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Cupid the Guardian of Love

When I say Cupid...what is the first thing that come to your mind?

In this day in age, we automatically thought of a small naked baby with wings armed with a bow and arrow on Valentine's day.

But back then, he's nothing like that. During the days of Paganism, Cupid is a rather hot guy whose skills is enough to dub him as the Robin Hood of the Gods. Just not going up against corrupt cops and government officials in order to help the oppressed.

More like...somewhere between Green Arrow of the JLA and Hawkeye of Marvel's Avengers


Now I know that there are tons of versions of this guy on deviantArt ever since the first view of the trailers of Rise of the Guardians (and also when the film finally hits theaters), Hell they even genderbend him. While some does acknowledge the mythos and possibly the complex history behind the holiday, this image is what I have in mind. (I have a habit on bringing the Greco-Roman pantheon to modern times...)

The best known example of him is the creator, :iconreadyourheartout: even though he has some minor appearances in her BunnyFrost fics, it does show his influence. Love comes in forms at the least you expect it. So if you have time, go check out her works. :D

Anyway, here is my interpretation of Cupid:

Before the Guardians came to be...there was nothing. Mere black void of darkness.

Soon...a being came to be, with only one name: Chaos, the first God.

Then Chaos started to form reality, and out of it came the beings of Darkness...the beings of Light. Among them is Gaia, Uranus, the Ourea, Pontus, and the fiery Tartarus...and the youngest of them Eros.

As beings slowly came into existence over time, the mighty Titans, the new Gods, and humans, Eros could not help but wonder what would be like if he were born among them. Tartarus warns his brother of the consequential possibilities for he might suffer more than he thought. But Eros went through it anyway. Then centuries later, Eros was reborn between the union of Aphrodite and Ares, Love and War.

However, that stunt came with a price.

Eros was born hollow, meaning that even if he inspires love and procreation...he, on the contrary, is cruel...heartless...almost like a monster.

But his salvation comes in a form of a mortal woman who is destined to make him whole again. Her name is Psyche. After overcoming some trials from his mother, Eros and Psyche finally unified and have a cute daughter. This event made Eros whole once more, and he was filled with guilt with his past actions. But that fact gave him his new perspective on his in a way is a double edged sword, it is both a beautiful but dangerous gift to everything in existence. But that doesn't stop him trying to make amends with the world.

That is when he was first approached by the Man in the Moon, with the offer to be a guardian. Needless to say that he didn't make it, since he has both a job and a family to worry about, but Eros did reassure to Manny that he would think about it. Thus giving a certain small golden sand humanoid the honor on being the first guardian.

Over time, he has a somewhat mellow personality and a relaxed view of the world as it goes through changes, but he does show his mature side from time to time. Eros is also a dedicated family man, and although his relationship with his relatives wasn't at best (granted that the only people he is on good terms with are his step-father, Hephaestus, and his great-uncle, Hades) but he does try his best to see good in them. Emphasis on try.


I combined his origins with the Hesiod version with him being the child of Chaos and with the Aphrodite and Ares mythos. I was thinking about his involvement with the origins of the holiday St. Valentine's day but that would be next time. His appearance designs were inspired by Gareth Van Camp (also known as the Necro Critic) and also the saying "Love is Blind", thus the sunglasses.


Eros (c) Greco-Roman mythology
Rise of the Guardians (c) William Joyce, Dreamworks
designs (c) :iconwarriornun:
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That is a nice design.
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Thank you so much! ^_^ I'm honored that you took the time to check this out! Keep up the good work with your reviews!
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Awesome design and backstory.
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Thanks! :D Since I don't know which version is right, though the second about him being Aphrodite's son is kinda it makes me wonder about something as I looked over the Greco-Roman pantheon...

what if, there is a reason why they're portrayed as (near) perfect humans? Like they're actually Eldritch Abominations/anthromorphic personifications?
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That sounds like a cool idea.
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I'm more or less coming up a line of my own take on the pantheon and their dark side :)

Oh and familiar are you to the krampus lore?
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Well mission accomplished.

No, I don't believe so.
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Oh...this is going to be fun :XD:
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Think Krampus as the anti-Claus, the Bad Santa.

He's a demonic creature who punishes naughty children in contrast to Santa rewarding nice children. Sources say he either places the naughty children in his sack to bring into his lair or he eats them.
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