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Hmmm... seems like theres a scalliwag aboard Deviant trying to trick you into giving him your account password, via this lil sneaky comment...

"Hey. I think i saw your picture on this website/blog here CLICK HERE"

Whereafter youd be taken to a page disguised as an official deviantART page, where youd be asked to enter your username and password... Now if you do enter those details its known to cause "your account to post replicas of the malicious post on the pages of other users."

Now deviant is aware of this, and heres what they have to say if you have been a victim:

"If you have already filled out the form, please change your password immediately.

We recommend that you do not click on these comments, and that you hide any you receive to prevent this from spreading.

IT is aware of the situation. We thank you for your vigilance and patience."

So now you know!
Hey whatsup everybody! Thought that since its been another long while, I might as well fill you on on whats been happening in my art life at the mo...

Things have been slow this january due to an excellent lengthy holiday, but things are now starting to pick up nicely again since Im back to work. Im currently busy with some storyboard work as usual... Oh! and if you guys didnt know, UDON are having another contest, and this time its for a Darkstalkers tribute. Im currently working on my submission, so it would be awesome if you guys could join in and be apart of it too! Check it out -… Deadline: March 1st.

As for my personal artwork...
Ive been working on an artwork on and off since beginning of 2008 which is still needing a lot more work. The style is a lil more realistic, but the main feature about her outfit and surrounding is something Ive never done before, so im wanting to get that done right. Im pretty excited about completing her since its something that I havnt really seen before, atleast not quite like this.
Other than that, I have about another 4 characters in the pipeline already, so hopefully that all goes smoothly =)

Anyway, before I go, I once again just want to thank each and every one of you all for the awesome support! I read all your messages, and Im sorry if I dont have time to reply to all of you but you guys really do inspire me to do the best I can!

Well thats it from me for now... I gota get back to work -_-
I just wana thank everybody on deviant for the awesome support Ive received since Ive become a member here. I seriously appreciate it all! I havnt been able to thank everybody personally, but ive tried hard to get to most of you in between the crazy workload Ive had to endure recently.

Been mostly tight deadlined storyboard work as usual, but there are some new exciting illustrations I'll be adding soon, including new AWX art (Eri), one of the winning entries for the upcoming Street Fighter Tribute art book by UDON - my rendition of Cammy and an illustration for Ferrero Rocher are on the way and more, so definitely keep an eye out.

Anyway, thanks again everybody! Youve all definitely motivated and inspired me to just want to get better =)
So not that long ago I decided I would finally register on Deviant and to my horror discovered that "WarrenLouw" was already a member! I soon realised that this was not a split personality of mine... but an imposter who thought he/she could get away with it.

Luckily enough that was all cleared up via Deviants staff not too soon after, so here I am for the very first time on Deviant art. The real me, Warren Louw.

I hope everyone will enjoy the art thats still to come =)