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On the Stars' steps - Prequel (part 1)Here is the first part of On the Stars' steps' prequel ! Finally had the courage to translate it. Since I'm not a native english speaker, I may have made mistakes, so if you see any, please let me know so I can correct them !___________________________________________________________________________________A golden strike shot out the bushes. Panicked, the bright-colored animal was running recklessly through the woods. Fear was making her sick while incessant cramps were hurting her stomach endlessly. The time had finally come, but without any shelter to hide from sights and cold, a deadly end would take shape in front of the lonely female. Finally, after many minutes of research, a glimmer of hope started to shine before her eyes. Generous bushes, a large-rooted tree, and a burrow in-between them. The air was pure, no other animal scent seemed to be here, not even in the den that must have been inhabited by a badger. The she-cat slithered quickly between the leaves, cramps getting less and less violent as she was relieved to find somewhere to hide. She settled in the lair while making sure no one was here to chase her, and sighed. Another abdominal pain, and the labor started. The female was breathing wearily and heavily, trying her best to stay calm despite her fear and anxiety. Her underside was wet, showing that she had little time left before the fateful moment. Suddenly, feeling that not a single second was left, she took a last inhalation and pushed with all her might. Two whole moons carrying them, to finally get to this wonderful moment. The she-cat bent the spine. She was almost there, it was about to be over, she was finally going to meet them. Despite her clouded and tired mind, she managed to find the force to ultimately end it. The kitten fell on the ground, its slimy fluff glued against its body. The female collapsed for a moment while breathing heavily, exhausted by such a tough experience, and quickly came back to her kit. Instinctively, she pulled it closer and started to groom it carefully. The kitten, a small she-cat, was squirming and squealing, already trying to find her mother’s nipples in order to taste her first meal. The small grooming session lasted a few more minutes, before the female felt another strike of pain in her belly. She groaned, not wanting to do it again, but gritted her fangs nonetheless, aiming at giving birth to this second child. The operation wasn’t any easier for the young mother, but the kitten ended up coming to the world in his turn, breathing unwillingly its first mouthful of air. It was meowing and chirping furiously, probably upset to be forced to leave its cozy nest like this. Despite her tiredness, the female immediately started to groom the newcomer, a tiny male, with as much care as she gave his sister. Once the two kits were clean and dry, their voracious newborn instincts led them on their mom’s breast path. Meanwhile, the young she-cat was only seeing in this scenery her kittens’ perfection, admiring their cute little faces. “They’re so beautiful…” she murmured, awed by her dear children.She was so proud, she just gave birth to her very first litter, alone, without anyone’s help. The kits seemed to be in good health, ready to valiantly face life. The young mother sighed from joy and happiness, her two kittens pressed against her belly, and she laid her head on the ground. After so many efforts and emotions, she deserved a good nap… When the sun started to rise, Colza yawned, showing all her pointy fangs, and gazed at her two kittens. Bathed by some warm sun beams coming through the leaves, she had the chance to have a better look at them and admire their thin fluff.The male’s fur was pretty similar to hers ; golden with a caramel-colored back. The she-kit had an even brighter pelt, stripped not unlike her father’s coat. Her father…Colza could feel her throat clench as she was remembering about the one who gave her the two gems who were now sleeping against her. She terribly missed her mate, Ace. If things had been simpler, they would have never splat up, but fate had decided otherwise.Loner since her birth, Colza only knew street, fear, and hunger. Ace had been her savior, he showed her a better life, a life full of pleasure and love. The handsome iced-gazed male was a domestic cat, a privileged. He didn’t know hunger, he never lived in the fear of not seeing his parents return home, he never worried about getting hurt by a car, and he always had a house where he could hide during bad weather. Despite his superiority, he had took Colza under his care, he helped her find food on famine days, he provided her a shelter to hide from the other neighborhood cats, and he gave her what she needed the most : a friend. The poor female only had her sister as a confident, their parents being too busy looking for food and their brother having joined a cat group in another street. The young she-cat had seemed to lose everything when her own sister fell in love with a tom and ended up abandoning her. But Ace then came into her life.He jostled everything, he did everything for her. Colza finally felt loved, and the two companions quickly became more than just friends. This connection was so strong that Ace’s humans had almost adopted Colza ; they were letting her come inside of their house, they were giving her food, and they were treating her like she was part of their household. Even the beautiful female had started to tolerate their pettings. It was after a few moons spent in this den that the short she-cat’s belly had started to get round, and soon it was obvious that she was