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Firestorm Logic
Marriage is a funny thing. I have never known the marriage that is fantasized by every couple. For me, marriage has always been an agreement between two individuals to live under a single roof. One complains, one takes it lying down; they both fight like mortal enemies. Wedding photos make me sick. I see a couple, a smiling, laughing couple who cannot wait to share each other's lives. Their only thought is of the love for their partner. That soft, downy feeling, burning hot on occasion, that will never leave.
Marriage has always been conflict, violent like a firestorm, burning deeper than any flame. Both of them try to outdo the other. "I take the kids everywhere. I do all the cleaning. I make the most money. I get no appreciation." Someone is always in the wrong. Trapped in between, children are forced to choose sides. There is constantly hypocrisy, blame.
At the advent of the sixth grade I first began to suspect my family was not "normal." I had never known a sober mother, a calm fat
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Lost in Spring by WarriorLoverInc Lost in Spring :iconwarriorloverinc:WarriorLoverInc 4 4 Ten Days Bloomed by WarriorLoverInc Ten Days Bloomed :iconwarriorloverinc:WarriorLoverInc 7 2
Friday the Thirteenth - Ch One
     Lush green woodland surrounded him on all sides, positively teeming with life. Ants marched unceasingly in an orderly line through the underbrush like a tiny army journeying grimly to the battlefield. Deer and elk flitted between tree and brush, only seen at the edge of his eyesight.
     Terry's ears seemed to be ringing, he couldn't have possibly heard right. He blinked once, briefly concealing doe brown eyes, and then stuck a finger in his ear, twisting it to clear wax.
     "I'm sorry," he apologized, "could you repeat that?"
     The boy standing on the riverbank above Terry was at least two years older. That was two years more time to hone his glower. He was a notorious bully in the knight's manor, given charge of the other Pages' discipline by Sir Gael himself. Scowling blue eyes and greasy black hair made all the more intimidating by the way he held himself straight as an ar
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Knowing Your Character
In a story—whether it be told on stage, on screen, or in print—knowing your main characters inside and out helps create a well rounded and interesting plot. It also makes writing them easier too. In this guide, a companion to To Create a Character, I'll attempt to help put skin and flesh on the bare bones of a character, to create "character," and to discover things about them that you—the creator—never knew.
Exercise 1: Interviews
One of my favorite ways to get to know my character is to interview them as one would a celebrity. The interview can be general, just asking about their life, likes, pet peeves, etc. or it can be prior to or after a significant event (i.e. just saved the world, just won the World Cup, recently defeated by protagonist, etc.).
Here's a list of interesting things to ask your character:
- Do you have any pet peeves?
- What do you think of [insert character here]'s opinion on y
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Broken Promise
"Promise me, Alex. Swear on Ian's grave that you'll return. You'll come home."
Jack Starbright was normally the very image of optimism. Her fiery red curls often framed her round, boyish face, lips curled in a genuine smile that could be a beacon in even the darkest night. Bright colors surrounded this woman and she strived to see the best in everyone. The latter had become increasingly hard.
She held his gaze, daring him to make the vow she'd set.
No small amount of sadness and defeat were evident in his unnaturally steady eyes. It was with tentative pity he spoke.
"I'll promise. Just for you, Jack, I'll promise."
Alex turned for the door. A cab idled outside the house, average to any onlooker but those who knew the truth beneath the façade. The windows were bulletproof, the outside armored, the driver an agent.
"But I can't be sure to keep it," he muttered, just loud enough for her to hear, "I'm a chronic liar."

