up and move on.


I will be closing the group at Friday the 29th September around 23:00 CEST/GMT+2. (If you want to know what that is in your time zone you can either google or use this link here

So if you STILL want to be a part of this community and all i suggest heading over to our new group over at WarriorsArts <---
So far the group is growing and have some good activity :)


Hello guys :)!
As mentioned before below me and Geelly have re-started a new Warriors Group and closing submissions on this one in a few days.
The new group can be found here WarriorsArts <--- We are also throwing a small icon contest for the new group! So be ready to check that out and join if you want to c:

The art will be closed here in the coming week! If you STILL want to be a part of this community, i suggest moving over to the new one c:

Our Discord server:
A very relaxed and laid-back where you can share art and what not c:

  ---> :iconwarriorsarts: <---

This is a topic that have been taken up on our Discord server at first so now I'm sharing it with the rest of the group as i got positive response at least there.

Let's be honest, this group is a bit off a mess when it comes to folders and what not there's a bit of clutter going on. I been thinking for a bit about closing up the group and open a new and improved one that is more in touch with the community when it comes to including in contests and what not. The founder here left without a trace a few years back and i tried my best to keep things flowing, but it's just so much i can do really. At first i just wanted to close this down and that was it, but the community here deserve better for all the great art that is being posted to this group every day and that is why I'm going to make a new one based on the Warrior Cats.

I will not just shut it down all suddenly i will make the new group and keep this for a few days open until i close the submissions. I'm not going to delete it, just close the submissions.

I'm hopping that a lot of you guys will join on this new group and not get demotivated that this one goes down, getting a fresh start is something i think is a good thing for both parts here duo to the sudden leave of the founder herself.

More info on the new group will come this coming week, even today if i feel a bit productive on this front i may even have more info later today c:

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to voice them up, i or our contributor will answer as honestly as we can on this.

Our Discord server:
A very relaxed and laid-back where you can share art and what not c:
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The Wild World of Roleplay~

WarriorsFans is proud to be one of the only groups on dA to have a ROLEPLAY section, which happens to be literate. We currently have five Clans which are open to roleplay, also called RPing, in.

Icon -Clan - Leader - Username

CreekClan - Leader Reserved for Admin
WFDawnClan - Leader Reserved for an Admin
FlameClan - Leader reserved for an Admin
:iconleaf-clan-rp:-Leaf-Clan-RP - Akitastar [0pulent]
:iconrock-clan-rp:-Rock-Clan-RP - Spottedstar [K9Creator]

-=The Most Honorable of Warriors=-

These wonderful deviants have valiantly upheld the Warrior code.

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If you don't submit to the right folder it will be declined

One of deviantART's first Warriors cats groups. It features a literate Roleplay section, as well as updates and reviews on the saga of books by Erin Hunter. Contests and prizes are given out every few months or so!

Help this group evolve, by making us a Super-Group!
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Welcome to WarriorsFans!
The 'home' for all the Warriors cats fans out there on dA.

Please take time to read over these simple rules for our group:

NO SMS: we like to keep things looking clean and easy to read, so please be respectful and put forth the effort to spell out your words fully.

example of SMS typing: 'i luv warriors so u luv it 2?'
example of approved format: 'I love Warriors so much... do you love it too?'

NO PUT DOWNS: Respect your fellow members, do not taunt, flame or verbally abuse any deviant, no matter what the reason. Such behavior will get you a fair warning and if the behavior persists, you will be banned.

We Do Not Accept Submissions To Featured


Our chatroom.…

We encourage you to join our Warriors community! Become a part of the action and feel free to join our RPs, as well as suggest favorite Warrior Fan-art to be featured in our fav-gallery.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our fellow moderators bellow. We are happy to help :)

:bulletred: How to submit art: To submit you either click on your name at the group under the logo to submit deviant or click on the gallery and click on the "+" beside the folder's or the "submit to gallery" on the same page. Or the blue banner on the front page where it stands "submit art"







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Looking for a Warriors RP group~?

---We are a Roleplaying-focused group.
---Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.
---All unique clans and tribes included.
---Prophecy-Driven Story
---Some High Ranks still available.
---We offer shops to improve your characters and challenge you for rewards.
---Rewards for Active Members
---Active Admins
---Mystical Themes

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