pregnant. Ace and her were both filled with joy and excitement by this, but their feelings were unfortunately short lived.Having spent his whole life with humans, Ace was capable of understanding their language. It was an evening, once the family was gathered, that he could hear a very worrying conversation :“There’s no way we’ll keep the kittens, the male human had said. We’ll give them as soon as they’ll be weaned.”Ace had felt his heart stop. Not that, not his children. He has hastened to run to Colza’s side, explaining everything that he had heard without being able to hide his emotions. The she-cat, like him, didn’t want to be separated from her kittens. After all, why should a mother abandon her kits for a human’s sake ?After numerous days of reflection, Colza had taken the difficult decision to leave the house to come back to her solitary life, ignoring her mate’s complaints and warnings.“This is completely crazy ! he had shouted. Street isn’t a good place to raise kittens, you said it yourself !— I won’t come back there ! she had retorqued. I’ll go into the woods…— But the woods are full of wild cats, dirty and violent ! If they catch you on their territory, they’ll rip your fur off, they won’t care about you leaving starving kittens behind.”Despite her lover’s desperate words, Colza had refused to abandon her kittens, and had decided to leave even before their birth.“Your owners could trap me into their house after the calving, or even come and take me if I give birth in their garden… I don’t want to risk that.”Devastated, Ace had then decided to play his last card : following his beloved into the woods, even if it meant abandoning the comfort of his domestic cat’s life. But it was Colza herself who stood up against this idea and insisted that he let her leave alone. She was used to living by herself, and she didn’t want her mate to waste his own life by abandoning everything he had always knew and loved. “A lot of people will miss you, she had argued. I’ll make it, don’t worry, and I’ll come back in a few moons to present our children to you.”These words were hurtful, but necessary. She couldn’t let Ace’s humans steal them their kittens, and she didn’t want anyone to miss her mate, or him to start a life he wouldn’t like. After heartbreaking farewells, Colza had fled, alone, deep into the woods.While the young she-cat was remembering her dear Ace’s face for the umpteenth time, chirpings brought her back to reality. Against her belly, her kittens were squirming, and she quickly started to lick them and warm them up. Weather was becoming cold, and the small breeze coming from outside was largely enough to make young kits like this shiver. Maybe I should name them, the female thought while covering her children with her tail. She gently brushed her son’s pelt with her nose, noticing how soft it was. It feels like the ones of the tiny creatures we were chasing with my sister back then, she remarqued with amusement. He’s all small and fluffy. His name is obvious : he will be Ermine. Smiling with satisfaction to the name she found for her son, she looked back at her daughter. Her fur has the same color as Ace’s humans’ flowers, she thought. How did he call them again…? Ah, yeah. This she-cat will be Crocus. Ermine and Crocus, unaware of the fact that they just got named, were calmly suckling on their mother’s breast while massaging her belly with their cute little paws. They already meant so much to her, she couldn’t imagine life without them ! ___________________________________________________________________________________I hope you enjoyed that first part ! Please tell me if you see any mistake !
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Warrior Cats: Thrushpelt's Grief - Short StoryDuring Bluestar's Prophecy, she kept the fates of Thrushpelt's adopted kits secret from him. Did he ever discover the truth? Hope you enjoy! *********************************************************************************Story:'''''''''How long was grief meant to last? Thrushpelt didn't know. The devastating death on his adopted kits was still fresh in his mind: Mosskit, Stonekit and Mistykit. While it was technically five moons since a fox had snatched them, it didn't feel a signal day had passed to soften the blow. Time didn't help, no matter how long he waited. His old friend, Bluefur had already lost her mother and sister, she hadn't deserved her kits' deaths as well. Though she'd shown a strength Thrushpelt hadn't, throwing herself back into her duties, to fulfil the void left in her heart. She'd certainly earned her deputy postion and was a worthy successor to Tawnyspots, Thrushpelt's brother. The distant rippling of water was Thrushpelt's anchor back into reality. Shaking his head, he snapped himself out of his confused daze. You're meant to be patrolling sunningrocks, you mousebrain! He reminded himself in frustration. Quickening his pace, he gratefully nodded to his patrol, who'd been patiently waiting for him. Without a word, Rosetail shrugged and Tigerclaw let out an annoyed snort. Perhaps it was best to follow the pawsteps of his late brother, Tawnyspots and retire to the elder's den. He didn't want to drag the rest of his clanmates down while he grieved.  