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I have to an old commission I need to draw. I have a Mystara fan Gazetteer to draw. More comic pages, More pages of my other comic. I want to practice digital painting so my pin-ups look better. I have a patreon comic to draw.... man, for someone who decided to pull back on webcomics, I'm still drawing a ton. I have a couple of rough drafts written by friends to read. And then there is my own comic collection the webcomic lists that are gathering dust. When is that windfall going to happen so I can draw full time? Huh, Universe? Huh? Huh? I'm waiting.
I'm giving up future webcomic plans. I mention this the handful of people who give a shit. I'll finish The Keep on the Borderlands story though for the hand full of people who were generous enough to pu money on the patreon page, they deserve to see the story finish. But the webcomic is too much work for too little pay-off, and my comic isn't interesting enough to people who are not me to generate any interest. So fuck it, I have other things I need to work on.
I'm pretty crap at online marketing though. I see guys who post all over and have way more followers than I do and have been posting for less time. Do I care? Dunno. Maybe? I feed on feedback, but even my comic has 75% return visitors and nobody comments on anything. Bah. Never-mind. Going back to drawing.
Let's see if I can do this. One ink drawing with actual ink on actual paper every day this month.
Feeling my mortality today. I have so many comics to draw before I die! Better get crackin'!
The characters run around in the book naked accept for a jewelry, sandals and some sort of harness that they hang their swords on. Armlets are described. A gold collar when married. Sometimes things like a "scarf of silken gossamer crossing over one shoulder was wrapped about her body" but other then John carter either noting his own nakedness, or when a character is running around nude, other then informing the reader that a character is nude, the other characters in the story are so blasé, it never is even discussed between characters.

So if I draw Dejah Thoris like many, many, many comic artists have done, nude with jewelry is accurate, but it's easy to see why she generally is drawn with some sort of elaborate and impossible bikini. But the harness that the warriors wear is something I was thinking about. These guys fight in boats that float in the sky. ERB sometimes mentions that they are strapped to their ships. Wouldn't the harness be more like the type used by parachuters or high rise window washers? The kind designed to keep you strapped to your boat instead of looking like a red Conan-muscled BDSM guy?

And would a warrior go bare pickle? Even if he fights mostly nude, things like hands, neck, groin, and the head are the most important things to keep protected. So if there is a harness at all, why expose your junk? Is the point that Martians are so fierce, they are like Picts and just charged in naked to prove their bravery? Anyway, just mulling it over as I read Chessmen of Mars.
I want to draw and post it online, and I want to get feedback and have people tell my art is awesome, but I really just can't be bothered to pitch my work on-line. Social Media isn't social. And the more time I spend talking about what I draw, the less time I spend drawing it. 



Want to draw some things.
The on-line comic course was stupid... could have just read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud and gotten the same information. I've been sick a lot lately. Some sort of chronic bronchitis keeps kicking me.
Still drawing. Taking an on-line comic class. Still wasting most of my time going to work. Life is dull and penniless.
Just saying hello and thank you for following me. I don't have anything awesome going on. I don't attended cool events or spend money on festivals. Nothing is going on, I'm just drawing and going to work.

How are you doing?
Just thought I would show y'all the book. The webcomic is here: thekeepontheborderlands.webcom…

I'm drawing several comics, and I'm always working on trying to get my style with stronger lines, better perspective, and better proportion. I'm still working on things and I hope that I'm improving all the time. I just wanted to showcase a few artists out there that inspire me to work harder. If you are on this list, just looking at your work makes me want to improve what I'm doing.

One is ThePsychoGoat
He has a really clean look. He characters are expressive and engaging. And he drew an awesome naked vampire chick that managed to not be cheesecake.

Mature Content

Wing Chick by ThePsychoGoat
  Engineer by ThePsychoGoat  Barbarian King by ThePsychoGoat

Two is beckycloonan
She is awesome. You can see the emotion pouring out of each character she draws. She has great composition and I love it when she includes a natural environment. She is a professional, and doesn't need me talking her up. She writes some pretty spooky stories too.

<da:thumb id="312991106"/> <da:thumb id="435051001"/>

Three is BChing

He's another professional. His art the sketchy and loose, and it looks like it doesn't take him very long to produce a page. I don't think it matters if that is true or not, because since it looks like it was quickly drawn, his lines retain a vitality and does a great job to adding energy and motion to an illustration. When I start hatching and hatching an illustration, I remind myself of the fluidity this guy has and try to loosen things up a bit.

conan the avenger #2, page 10 by BChing conan the avenger #1, pg 05 by BChing Ron by BChing

More to come...
I'm a student of Armazare here. If nothing else, playing with weapons with my friends has taught me that weapons are the great equalizer and beyond accommodating the specific physical limitations that are different for EVERYONE there is no limit to your own skill beyond limits you place on yourself. Which means, I see no difference between a male and a female fighter. What this means to my illustration is when I draw armor I really try to draw things that are functional and based on my view on how armor and swords operate. Boob-plate is foolish because it risks your sternum and treats breasts like they are stones and not mushy sacks that move around. Exposed skin is risky, and padding and leather work really well to keep you alive. For a medieval-era soldier, gambesons are the first layer of armour and they wear like a winter coat. Someone kitted up for battle is going to cover everything they can, and protect their head, their neck, hands first, then joints and groin next, then on to full body armour. People wore shit to keep themselves alive, not to show off their physiques.  In reality, people who fought without armor were either from some crazy culture (Picts), needed enough mobility where the weight of your gear was serious concern (Apache) or lived somewhere stupidly hot. (Philippines) So drawing warriors with exposed necks and bare breasts is pretty silly and not realistic at all.

