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Welcome to WarriorsCatsClubArt!


:heart:Please keep reading our general guidelines below for info or questions you might have!:heart:


:bulletred: You can join even if you don't draw Warriors, as long as you love it~

:bulletred: Do NOT ask if you can join! Just do the following:

:bulletred: Click on the "join group" button on the left side of our main page. You will be automatically accepted. So DO NOT thank me for letting you join!

:bulletred: If you cannot find the join button, let me know and I will send you an invite. :)

:bulletred: Check your correspondence in your notifications...there should be a message there saying that you've been accepted! :thumbsup:







:police: (NOTE: You MUST be a member to submit to our gallery. You can submit up to 5 deviations to our gallery per day.)

:bulletblue: Click on the "contribute art" button at the top of the page.

:bulletblue: Use the drop down menu to select the correct folder for your submission.

:bulletblue: Choose the Warriors art from your gallery.

:bulletblue: Please submit your picture ONLY ONCE. It will be added to the gallery after being looked over by me or a moderator.

:bulletblue: If your art gets declined, please review our submission guidelines. If your art doesn't get confirmation in the next 48 hours you've submitted it, please note me directly.

:bulletblue: If you submit to the wrong folder, please let me know so I can change it.

:bulletblue: If you don't know where to submit, please keep reading below or ask me any questions. :)


:bulletgreen: Featured - This folder is off limits and is reserved for our Admins!

:bulletgreen: Mixed Clans - Multiple Canon cats from different clans (Example: A Gathering)

:bulletgreen: Thunderclan - ONLY Canon Thunderclan characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Shadowclan - ONLY Canon Shadowclan characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Riverclan - ONLY Canon Riverclan characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Windclan - ONLY Canon Windclan characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Skyclan - ONLY Canon Skyclan characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Bloodclan - ONLY Canon Bloodclan characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Tribe of Rushing Water - ONLY Canon Tribe of Rushing Water characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Rogues and Loners - ONLY Canon Rogues and Loners characters from the books.

:bulletgreen: Kittypets - ONLY Canon Kittypet characters form the books.

:bulletgreen: Comics and Memes - Canon or OC cats accepted.

:bulletgreen: Ships - ONLY Warriors ships from the books (NO OCs).
(NOTE: Ships can be non-canon; Example: Mothpool)

:bulletgreen: OCs - Any OCs that are related to Warriors.

:bulletgreen: Contest and Challenge Entries - Entries for Open Contests and Challenges that are held in THIS GROUP ONLY

:bulletgreen: Adoptables and YCHs - Any Warriors related Adoptables or YCHs. (Regular cat YCHs are accpeted!)

:bulletgreen: Literature - Any Fanfiction, Poems, AUs, Rants, Discussions, or Roleplaying journals.


:bulletpurple: Photography is not accepted.

:bulletpurple: If you submit an OC, please make sure that is is a Warriors OC.

:bulletpurple: If a picture contains both a character from the book and an OC, please submit it to the OCs folder.

:bulletpurple: We don't accept pictures that are just eyes, paws, etc.

:bulletpurple: If a cat was born in one clan but switches to a different clan, please submit the cat to the clan you drew them in.
(Example: Tawnykit belongs in Thunderclan, but Tawnypelt belongs in the Shadowclan folder)

:bulletpurple: Do not submit anything with strong sexual or suggestive themes. Gore is accepted as long as the mature content filter is on.

:bulletpurple: Journals and deviations advertising anything are also not allowed in our gallery - if you'd like to advertise something, please advertise it in our ADVERTISE YOURSELF FOLDER.

:bulletpurple: Please only submit your own art. If you find some Warriors art besides your own that you'd like to add to our group, add it to our favourites instead. :)


:bulletorange: This is the place to meet, chat, and Roleplay with other Warriors fans!

:bulletorange: Please take care in keeping the journals safe, friendly, and welcoming.

:bulletorange: Any harassment or bullying will NOT be tolerated. You get 1 warning, and then you will be kicked out.