The three cats headed down the rocky track, swirling down to the Riverclan border. The sunhigh glittered off the rushing current, the light bouncing off like flashing stars. A rare flash of silver could be glimpsed under the waves, as fish dared to venture near the surface. While it was the sight of enemy territory, it was undeniable beautiful. It could be a temporary distraction from his haunting memories, lurking at the back of his mind, lunching out whenever he didn't want it.Thrushpelt's bones clicked unnaturally as he struggled to keep up climbing down Sunningrocks. As opened his mouth to scent the air, the sandy grey tom was alarmed at the Riverclan scent lingering on their land. Even a distracted cat like himself couldn't be entirely deaf to the recent reports of border skirmishes. He assumed they were pettiness between undisciplined youngsters, but the density of the smell was suffocating. It meant a large group of Riverclan was approaching, both young and senior warriors.Rosetail's sudden warning call made Thrushpelt almost leap out of his pelt. On the Riverclan bank, reeds rustled as cats steadily filed out. Three - Four - Five - Thrushpelt had to suppress a gasp as a whole battle patrol marched the border, wanting to make their presence known. They strolled with their tails held high, scared of nothing. Just as he was having thoughts of moving to the elder's den, this had to happen. Was he in good shape to protect his clanmates?"This better not be because of Sunningrocks.", Rosetail grumbled, "I'm sick of that nonsense."Whirling round to his clanmate, Tigerclaw cuffed her over the ear, "You should be honoured to fight for your clan, mouseheart.".Thrushpelt almost offered to run for reinforcements, before he halted in his tracks. There were two apprentices amongst the patrol. Two blueish grey apprentices. The shades of their pelts perfectly reminded him of Bluefur. Shocked he managed to get the words out, he asked Rosetail, "W-who are those new apprentices?."His half-sister didn't give the question much thought, quickly answering, "Stonepaw and Mistypaw - They're rogue kits Oakheart and Graypool took in. Their apprenticeships were announced the last gathering.".At the mention of their rogue status, Tigerclaw gritted his teeth. Ignoring it, Thrushpelt had more pressing issues. Suspiciously, this was the first time he'd heard of Graypool and Oakheart's partnership. Was she still mates with Rippleclaw or not? The grey warrior had always had a complicated relationship with outsiders - He was vocal against the forbidden mate, Farrowtail, but had no issue with being mates with her Half-Clan daughter. Would Rippleclaw be willing to raise two rogue kits? Paranoid thoughts threatened to crawl out of Thrushpelt's throat in a distressed whale.Though faint whispers of reason kept that from happening. There were dozens of plain grey cats within the Clans. Even the name 'Stone' was one of the most common out there: Thunderclan had its own Stonepelt after all. It was probably the wishful thinking of a grieving father. If they seriously were his lost kits, where was Mosskit?At the same time, he couldn't dismiss it entirely. Luckily for him, Oakheart was also within this patrol. Perhaps he could ask the brown tom where he discovered Stonepaw and Mistypaw. That way, he could his mind to rest. Despite hating to admit it, he couldn't ask Bluefur when he returned to camp - She may have already lied to him.Since Thrushpelt didn't volunteer, Rosetail rushed to find back up, "Keep them talking - I'll find another patrol.". Then, she dived into the shade of the trees faster than a lightning bolt. Delay the Riverclan patrol's attack by talking? Thrushpelt didn't want to think lowly of a clanmate, but Tigerclaw was ill-fitted to this challenge. He'd rather shred first, and ask questions later.Without a choice, Thrushpelt nervously slid down the jagged rocks to meet the enemy patrol. He counted nine foes in all. They had leapt the last stepping stone. Now they truly were trespassing on Thunderclan's sandy soil.Before Thrushpelt could stop him, Tigerclaw yowled out to them, "What are you doing on Thunderclan land, fish eaters?".Instantly, the Riverclan warriors' fur spiked and slid out their claws. When they realised the pathetic number of Thunderclan warriors, they let their coats lay flat. One of the Riverclan cats, Rippleclaw remarked, "Is this Thunderclan's pitiful defence?"Tigerclaw snorted with amusement, "Even you outnumber us, your delinquent rogues will never be threats towards Thunderclan."Thrushpelt's earlier doubts of Rippleclaw were shattered, the silver warrior snarled in disgust, "I've taught them to be better than your pathetic insults, Tigerclaw. Face them in battle and then you'll see. It doesn't matter if they don't carry Riverclan blood, as long as they have its spirit."Stonepaw puffed out his chest in the offence, taking a daring step towards the much larger tom. He declared proudly, "We're Riverclan and nothing can change that!"Even Tigerclaw had to acknowledge the apprentice's bravery, grunting. His sister, Mistypaw shoved him back for his own safety, scolding him, "Don't start a fight against orders.".  Even if it turned out Thrushpelt wasn't their father, he was still proud of them. They were already shaping up to be fine apprentices for Riverclan.Timberfur stepped out from the ranks of the patrol, puffing up his chest, "We're not here to take Sunningrocks if that's what you think. We're here to teach you a lesson. Thunderclan will no longer get away with injuring our warriors.""You dare accuse us!", Tigerclaw snarled, barely stopping himself from attacking the deputy. It was subtle, but there was a crack of regret in the brown tabby's voice. Did he know something about this? Admittedly Tigerclaw had been reporting of border clashes recently. Were they all skirmishes with Riverclan?"Crookedstar could've have brought this up at a Gathering, Timberfur. Sunstar will control his warriors if you tell him what's going on.", Thrushpelt reminded them coolly. He got a dirty glare from Tigerclaw, probably seeing it as a cowardly move."Sunstar would be too