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Judge Death 2 by warrior1944, visual art

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Judge Mortis has awokened! by warrior1944, visual art

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Heeeellooo ssssinnerssss and weeeelcomeeee to my pageeee!

Undrar om ens någon läser detta, tror fan jag ger upp om att hoppas på någon där ute förstår eller accepterar min mörka sida och beundran för alla fantastiska monster designer mm eller accepterar den och de tankar jag har, varje gång man försöker lära känna någon kvinna så är det lika varje gång med friendzonad och utnytjad för evigt tills man blir ignorerad och glömd. Enda som finns kvar är leva i limbo och inse detta är mitt liv, ensam tills döden kommer, tills dess så ska jag göra det bästa av mitt liv.

I hope you are ready for your verdict and punishment for your sinssss and crime of life.
Dont fear, I will cure you from the sin and sickness of your life and soul. No more feelings like sadness or love or other silly feelings, no more lawbreaking, perfect death!
All living beings have worms in their heads, I will cure you from them, its because I want to help you all.

My mission wont end until all living is sentenced and cured from life, dont resist dear mortalsssss!
As well as making the Dark judges well known and do my project to bring them back to life and one day see them in a movie and magazines, we pre-dates the cenobites, we are the ultimate force.
As well as making art and stories and projects, plus model making, create stuff and make dreams come true is my music, as well as a Dark judge fan.

I dont have a heart since a long time ago and I dont miss it, can be devilishly good anyway and I´m sure you girls and boys have broken someones heart or am I wrong? I´m here to free you from your broken hearts, just let me rip it right out from your chest as I smile from joy!

Love, what is that?! It´s just a sick and warped illusion that weak minded people believes in!

You will learn that you cant trust anyone else than yourself in life, else you will find yourself disappointed.
One you can trust is death!

Living the ultimate dark life.

I will be your judge, soon your life and soul will be judged and cured.
The true grim reaper of humanity, your turn to die!

Contact wayssssss on your own rissssk:

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Off topic: Comment, dont fave my works, thanks.

My redbubble account where you can buy some of my art:

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in money? Do you believe in happiness?
I believe in DEATH!!!!!!!!

Favourite Visual Artist
HR Giger/ Stan Winston/Brian Bolland
Favourite Movies
Alien/Predator saga, Evil dead saga, Terminator saga, Serenity, Judge Dredd, Dredd 3D, Splitsecond, Cross of iron, Das boot, Hellrasier movies, Rocky movies, Robocop
Favourite TV Shows
Terminator Sarah connor chronicles, Firefly
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Terminal Choice, Wehrmacht, Dark angel, Judas priest, RISK, Tank, Tyran pace, Demon, Gravestone, Pain, Saxon, Lordi, Rammstein, Alien sex fiend, Nachtmahr, Wumpscut, Michael Muller
Favourite Books
History books, Necromicon
Favourite Writers
John Wagner/ Simon Furman
Favourite Games
Too many to name, over 500 games FFS!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Reenacting, model making, training and walking, drawing, gaming, creating stuff and projects, F1 and racing and flying and being a dark judge and much more!
I share this journal from: Ananya-Talvi as it has good info on something that we all should read and take action against and I have already: Here's a direct link to the Copyright Directive. What I was talking about is Article 13: www.consilium.europa.eu/media/… "Information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users shall, in cooperation with rightholders, take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their service
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Long time since I wrote so time for a new one! Been busy with cosplaying, projects and work and military stuff, and modelmaking and gaming, will when I can upload a lot more of these :) Also feeling a lot better, worked out everything with the issues I had last time and sleeping more,and as the title suggest, started: operation: Gleichgültigkeit. Which is its time for me to stop caring what others say and think about me and be everyone to their taste, from now on I will only do the things I want and not care for what others think, time to stop being mr nice guy and give gifts etc to others when they dont even appreciate it. Also I won
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Well time I do a proper journal with information about my commission offer: I am now offering anyone to hire me to make models of any type in 1/72 scale or 1/48 scale which I´m used to but larger or smaller ones I do too, but bigger models and more advanced ones will take more time to make and more expensive and also note: I have a job and things I want to do on my free time so be warned it could take time for me to make the commission. What I do best is tanks and airplanes, but can do any kind of model really, been building them since I were 6 years old. Okay over to prices and some examples: Well you decide what I build and how you
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Well well well look whos not dead
OF course im dead, im judge death!
Well never was away from here and comment time to time, but posting new stuff will take a while as im busy with work and catching up on my backlog of games and doing cosplay work at conventions and tons of other stuff in life :P
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Appreciate the comment on my Millenium Falcon drawing.
Hi ! happy birthday! :party: x3