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The Bloodshed has begun!

Current Ongoing Events: September, 1573.

The date is September, 1573

It is Summer in the Land of the Rising Sun,
but not for much longer.

The Date is September 1573

     ▢ The Toyotomi and the Igarashi are Allies (1 year)
     ▢ Toyotomi and the Kobayakawa are Allies (1 year)
     ▣ Oda Nobunaga has Divorced his Spouse, Nōhime.

     Regional Weather and Event forecast is detailed below.
Thank the gods, there are no ongoing Natural Disasters!

Branches of War by TheShogunate

There are no Events during the first 3 months!
     ▢ Kansai: Rainbow − All Morale 
     ▢ Chūbu: Breezy − Ranged Units  
     ▢ Kantō: Breezy − Ranged Units 
     ▢ Tōhoku: Cloudy − Cavalry 
     ▢ Chūgoku: Cloudy − Cavalry  
     ▢ Shikoku: Sunny − Infantry 
     ▢ Kyūshū: Sunny − Infantry 
     ▣ Yezo (Hokkaidō) Nothing is known of the land of Fog.

     The World Market reflects the prices of various goods.
Goods are subject to regularly fluctuating Market Pricings,
below are up to date changes in the Merchant Listings:

     − ▣ An Early Restock brings all Goods prices 

     There was no Imperial Court summit this month! 
The Shōgun has not issued any Decrees this month. 
There will be new Orders issued Months from now!

The Shōgun has Declared a new Temporary Law!
     − ▣ No Act of War* can be committed at this time!

Actions for Sept are due on the 7th of September!

Monthly Rumor: 
"Rumour has it Nobunaga's bride has been relocated to Gifu Castle after an explosive altercation,
in which Nobunaga reportedly returned from a subordinate's residence covered in lipstick marks."

*Acts of War are denoted as any Action which can cause harm to another Lord.

Upcoming Deadline:
September Actions are due by September 7th!



Rōnin caught wandering through the Land of the Rising Sun

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An Age of Chaos and Bloodshed: The Warring States!

The sky weeps for those who have been slain,
and the once beautiful waters run red with blood.
It is a time of Social Upheaval, Political Intrigue,
and Constant Military Conflict between Warlords.

Will your Blood be passed down for generations?
Or will it stain the floor as it spills from your Throat?
Many will battle, but there can only be one Shōgun.

Applications are Open

Navigate through WarringStates

Recent Journal Entries

Favorite Class Subset 

10 deviants said Magician
4 deviants said Shinobi
3 deviants said Warrior
3 deviants said Strategist
3 deviants said Investigator
2 deviants said Priest


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Hey there!
We are happy to see that you interested in the group.
The group is still open and active!
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Question! I probably won't have the time nor human-drawing skills to participate in this group, but would you ever consider opening up a Ninja or Ashigaru applicatio ^<D<^? Or could you maybe be a ninja of the samurai class? Or Sohei? 

And are arquebuses acceptable as weapons to be used?
SuzakuTrip Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
those are all different branches that each character can take! With the exception of ashigaru that is - maybe take a peak through some of the information in our gallery to get a better of idea of that!

Arquebuses are only available to players in Kyushu
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