lenient on his warriors. We need to do this ourselves to properly avenge our wounded.", the Riverclan deputy threatened calmly. Thrushpelt should've been more intimidated, he knew that. However, he couldn't force himself to care, with Stonepaw and Mistypaw in the crowd.It felt like a dream. Any heartbeat he could wake up, not knowing if it was a nightmare or fantasy. Were they his adopted kits or was he reaching? They'd literally come back from the dead and they didn't know it. If they were his kits, he barely recognised them. Instead of their crawling on their stumpy legs and puffing out their kits fluff; they had sleek pelts and lean builds, like any natural-born Riverclan cat. While Mistypaw reached above her littermate's ears, Stonepaw was bulkier of the two. They already appeared like strong opponents at seven moons.Then Thrushpelt noticed Oakheart hovered nearby, curling his tail protectively around them. How much did he know about their past? For the time being, Thrushpelt's only goal was to get answers from Oakheart. It was the wrong time to confront the apprentices directly - It was unlikely they even remember Thrushpelt. It would be especially awkward if he was actually wrong. If Thrushpelt was going to reunite with them, one of their Riverclan clanmates needed to explain the truth beforehand. Hopefully, that would be Oakheart.In his daze, Thrushpelt hardly noticed the angry yowls erupting around him: Rosetail burst from the undergrowth, sending a storm of leaves into the air. On her heels, were Runningpaw and Mousepaw, closely followed by their mentors. By their red on their whispers, their hunting must have been interrupted. Feeding the Clan was vital, but when it came to an invasion, they had to drop everything.Taking that as his cue, Tigerclaw eagerly barrelled Timberfur over with his whole weight. Both toms rolled off the hillside, grit falling with them. Both sides quickly found an opponent, the peaceful Sunningrocks arose with screeching and the scent of blood. Hesitating on the sidelines, Thrushpelt didn't know who to target. Briefly, he checked if Stonepaw and Mistypaw were alright.They were in the least chaotic part of the battle, both tag-teaming the fellow apprentice, Mousepaw. A silver tom, Rippleclaw constantly kept pacing around them, keeping an eye on them, "Don't go too far, you two!". He must be their bodyguard since they only been out of the Nursery for a moon.Assured they were safe, Thrushpelt dived into the thick of battle, weaving among cats. Somehow, he needed to isolate Oakheart from the rest of the group. The sunningrocks was an uneven terrain, large cracks within the stones creating small gullies. Rocks spikes jutted out like fangs, coming from all directions. It wasn't just a fight against the cats, but the hazardous environment itself.Before he could find Oakheart, Thrushpelt winced at needle teeth dug into his tail tip. His paws collapsed when his foe suddenly yanked his tail. Twisting around, it was a vicious she-cat he'd seen at Gatherings - Leopardfur, he thought. Kicking out with his forelegs, he slashed against her muzzle. Enraged, the golden she-cat tried landing on top of him while he was still down. Narrowly rolling to the side, Thrushpelt reared up. There was no time to waste!Grabbing her by the neck, Thrushpelt roughly threw Leopardfur serval fox-lengths. Before she could recover, he took the chance to make the distance between them. Oakheart was locked in combat with Rosetail, neither cat giving in. The moment of truth! His heart in his throat, Thrushpelt pulled Oakheart by his scruff, dragging him off Rosetail.Struggling to get a proper grip on the brown tom, he yelled out to his sister, "Don't take this personally - But I wanna test my skill on Oakheart!".Always the jokester, Rosetail took it light-heartedly, "Alright, hotshot. We'll trade opponents.".It made Thrushpelt's throat rumble with an amused purr. Then, his sister intercepted Leopardfur chasing after them. Alone with Oakheart, Thrushpelt could finally demand the truth of the kits. There a crevice within the cliff wall offered a hiding place. So using all his strength, he shoved the Riverclan tom inside.The rage of battle became muffled as the rock enclosed around them like a grey jaw.Refusing to go quietly, Oakheart slashed at Thrushpelt's ears as he awkwardly stumbled into the cramped space. Thrushpelt desperately called out, "Oakheart, wait! I need to talk to you."Pressed against the back of the narrow gap, the brown tom seemed baffled, "Talk? This is a battle! Spit it out quickly, before I chase you off."Thrushpelt got the message loud and clear, "I know this might be reaching - But I need you to think carefully about where you found Mistypaw and Stonepaw. They look eerily similar to my missing kits."At this response, Oakheart became deadly silent, like a frost had frozen him in time. A rapid amount of emotions travelled across his face; jealousy, confusion, empathy. All expressions Thrushpelt thought he'd never see from an enemy warrior. Oakheart's tone turned much quieter, "Your Bluefur's mate, ain't you? I can't believe she hasn't told you."It never felt right when he and Bluefur were labelled mates, they were truly friends after all. Though for the sake of her safety, he kept up their persona. "What are you talking about?", he muttered.Unable to keep eye contact, Oakheart took a deep breath. A wave of doubt spread from Thrushpelt from tail to ear. Did he actually want to hear Oakheart's confession? There was no time for second thoughts, with the Riverclan cat already admitting, "You raised Mosskit when I couldn't, so I owe you the truth. I'm the father of Bluefur's litter. She handed Stonekit and