:bulletorange: Disagreeing with someone and light arguments are totally acceptable! But please be aware of respecting one's beliefs and opinions.

:bulletorange: Our main chat journals have already been stated at the top of these guidelines. Keep reading below for other places to receive help!




:police: Warning: Please take care in keeping WarriorsCatsClubArt a fun place to discuss, post, and share everything about our favorite book series: Warriors. Flamers, art thieves, tracers, or people who cause problems will get banned from the group, and we don't want that! If someone is causing problems, please report it to me IMMEDIATELY! :police:

If you have any questions just ask me or anyone here in our community!

May Starclan light your path fellow Warriors!
- Your founder, Iycewing :heart:

:bulletblue: Blackstar murdered Stonefur yet became Shadowclan's leader.
Is Blackstar a good or bad cat?

:bulletblue: Why or why not?


:bulletgreen: Should Blackstar be in the Dark Forest since he murdered a cat?


:bulletred: If you choose to comment, please reply to AT LEAST 1 other person to start a debate.
Try to pick people with no or little responses to their comments!
This rule is put so we can all debate and interact!^^

:bulletred: Please favorite this journal if debating. :0

:bulletred: Your debates/responses should be AT LEAST 2-3 sentences long to thoroughly express your opinion!


Q: What is a monthly debate journal?
A: A monthly debate journal is where we ask a controversial question about certain characters or scenes from our favorite series: Warriors.

Q: Can I participate and share my opinion?
A: Of course! Just keep reading everything above first.

Q: How do I start a debate and share my opinion?
A: Comment on this journal and reply to others to work up a conversation!

:police: WARNING :police:

:bulletorange: Please take care in keeping the journals safe, friendly, and welcoming.
:bulletorange: Please be aware that these discussion contain SPOILERS for ALL of the books!
:bulletorange: Any harassment or bullying will NOT be tolerated. You get 1 warning, and then you will be kicked out.
:bulletorange: Disagreeing with someone and light arguments are totally acceptable! But please be aware of respecting one's beliefs and opinions.

Happy hunting fellow Warriors!
- Iycewing :heart:
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Group Info

We are fans of the series Warriors by the Erin Hunters and welcome any Warrior Cat related art! Any fan art, ships, OCs, comics, adoptables, literature, etc. are welcomed in this group.
May Starclan light your path!
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XxJenaStarxX Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
may i ask u guys how are your pfp animated, i realy want to make one myself :3
CanineDragons Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019  Student General Artist
We don't have an animated profile picture, I think you've might of commented on the wrong page.
XxJenaStarxX Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no i meant some of the artist here have animated pfp so i wanted to know how am i supposed to do that
XxJenaStarxX Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
after 9 months i finally returned and joined the group La la la la 
CanineDragons Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019  Student General Artist
Welcome back!
Ivyleaf1408 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I have a question/suggestion. Would a drawing of a landmark significant to a clan (example snakerocks, sunningrocks, or the carrion place.) go in that clans folder?
If not would you guys be open to make a new folder just for like maps of the territories and landmarks and such? I feel like it give some more diversity to whats posted here. I know I draw the highrock all the time. But I don't know if I can submit it here.

Just something I've been curious about for awhile. Because When I do draw these more landscape like pieces I don't draw any cats there most of the time. I just feel a folder just for the world landmarks might be interesting. I'd be cool to see how people imagine these places, and maybe drawings of how they imagine the clan's camps?

I don't mind if you disagree or if you can't do this, but I figured I'd say something since I've been wondering about. Thanks for reading this!
iycewing Featured By Owner May 1, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Hi! That's right, if it's a map of the Thunderclan forest, it would go into the Thunderclan folder etc etc. 
That's a good idea, thank you for suggesting that! I'll definitely think about it :D
Happy hunting!
Ivyleaf1408 Featured By Owner May 1, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Well alright then! Thanks so much for telling me!

And thanks for just considering the idea! 
Polarstarofcloudclan Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Were do i put cats like fallen leaves whispering breeze ECT
catssrule Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Id say fallen leaves goes with tribe of rushing water
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