But Red Sonja is hot.

So there you have my counter argument. The id makes a persuasive point. When writing or reading a story, you have to ask yourself what the purpose is to reading it. Are you looking for an escape? Are you looking for a good myth? Are you looking for an expression of an attitude? Sometimes, I want a story based in reality, like historical fiction. Sometimes I want an idealized history that reflects how I think the world should be, and sometimes I just want to feed the id and have fantasy that's vaguely pornographic. That's where the chainmail bikini steps in. When I am reading or watching a story where a character that looks like Red Sonja or Conan is involved, I'm not looking for reality. I'm looking for a pure fantasy. What I like is not what you are going to like. I don't expect you to like Red Sonja and you shouldn't expect me to like the Gor novels.

I see a lot of hate on the chainmail bikini on the groups I'm a member of and there is a point to it. There should be more done to improve the depiction of female characters in sci-fi and fantasy. I don't think that characters like Red Sonja or Raven the Swordmistress of Chaos should be taken away, they should be put in their place as silly, unrealistic, maybe sexy, but over all, dumb characters. If you have more characters like Korra, Bo, Buffy, Xena, and Sarah Connor there would be less of reason for people to feel like they need to stand their ground about fantasy fiction.

Anyway, that's my justification for drawing warrior chicks in thongs.
I've been drawing a comic about that adventure. I'm using characters from my old D&D campaign that my friends played. I've was thinking about a comic press site, or one of the many webcomic sites that you could post to, but I'm drawing this comic mostly to keep drawing everyday, and to practice my techniques. I decided to post it to: thekeepontheborderlands.webcom… because it was easy to post a page as I finished it. If someone has a better idea, let me know. I don't get too many hits on it, I think it's mostly invisible, but I don't want it to be my own version of the Vivian Girls, so I'm posting the link here.

And a bit about the comic, the characters have stats, and the results of any combat scenes you see are based on dice roles, just like in a table-top game. So although I am writing the characters based on the personalities of my friends that played them, and I'm controlling their decisions, I am not in control of the saving throws and combat roles. So it will be interesting to see how long the characters live, and who manages to make something of themselves. I'm basing the story in Mystara, and the rules are the Original D&D rules. Since it's based in Mystara, I'm throwing the The Wrath of the Immortals story-arc, if I manage to get far enough in the story to make anything of it.

Since I get a hit or two a day, maybe one of y'all might be interested in checking that out as well.
Moved to a small town, and in doing so, I have reduced my commute from 2.5 hours total to 40 minutes total. AND we are close to stores where my commuting chores will have a much smaller time footprint. AND my significant other will not need to be driven around as much for her projects.

I just gave myself so much more time in my day. I can't wait to get some work done again!
I got sucked into Free to Play MMO hell for the past 2 weeks. I'm foolish. I'm stupid. I have better things to do.

Gods forgive me!
I have a job which is eating all my time and I'm not getting the time I need to draw. I'm getting pretty old, and I feel like I'm running out of time to get things done before I'm dead. What do you do to focus when you only have a couple of hours in a day to be creative?
And I'm starting to feel like my drawings are too immature in style. (Content? No worries there, I love my immature content) So I think starting with my next submission I'm going to try to mix it up a bit. Less greys, more contrast, watercolor maybe. Something different that will make me a better artist. Maybe I'll read some books on Illustration too.
So I don't have the time to draw as much as I would like. There's so many comics I need to get out the door before I check out, I'm afraid that I'll never have the time to get anything done. So I'm keeping up with drawing in my silly little sketchbook, trying to work on the comic script when I can concentrate on it, and keep looking for the opportunity that is going to give me the time I need. It looks like it's going to remain Raven submissions for the most part for now. I hope y'all like 'em.
She just keeps filling my sketchbook. I must be obsessed or something. I had an idea to do this when I was a teenager... that is to draw all the major scenes in the Raven books, so I think this is satisfying an old childhood obsession for me. I'm also starting two comics beyond just the dumb sketching I'm posting here. One where I'm drawing the characters from an old D&D campaign from when I was in high school. I know I've been wanting to get that one off my chest and I'm drawing it mostly for fun and some sense of closure over all the time I spent investing emotionally in my old D&D games.

And another where I'm going to draw a story in late medieval Padua. That one is going to be as professional as I can make it. Hopefully it will get published.