Mistykit to me several moons ago, but unfortunately, Mosskit froze during the journey."Panic came crashing over Thrushpelt like a landslide. His airways closed up, making him gag violently, his throat raw. It didn't matter Oakheart was Bluefur's mate - Thrushpelt already accepted she never loved him long ago. All he had racing through his head, was Mosskit's death. He was reliving the day when the fox raided the Nursery, snatching his adopted litter. Even if it was a single kit this time, it didn't make a difference. It should've been him lying motionless in the snow, not her!"I don't understand. Mosskit-", Thrushpelt frantically gasped, "What was Bluefur doing? Didn't she trust me?".Oakheart kept in a tight ball, bowing his head, "I don't know what Bluefur was thinking. I'm sorry you had to find out like this, Thrushpelt."The crevice was suffocatingly small, the sharp stones scraping his pelt, threatening to trap him forever. "Let me out!", Thushpelt cried desperately, accidentally kicking Oakheart as he flailed outwards. Fresh air flooded his lungs. In the distance, a wounded Rosetail limped away from the battle, Mousepaw leaning against her shoulder. He should've of been defending them, Thrushpelt thought numbly.Gradually Oakheart stepped out from the crevice, uncomfortably shaking the grit from his pelt.Thrushpelt hastily shook him with his paw, trying to get answers, "My kits are actually alive. Do Stonepaw and Mistypaw know? Please tell me-".Then, a squeaky voice interrupted his plea, "Oakheart, are you hurt?", Mistypaw called out. Perched high above them on a ledge, the two littermates nervously peered down. Next to them, was Rippleclaw, swaying his tail with suspicion.Unable to stop his body, Thrushpelt took a step towards his kits, his voice cracking with emotion, "Do you know who I am?".Painfully, they recoiled back in fear, making Rippleclaw dart in front of them. His protectiveness made sense, he was Graypool's mate - Even if he didn't know, he and Thrushpelt once held the same position. "Stay back, Mistypaw.", Rippleclaw ordered before snarling at the grown cats, "An enemy is threatening Graypool's kits, Oakheart! You promised her you'd protect them, so live up to that. Attack this squirrel eater!"Unmoving, Thrushpelt and Oakheart could only stare at one another intensely. Could they ever be rival warriors again, after discovering their shared history? Hissing in frustration, Rippleclaw pointed out the apprentices with his tail, "Just get them out of here, Oakheart. I'll deal with this myself!"With a sigh, Oakheart stepped away from Thrushpelt. The Thunderclan warrior was helpless as Rippleclaw dropped from the ledge, driving him into the floor. Meanwhile, Oakheart silently clambered up Sunningrocks, signalling for Stonepaw and Mistypaw to follow. Thrushpelt's heart shattered to pieces when he heard Stonepaw's next words, "Who was that?".Before Thrushpelt calls out, they'd vanished from sight. Would he ever get reunited with them? Or had he scared them away forever with his rash words?Rippleclaw's breath shook Thrushpelt's whispers, "I'd heard your ramblings, Thrushpelt. I know the pain of losing kits, believe me, I've been through it. But your delusions can't justify stealing another family's litter!"Alarmed at the accusation, Thrushpelt tried flinching away, only for Rippleclaw to lay a threatening paw on his chest. Force to be compliant, he reasoned with him instead, "I'd never force them to join me, Rippleclaw! But those are my missing kits, I swear."Muscles twitching, Rippleclaw struggled to hold his anger, "Get a grip! Oakheart found them by the twolegplace as rogues - They were nowhere near Thunderclan!"Surely, Rippleclaw couldn't dismiss his claims in an instant? Or was he purposefully blind sighting himself to the truth? Who was the real cat stealing litters? Feeling his own desperation boil in his veins, Thrushpelt gripped Rippleclaw's legs with his claws, "You don't understand - I know things you don't.", he snapped back."I'm not letting you near them. Graypool has been through enough without a delusional cat chasing her kits!", Rippleclaw declared with determination, gripping Thrushpelt's head and slamming it back to the floor.His parental instincts took over Thrushpelt's vision was being covered with a fierce red. Gathering his strength, he lunged his head forward like a snake, bitting Rippleclaw's shoulder. His leg buckling, Rippleclaw fell right into Thrushpelt's grasp. Flipping him into his back, Thrushpelt shouted into Rippleclaw, forcing him to listen, "The kits might choose a different mother if they knew the truth! It's their right to know!".Smacking his jaw, Rippleclaw fought for dominance, making the two toms roll over one another. Refusing to let that happen, Thrushpelt used every claw to limit his opponent's flailing. Finally, Rippleclaw replied through the madness, "Give up already! There's no truth to this, it's only your own fantasy."As they continued to fight, they bangled alarmingly close to the river's edge, waves spitting foam on their pelts. It risked Rippeclaw getting the advantage and forever barricading Thrushpelt from his kits. It couldn't end like this! Out of options, the Thunderclan tom had to use dirty tactics, aiming for Rippleclaw's eyes. "I need to keep my family together!", Thrushpelt's blurted.As the scratches got dangerously close to his eyes, Rippleclaw screamed out with pure desperation and rage, "So do I!".In that heartbeat, the solid earth disappeared and Thrushpelt was tumbling through thin air. Before he could yowl out, he crashed through the river's surface, surrounded by endless murk. It engulfed him every sense. Bubbles swirled around him, making