It had been a month since she'd said goodbye to her c
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Dream of Freedom
What do we all have in common?
The one universal freedom?
It disregards our race,
Our religion,
Or our home.
What is mutual to all?
If I were old,
And you were young
What would we share?
Our ankles may be bound by chains,
Or our hearts as free as birds,
Tell me
What is a part of everyone?
I'll tell you:
Our Freedom to Dream,
And our Dream of Freedom.
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Red Riding Hood
     It all began with sushi.
     How would they have known it was poisoned? How would they have known who poisoned it?
     Jack Starbright and Alex Rider had decided to spend the eve of the younger's fifteenth birthday at a sushi bar in downtown London. It was a festive evening, filled with light laughter and meaningless yet memorable conversation.
     Alex, he'd ordered the "Surprise Platter." It was loaded with all sorts of oddities from octopus sushi to shrimp ebbi, a relatively tame selection.
     Jack had stuck with what she knew, an order of simple sushi and a salad. She took her first bite with no problem, marveling at the quality of the food. The next was not so easy, she'd begun to sweat, her face had turned a horrid shade of green, and she had weakly requested the use of the bathroom.
     "Down the hall and to the right
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When I stand by and watch
It makes me hate myself deeply.
You, like I used to, don't know what they're really doing.
I see you in classes in the Special Ed Hallway
And I know you're a nice guy,
But I'm a coward,
A bystander,
A hypocrite.
When they laugh you think it's a joke,
Like I used to.
But like my past self,
You do not yet realize they are bullies.
To the bystanders:
Don't be me.
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I Don't Understand
The thing is, I don't understand.
I know I'm different, until now I embraced my uniqueness.
When you laughed, I assumed it was a joke.
Well I thought wrong.
The thing is, I don't understand.
Sure I don't like what's popular,
sure I skip around school,
sure I carry my school supplies in a bag,
sure I'm afraid of people,
sure I take classes in the Special Ed Hallway,
sure I read and write more often than I talk,
sure I visit the emotions counselor,
but when you said hello in that condescending way,
I never knew you were mocking me.
I just don't understand.
We take classes together,
I "helped" you with your homework,
I laughed with you.
But I never knew it was at me.
The thing is, I don't understand.
It always hurt before,
But I just thought I was oversensitive.
It took a teacher for my eyes to open,
A counselor for my true feelings to be revealed,
Feelings I wasn't aware I had been hiding.
I just don't understand!
We weren't friends,
But we weren't enemies!
Were we?
The thing is,
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But I DIDN'T Do It
"But I didn't do it!"
"Don't feed me that! You're the only one who could have possibly pulled this off!"
"No buts!"
Henry Bray was normally a patient and forgiving man. Being the headmaster of a school, it was quite necessary at times to pardon students and staff alike of their misjudgments. He believed that no-one was truly bad, truly too far gone. Joy had flared in his heart when he had found that an infamous drug dealer that had been selling to his students had been arrested and sentenced. But of course his mood had been ruined when he learned that the student who plagued his thoughts and mind had been the one to—-how do the kids say it now-a-day?—-"bust" the merchant, and then promptly brought into police custody.
Alex Rider.
The boy had been a model student. Always turning in homework, studying hard, honorable intentions, and exceptionally skilled at sports. That all changed when his former caregiver and uncle had died. Ian Rider.
Mr. Bray had actually met t
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Caterpillar Haiku
A caterpillar
What it's like, to be born again
Beautiful creatures
:iconwarriorloverinc:WarriorLoverInc 2 4
Heavens Tears
Tears of the heavens
I beseech you to revive
the desolate earth
upon which I stand.
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Depression's a Beast
Depression is a many fanged beast
that sinks its vile claws into human hearts
and spreads its black venom into their vulnerable veins...
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Love Haiku
When searching for love,
bear in mind life's bumpy path
may stray from your map.
:iconwarriorloverinc:WarriorLoverInc 1 2
Peace Haiku
Graceful the dove lands
lightly upon olive bough
and heralds in peace.
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In which I hopefully start to do something.

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 6, 2012, 5:58 PM
Ever since I discovered AMVs (anime music videos) in 2008, I have wanted to make one. Two. As many as I could. Like everything else I do I didn't just want to make AMVs, I wanted to create masterpieces. I still do.

Many things have held me back in my life. Fears, doubts, lack of empowered thought.

It sounds silly to some people, but this is something I want to do. I want to be myself. I don't want to be a cookie-cutter Christian for my family, an awkward sister for my friends, and a puppet for my parents. I want to be Nina. That curious girl that always has her nose stuck in a book. Nina spends copious amounts of time online. Nina will learn Japanese. Nina likes dresses that go to her knees. Nina loves anime, which can contain language, be violent and gory, but is much more entertaining and deeper than any American serial she has ever seen. She listens to metal, techno, world, international, foreign, and rarely domestic music. She will dress as a boy when she goes to her next convention.

No, Nina is not like the other young women her parents may know. Yes, Nina knows much, much more than she lets her family know.

And no matter what they think, Nina is Nina, and she won't change on the whims of others. It doesn't matter if they believe that they have her best interests in mind. Nina knows what's good for Nina.

That's why I have to do this. I want to do something that is completely me. I have spent my whole life ashamed of who I am. I have poor self-esteem and I've finally had the chance to step back and realize that. I need to change. I need to start now, not tomorrow. I've had enough of procrastination.

Therefore I set out on this journey of self-discovery. I am getting a new wardrobe and decor. I will exercise and eat healthy. I will do what I love. I have changed and come a long way from what I was a few years ago. Not all of it was for the good, but I can either let the circumstances beat me down or use them to become better.

Laying in a bed to recover leaves one a lot of time to think. Despite other sentiments, this chapter of my life may have been the best thing to happen to me. I have met more caring people in the past three years than I thought could possibly exist. I used to be a lukewarm neutral party, full of apathy and self-pity. I have made actual decisions now. I know where I stand in many issues.

And I know where I stand in the issue of me.

Someone important to me dared me to change. He stayed by my side when not even my parents knew what to do. He watched me cause myself pain from the day he met me. All I can say to him now is: "I hope to do you proud."

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Good short story tips here.

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