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Gallery Folders

Shattered - ToTFK - Official Kickstarter Video by Y-mir
The Swordsman by DiegoGisbertLlorens
Warrior of the Season
Kromak by N-ossandon-Nezt
the boundary by sheer-madness
The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt by DaveRapoza
Warrior of the Week
Kromak by N-ossandon-Nezt
Intimidating Presence by MarcSimonetti
Dark Lore of LOTR - Into the Storm by Sheppi-ArtHouse
SMITE Recon Artemis by Scebiqu
Character Design
Chrono by alexandrewolkmer
Juan Carlos Alcala by JP-Vilela
Nahuatl, the Race of Kings by Grafik
Eternal sentenel by Nik-Moskvin
Sketches and Inks
Xena by Mr-Sage
Nurgle Champion by vikingmyke
Daily sketch - 03 Geralt of Rivia by Rafi-ky
Dawn Eagle Captain By Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
Photos and Comps
Dragon Age: Grey Warden Archer by Strangeknowledge
On the lookout by Kretualdo
Noble companion by Kretualdo
Brutal Beauty by Viergacht
Epic Nudes
Ship Fallen 10 by samice
Eyes 05 by samice

Mature Content

Huntress of Tci'Bala by Sakanaj

Mature Content

Eve and the apple by RobinKeijzer
Red hair fighter Steps by BillyCanvas
Yusheeta (process) by SaeedRamez
Hunter Steps by AaronGriffinArt
shaps and doodles by DavidSequeira
Ads and Covers
cover for light bringer volumn IV by breath-art
The Gambler by Traaw
Dragonnier by Traaw
Kaoru, Blessed Thunder [commission] by Sarasti-art
Warrior Spirit Everlasting Season
Death Marriage by LordBabeskull
KAORI - THE BLUE VIPER by LordBabeskull
Kyruth's Inferno by LordBabeskull
Fire queen by ArturNakhodkin
Warrior Spirit S35
Undead Army by coskoniotis
Warrior Spirit S34
Goliath by coskoniotis
Warrior Spirit S33
Amara Borderland 3 by Huy137
Warrior Spirit S32
Kaladin vs Szeth by dejan-delic
Warrior Spirit S31
Come at me !!! by Tregis
Warrior Spirit S30
Ezy Ryder by KarinaKruglova
Warrior Spirit S29
samourai by claratessier
Warrior Spirit S28
the last dragon by TsimmerS
Warrior Spirit S27
Saber  Excalibur by Kalberoos
Warrior Spirit S26
ReadyToTheRide LQ by samice
Warrior Spirit S25
Warrior 4 by ArturNakhodkin
Warrior Spirit S24
Guardians of the Galaxy by Tsvetka
Warrior Spirit S23
Vlad the Impaler by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
Warrior Spirit S22
Unused sketch for Total War_Kingdom by luulala
Warrior Spirit S21
Dragon Treasure by JonasJensenArt
Warrior Spirit S20
Orc Chieftain by ShoZ-Art
Warrior Spirit S19
Badger-knight by Vaejoun
Warrior Spirit S18
Veteran Warleader by RobotDelEspacio
Warrior Spirit S17
Three by pietro-ant
Warrior Spirit S16
The peerless Perceval by DavidGaillet
Warrior Spirit S15
Reduce them to ashes by Brolken
Warrior Spirit S14
Wu Kong by KEKSE0719
Warrior Spirit S13
Golden Axe - Vengeance by Gorrem
Warrior Spirit S12
Narasimha by NeoArtCorE
Warrior Spirit S11
Dolemic the sowrd man regular by neisbeis
Warrior Spirit S10
Abaraky by BiagioDAlessandro
Warrior Spirit S9
Warrior Spirit S8
Mordekaiser by michalivan
Warrior Spirit S7
Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao by michalivan
Warrior Spirit S6
Beyond the Wall wallpaper by EldarZakirov
Warrior Spirit S5
connor sister by largee17
Warrior Spirit S3
- Good forester - by Losenko
Warrior Spirit S4
Gun Girl III by DanielaUhlig
Warrior Spirit S2
Thoradin Von Wargen by Giye
Warrior Spirit S1
Charging Death by AonikaArt
N7 by muju

How to contribute to Warrior Spirit group

Reminder : any deviant can submit any artwork in the current month folder !

Dear visitor,

Welcome to Warrior Spirit group !

As you can see in our galleries, our group has a strong editorial position. Every featured artwork respects a serie of strict criterias*:

# Content
- inspiring and expressive warriors with positive motivations [cf. Group Info statement for complete description]
- no characters with supernatural powers like magicians or superheroes,
- no characters with negative motivations like looting, stealing or cold-blooded murder,

# Visual
- skilled or mastered artistic technique,
- visual impact (even in sketches and character design),
- open to all styles,
- monochromatic backgrounds are accepted only if supporting the character,
- only outstanding fanarts are accepted,
- discrete watermark or signatures are tolerated.


If you wish to become a member, join the other great artists, and contribute in making Warrior Spirit an awesome experience for our watchers, simply add within your membership request, links to your artworks you think are suited for the group, matching our current criterias.

We'll accept, or decline, your membership request based on their relevance.

Meanwhile, if one of your deviation has been selected by our team, and you have accepted to see it featured in the group, you'll receive an invitation directly from us if you have at least three suitable deviations in your gallery.


Once a member, you can submit your best artwork fitting the group criterias, vote for challenges, gain rewards (points, features, interviews...) and much more.

Since we have a strong editorial position, as a member you must accept the fact that, from time to time, some of your submissions might be declined - or removed from older folders - according to the criterias. If you are not confortable with this, please consider not requestion or accepting membership.

If one of your submission has been declined, and you want to know why, simply ask us, we'll tell you what motivated our decision.

Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy your stay !

* Criterias updated 07 / 01 / 2015

Membership Guidelines

Dear fellow member,

For each one of your submission, please select the relevant gallery to contribute in : current month, sketches & inks, character design, photos & comps, tutorials, epic nudes, ad board ; depending of the nature of your work.

Feel free to submit any of your best artwork. As a reminder, note that we rarely accept unfinished or unpolished artwork, copies or fan arts, and controversial artwork. But we do like funny deviations !

We sometimes review the galleries of the most recent members to pick interesting artwork. We encourage members to suggest deviations from their own favourites too.

The deviations in Warrior of the Week gallery are chosen at the end of each month, by all members, among the past month submissions. The winners receive points based on the percentage of votes and the one with the most votes is preselected for the Warrior of the Season challenge.

The deviations in Warrior of the Season gallery are chosen at the end of each trimester, by all members, among the past 4 winners of the previous Warriors of the Week challenge. The winner receives points based on the percentage of votes and is proposed an interview.

Enjoy your membership !
Hi fellow members and visitors,

Our group has been founded 9 years ago and so much things have changed since, here and all around at deviantArt.

Along the years, I progressively found myself less and less available for the group, and even now, I'm a couple of weeks late for the 36th season folder...

So I've decided to turn this 36th season in an "everlasting" one.

Of course the group is still up and running, but I will cater to it more as a "gardener" and less like an "administrator".

Cheers to you all and have a nice day,

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Group Info

This group is dedicated to every artwork that expresses true warrior spirit.

We welcome submissions showing any kind of warrior expressing that spirit, male or female, young or old, active or passive, antique or modern, western or eastern, real or imaginary.

We only accept submissions with both visual quality and clarity for our members for their appreciation.

We wish that everybody who visits the gallery will be infused by the true warrior spirit !
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