it impossible to know which way was up. There was a sharp pain in his chest, as he struggled not to let the water burrow into his lungs.While the river did it's best to choke him, Thrushpelt remained entangled with Rippleclaw. His opponent has tainted a foggy grey in the dim light shining through the waves. The heavy water slowed his movements, making Thrushpelt's slashes merely skimmed through the silver bristles. Briefly dodging the attacks, a dark aura came over Rippleclaw's face.Then, he clasped his jaw deep into Thrushpelt's throat.At first, Thrushpelt didn't feel anything, his mind went blank. But then, red began mixing with the blue current. It was Blood. His blood.His body's efforts to gasp for air told him his neck had been slit, exposing it to the outside world. He was dying, yet despite that, the river made him feel eerily calming. He simply was left adrift, floating aimlessly.Rippleclaw's yellow eyes glowed like two dim suns, neither proud nor regretful of what he'd done. He steadily swerved away, swimming into the blue void, letting Thrushpelt be taken by the swift current. The dying cat didn't know whether he should blame him. A father's wrath was an all-consuming beast, it had blazed through Thrushpelt in the battle above heartbeats ago. If their battle had gone differently, would he have the bloodied claws instead? Could he claim to be better?Was he ready to let go? He's been fortunate, living to the age of a senior warrior. All of his siblings and parents had been by his side for as long as he needed, peacefully retiring to the elder's den. Some warrior could die unsatisfied if they couldn't become deputy, but Thrushpelt didn't need that. He preferred the quieter life of a warrior, supporting his clanmates, rather than commanding them.Yet in other ways, it felt like his life had only begun. He'd only been a father for a single moon, before the kits were taken away from him. There was a spark, a vision of a bright possible future with his surviving litter - But here he was, sensing Starclan's presence to guide him to the skies.Perhaps he was being selfish. As long as they had parents who loved them, even if it wasn't him, that's what mattered. From his short impression on them, the two littermates have strong father figures in their lives. Despite being a rival to Bluefur's love, Oakheart didn't hesitate to show compassion to Thrushpelt, telling him the truth. Then when it came Rippleclaw - At least they could rely on his fighting skills.With proper guidance, the traits Thrushpelt witnessed in the Nursery could allow them to be fine warriors. Mistykit's determination to stick to the games' roles, could allow her to be the Camp's peacekeeper. Stonekit's quick-wit in play fights could allow him to command over massive battles.Mosskit would never that chance, she couldn't bring cats' joy with her excitable energy. Maybe Thrushpelt could repay for his failure to protect her in Starclan. He'd be the father she should've of had before she slipped away.As for Bluefur, Thrushpelt didn't know how to feel. She always felt she needed to take on her burdens alone. It had always made her focused, but also so reserved. Not him or her closest family knew about her deepest secrets. Did her mysterious motive justify taking her kits through a blizzard and drowning her Clan in grief?Thrushpelt could never hate Bluefur, but now, he wasn't sure he loved her either. He was only disappointed. Though he wanted to assume the best of her.He'd wait for Bluefur in Starclan and then he could ask the simple question - Why?********************************************************************************Warrior Cats (c) Erin Hunter.Writing (c) Me....
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Commissions are open [2022]Payment method: only!,(click to see full image),(click to see full image)T.O.SNot first come first serve! Prices are in EURO, if you're paying in another currency, please make sure to verify its equivalent before buying.I have the right to refuse your commission request if I don't feel comfortable with it.Payment will be required before I start your commission. Payment is via Paypal invoices if you contact me on Twitter or email(, if you contact me on Ko-fi, it'll be via Ko-fi commissions.I'm fine with refunds, as long you let me know before the artwork is finished.I will not draw gore or NSFW, only a small amount of violence and blood are allowed.I don't draw humans, but I can draw felines, canine, rodents, fanart (including anime characters in whatever animal you want, Pokémon, Sonic, Animal Crossing), anthros, and I'll attempt mythical creatures.I can also draw your pet!I don't take written character references, only visual (.png preferably).Don't forget to be specific about the pose you want for your character(s) and expression you want them to have (and what type of details you want if you chose a simple background).DM me on Twitter, DeviantArt (or contact me on Ko-fi) for more precision or just to ask questions, I'll answer as soon as possible.Drawings can take between a few days and 2 weeks depending on circumstances, don't be afraid to ask me how's your commission's going! ^^If you want me to send you the final sketch before the lineart or want any changes in the final piece or want me to keep your commission private and not post the completed artwork on Twitter, please let me know!You can use the commissioned art for personal use, but not for profit!By commissioning me you are accepting these terms and conditions.Some examples of 'simple' backgrounds (more examples of my art can be find on my Twitter):,,,,,,,,,,,,, Commissions in progress:1) NightmareMaalik 2) Zuko-Kitty 3)Waiting list:...
Warrior Cats: Bluestar the Hypocrite When Bluestar is debated in Fandom, is always seems to be around her giving up her kits and her actions during her mental breakdown. However, there's a third issue, that often goes unnoticed. Swiftpaw is the most famous example, however people don't often realise, this isn't a one-off. She's misused apprenticeships many times before that, even during her prime. **********************************************************************************************Firepaw and Greypaw -1) This first one will require more explanation, as it'll trying to make you see two famous scenes in wholely new lights. The famous Rusty v Greypaw or Rusty v Longtail. Do you wonder why it's never repeated elsewhere in the series? Why ain't other outsiders expected to fight for their acceptance? Why has no other kit fought a warrior before their apprentice ceremony? That's because I'll argue the two fights Bluestar made Rusty go through, are unethical and borderline breaking the code. During those fight, Rusty and Greypaw were literally kits hours beforehand.Lionheart even calls Rusty a kit after fighting Greypaw: "Bluestar is only offering you training, young kit."Then Greypaw admits he'd left the nursery that very day: "Tonight is my first night out as an apprentice."Despite having no training or safety measures, Bluestar still made them fight bloody battles. She personally ordered Greypaw to attack Rusty and purposefully remained silent while Rusty was encouraged to fight Longtail. They were kits hours beforehand. Not even outsiders much older than six moons like Russetfur, Boulder or Millie, were expected to fight for acceptance. Their title change is nothing but a superficial detail. Is it ethical to throw an eighteen-year-old out of the house on their birthday? Is it ethical to throw a solider into combat the day they sign up? It's not like humans or the Warrior characters go through an instant metamorphosis. They grow gradually, therefore need some form of transition phase when in an unfamiliar environment.In legal training, it's unacceptable for apprentices and mentors to draw blood and use their claws. When Lionpaw and Ashfur fought, their Clanmates are shown to be unsettled by it: "They're hurting each other!" Hollypaw turned to Brackenfur. "Can't you make them stop?" […] "That's enough." Brackenfur bounded forward, his voice sharp with shock. "Ashfur, let him up. Lionpaw, sheathe your claws. This bout is over." […] Cinderpaw and Poppypaw exchanged glances; they both looked too shocked to say anything. Even Hollypaw couldn't bring herself to congratulate her brother. The way the practice session had turned savage had disturbed her".At least Lionpaw had serval moons of training to defend himself, while Rusty and Greypaw had none. Both fights were too violent for legal training: There was claws out and bleeding wounds: "Twisting and yowling, he tried to throw off the attacker that had fastened itself to his back. It was gripping him with incredibly sharp claws. Rusty could feel spiked teeth pricking at his neck. [….] "The pain from his scratches stung beneath his fur." Participants being violently thrown around: "The creature hit him like an explosion and Rusty was thrown sideways into a clump of nettles. […] He heard a"hhuuffff" beneath him as the breath was knocked out of his attacker. Thrashing fiercely, Rusty managed to wriggle free." […] "Then the kitten crashed into Rusty at full pelt. Taken by surprise by Rusty's turnabout, it fell back into a dazed heap."It was up to Greypaw himself to voluntarily stop the fight. Bluestar and Lionheart could've of stopped this unethical fights beforehand, but choose not to: "You fight well for a Twoleg pet," Bluestar meowed. Rusty and Greypaw exchanged confused glances. How could she know?"We have been watching you both. We wondered how you would deal with an intruder, Greypaw. You attacked him bravely. […] "You reacted well to the attack, kittypet. Greypaw is stronger than you, but you used your wits to defend yourself. And you turned to face him when he chased you. I've not seen a kittypet do that before.".It gets worse with Longtail - Rusty is up against a full-grown warrior and it's in the middle of the crowded camp. Training is meant to take place in the hollow for a reason, the environment is safer and there are no kits/elders in harm's way.Claws are out: "Rusty dug his claws deep into the tabby cat's fur and sank in his teeth. No subtle rituals of swiping and boxing preceded this fight."Participants were screaming, almost crashing into bystanders: "The two cats were locked in a screaming, writhing tussle that flipped around the clearing at the heart of the camp. The other cats had to spring out of the way to avoid the screeching whirlwind of fur."The Warrior almost strangled the kitten with its collar, generally putting his life in danger: "Longtail had gipped it between his teeth and was tugging, and tugging hard. Rusty felt a terrible pressure at his throat. Unable to breathe, he started to panic."Both cats had bleeding wounds, enough to leave permeant scars in Longtail's ear: "Clumps of fur hung from their ruffled coats. Rusty could feel a cut stinging above his eye. Longtail's left ear was badly torn, and blood dripped down his lean shoulders onto the dusty ground."2) Bluestar deprived Firepaw and Greypaw of proper mentors for long periods of time. All without good reason, she just couldn't be bothered to get round to it. Firepaw was two moons into his training, and he was still bouncing between temporary teachers. It was only at this late date, did Bluestar assign herself to him. Then with Greypaw, she didn't give him a replacement mentor after Lionheart's death. This lasted 100 pages in book and serval weeks in the story. Even if Greypaw was close to becoming a warrior, considering his mentor just died, he needed to be supported at this time. If he wasn't, he could've been distracted and needed his warrior name belayed.3) Firestar and Greystripe were made warriors way too early, are nine or ten moons. When Brokenstar became a warrior at eleven moons, Shadowclan was in outrage and this was before Bluestar's time. On top of that, the two were given Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw soon afterwards. This is too much responsibility to place on cats so young. This is even pointed out in the books, as when Fireheart and Greystripe became first-time mentors, Tigerclaw exclaimed they were hardly more than apprentices themselves.Brackenpaw, Cinderpaw, Thornpaw and Brightpaw -1) Bluestar straight-up broke the code when she apprenticed Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw under six moons. Greystripe even pointed out to her: "But Frostfur's kits aren't six moons old yet!"This was shortly after Brokenstar was driven out for this every reason, so Bluestar would've been more aware of this code than usual. Worse, as their mentors were so young themselves, they didn't have the extra qualifications needed to train kits safely. While Bluestar wasn't directly responsible for it, but she contributed to Cinderpaw's undisciplined behaviour; which eventually led to her disobeying Fireheart's orders and going to the dangerous Thunderpath.2) There were four kits in the litter - So Bluestar unfairly apprenticed two and left the others in the Nursery: "Bluestar must be about to perform an apprentice-naming ceremony for Frostfur's two remaining kits. Their brother and sister Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw, had been named apprentices a few moons ago, and Fireheart could guess that these two must be desperate for their own naming."Siblings shouldn't be apprenticed separately if they're the same age and in good health, which all Frostfur's kits were. Bluestar created unnecessary favouritism and jealousy among the littermates, potentially ruining their relationships. Notice how Fireheart used moons, plural, which means Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw weren't even five moons, but younger.Sandpaw and Dustpaw -1) As a consequence with all the blunt favouritism, it humiliates Sandpaw and Dustpaw. They had to watch apprentices moons younger than them, become warriors. It's not like their appointment soon followed, their ceremony happened a season later. Their training was roughly double the length of Fireheart's and Greystripe's.2) The humiliation continues to mount when they share the apprentice's den with Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw. This could affect their confidence and negatively affect their training.Cloudpaw, Ashpaw and Fernpaw -1) Cloudkit was born serval moons before his foster siblings - Despite being younger, he was apprenticed before them. Another case of Bluestar creating unnecessary jealousy. With other cases of foster siblings: Leopardkit's siblings willing delayed their names. Or with Twigkit, her foster siblings were apprenticed and she remained in the nursery. Bluestar mentioned Cloudkit had reached his sixth moon at his ceremony, so either she's lying or Ashkit and Fernkit remained in the nursery longer then they should have.2) Cloudpaw became a warrior too early in Dangerous Hour, at roughly ten moons. Fireheart mentioned in The Darkest Hour, how his older foster siblings were too young to be warriors: "In addition," Firestar continued, "I want to give thanks from the Clan to Fernpaw and Ashpaw. They showed the bravery of warriors in the race against the dogs, and although they are still too young to receive their warrior names, we honor them".Snowkit -1) The literal second Bluestar discovers Snowkit is deaf, she immediately declares he can't be a warrior: "I'm sure you can," Bluestar mewed, padding over to them. "But I'm afraid he can never be a warrior." This was one of Bluestar's good days, Fireheart realized. Her voice was sympathetic but determined, and her eyes were clear. "Why can't he be a warrior?" Speckletail demanded. "There's nothing else wrong with him. He's a good, strong kit. He gets on just fine if you signal what he's got to do."As Thunderclan has no experience training a deaf cat, it will be tricky learning to accommodate him. However, Bluestar gave up on him way too quickly, before he's even out the Nursery. She didn't even think about it before she puts a seal on Snowkit's entire future. Depriving him an education will be more damaging than anything else. Even if Snowkit struggles to keep up with other warriors, a warrior is still a warrior and helps provide for the Clan. If he retires to the elder's den, it should be his choice when he's older.Bluestar had two cats in Speckletail and Brackenfur, willing to support Snowkit, yet she ignores them. Not having a in-depth conversation with them or anything. Other Leaders with disabled kits at least gave them mentors: Crookedpaw, Deadpaw and Jaypaw.*****************************************************************************Warrior Cats (c) Erin Hunter.Writing (c) Me....
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Hello good people, sadly i'm not much around deviantart these days, and when i do log in, it's to accept posts here and post own art that i forgot to do.
So for that i'm looking for another contributor, I'm not going to be to fussed on who get's it or not, i'm only asking from the person to know how to already work a group and know our folder rules and guideline on where to accept said art. The only other thing i do ask is if you are an active person on here, if anything i can add 2 people that can also work if anything.
Just give me a tiny description if you have worked with groups and such and we will see what happens : )
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